This article will focus on various aspects of pursuing an MBA at IMD Business school, starting with the World rankings of its MBA program, the One-year MBA in-depth, the acceptance rate, diversity, class profile, Top Careers, and career development resources offered by the University.

IMD Business School

The IMD business school in Lausanne on Lake Geneva offers a full-time one-year MBA program, also known as the “1-year leadership development program”. It is a personalized leadership skill-set development experience to transform students’ careers. The full-time MBA program is ranked among the best in Europe. The MBA network and ecosystem comprises more than 50 faculties, over a hundred coaches, and 9,000 executive participants annually.

“Critical thinking, creation, collaboration, and value creation” are the four pillars around which the entire coursework is framed with specific opportunities for the participants to explore avenues and build customized supporting networks.

IMD offers a very intense and personal MBA, with an average 2:1 staff-to-student ratio and more than 20 mandatory sessions with experienced analysts to help students understand their motivations and guide them through their future paths. Moreover, an innovation lab to provide knowledge on human-centered design, startup, and design systems, a digital lab to provide hands-on coding experience, and a team of coaches to work with the study groups to analyze behavior and dynamics are also equipped. For MBA aspirants all over the globe, IMD stands as a place for new learning, contacts, new ideas, networking, leadership, and confidence.

This article will focus on various aspects of pursuing an MBA at IMD Business school, starting with the World rankings of its MBA program, the One-year MBA in-depth, the acceptance rate, diversity, class profile, Top Careers, and career development resources offered by the University. In the latter half of the article, we will also focus on the admission process & admission deadlines and the unique Assessment Challenges hosted by the University. The article also discusses Job Opportunities, top Recruiters, and the Average Salary Package.


IMD is recognized as a top-tier B-School in Europe and worldwide. IMD’s MBA program offers a life-changing journey with incredible networking opportunities, personal coaching, live business cases, and company projects worldwide to help develop leadership, analytical, and career development skills and equip them with a classic MBA toolkit to run any business responsibly and successfully.

With that being said, let us look at the IMD MBA rankings provided by different institutions.  

  • IMD has been ranked as number 1 for its international 1-Year program by Forbes for the years 2019, 2017, 2013,2011,2007,2001
  • IMD ranks number 1 in entire Europe according to Bloomberg Business-week MBA Rankings 2019-2020
  • According to Financial Times Global MBA 2021 Rankings, IMD is ranked 19th worldwide with 90% aims achieved
  • According to The Economist Global MBA 2021 Rankings, IMD is ranked 10th worldwide.


An IMD MBA majorly focuses on three things. Number one is to make students understand how to use entrepreneurial skills in large or complex organizations. Secondly, developing global leaders who have ambitions and perseverance to make a real difference in our complex & rapidly changing world. A part of that comes from students’ exposure to the cohort, which is hugely diverse with students from more than 40 nationalities. The third and the last is to develop digital knowledge.

 IMD MBA program works closely with local high-tech organizations, like CERN and research institutes. The course helps students realize how digital technology has revolutionized areas like marketing. Moreover, a two-week educational trip to the “digital hubs or future hubs” of Singapore, Silicon Valley, and Bangalore and a one-week program where they design, build and launch an app. 

“Mentoring for a change.” At IMD, Mentorship is a vital element; students are assigned personal career coaches to help them understand their leadership quality and style and find a suitable job after graduation. Moreover, to further aid in their future goals, students are assigned both a recent MBA alumnus, someone who has recently undergone a significant career change & another alumnus in their late 50s.

Some facts related to the one-year program 

  • The following MBA program starts on 6th January 2022.
  • On average, IMD MBAs have approximately seven years of average experience.
  • The range of work experience is about 3-8 years.
  • Students represent over 40 nationalities.
  • The average age range for entry at IMD MBA is about 27-31 years, with about which 75% of students fall in the 28-32 age range.
  • The average GMAT score is around – 680. 
  • IMD grants MBA and EMBA, in association with the University of Lausanne.


IMD is one of the most prestigious B-schools globally. Its standards are very rigorous and meticulous in academics, extracurriculars, and whatnot. In class of 2020, 493 applications were received for a spot in the Class of 2020, the school accepted only 136 applicants for an estimated acceptance rate of 27.6%.

IMD MBA program aims to put together the best group, people who can work together, open networks to each other, and form a life-long bond. From startup founders to hi-tech engineers, consultants, and M&A specialists, the IMD participants are from a different field, ready to share and build on their experiences to become capable leaders ready to take responsibility at the highest echelons of business.

Moreover, students from more than 40 nationalities come here with different cultures. This diversity & cultural experience within your class will help you unlock your full potential and develop the skill-set needed to deal with the pace of the world.


Although, there is no Typical Student requirement,’ for IMD MBA, and each applicants are considered as an individual with a different mind-set, goals, beliefs & ideas, and even different points of view to look up to. However, still, there are some following parameters on which an AdCom judges its potential applicants:

POTENTIAL OF GROWTH:  Your initiatives, time management, motivation and where you project yourself in 1, 5, or 25 years is all what counts while determining  your potential 

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: The qualities of your activities, learning from your interests, and what excites you the most about your hobbies, are some basic things you must keep in mind while answering the question.

PERSONAL CHARACTER: Your commitment towards your goals, self-confidence, your sense of humor, concern for others, grace under pressure and choices along with How open are you to new people and ideas sum up your personal character.  

CONTRIBUTION TO IMD’S CLASS & COMMUNITY: The diversity you bring to the community, the benefits from the experience of studying at IMD, how will you contribute to the precious network formed during college life.


Showcase academic Brilliance: Try to Stand out in IMD Business school’s MBA application, by performing exceptionally well in your GMAT/GRE test and having a high GPA. However, just a high GMAT/GRE score won’t secure your spot at IMD, but it definitely keeps the adcoms engaged in your application; your high score showcases an example of a hard worker with a stellar academic record which in turn increases your chance to IMD.

Focus on Your Essays: Being a reputed B-school, IMD is not short on applications with robust profiles. Hence, your Essays are a window to peek into your mind and a chance to demonstrate your unique voice and strong character. Craft a story to demonstrate your work ethic, creativity, persistence, and even your errors and how you cope with them.

Don’t take your Extracurriculars Lightly: Extracurriculars are an important part of a person’s life! Demonstrate your past excellence in a club activity or sports you were interested in. Showcase examples of your leadership, and the contribution you have made in that club so far. Always remember to have quality over quantity! IMD or any other Top B-school will not care how many things you participate in, rather they want to see deep dedication and excellence in fields you are passionate about.

Moreover, take part in Volunteering activities in your community as it’s a smart way to show your generosity and good heart, in the meantime it is also a great way to impress and spot your place in the hearts of adcoms. There are countless ways to volunteer in a community, make sure you make good use of such examples to strengthen your application.

Bring Diversity: The competition at IMD is rigorous! Hence, your application must leave a mark on the minds of adCom to help you stand out from the crowd. To do so, make sure you convey through your application how uniquely you and your experiences are going to contribute to the School community and what diversity in terms of ideas, perspectives, background intellect, etc. you are bringing in, would help enhance your presence in the school’s environment.


IMD has its own special Career Development team, which helps build a solid foundation throughout the year; the career development team enables you to craft a career strategy and help you prepare for your meet and interview with global recruiters. In addition, the Career Development team helps a student connect with matter experts, mentors, faculty, alumni, guest speakers, and executives-in-residence, along with providing sector-specific simulated interviews with complete company presentations, networking events, and recruiting activities to help you broaden your career vision and opportunities.

  • 1-to-1 Career advising sessions.
  • Workshops and assignments on crucial career development skills.

Networking and recruiting events to harness the global IMD ecosystem


Like any other top-tier B-School, IMD releases its application deadlines for each round. Annually, four application rounds take place starting in February. 

The MBA assessment has been developed specifically to understand the unique aspects one will bring to the program. Moreover, it provides a mutual opportunity for the adCom to get to know you better and help develop your skill-set, technicality, culture, and any other unique traits. Equally, this assessment would help an aspirant assess the culture at IMD, teaching style, vision, and network to get the most out of yourself as possible.


The below table is enlisted with information about application deadlines, the number of rounds, interview decisions, and final decision dates. Be sure while choosing your application deadline; so that it leaves you enough time to fully prepare you in advance about all the basic requirements of drafting a good application while keeping in mind all the other constraints.

Number of rounds2023 Application DeadlineInterview Decision byFinal Decision by
Round 1February14 February25 March
Round 21 May16 May24 June
Round 31 July15 July26 August
Round 41 September16 September24 October


After application review, successful candidates are invited for an online interview, and further assessment is carried, including:- 

  • An elevator pitch.
  • A team experience.
  • Class observation 
  • Networking with members of the MBA team.

Moreover, as the Assessment Challenges are region-specific, you can click on the below links for further details about eligibility and the code of conduct in your region.   


The Tuition fees for this year’s full-time One year MBA Program are about CHF 97,500. This tuition fee of CHF 97,500 covers all the expenses mentioned below:

  • Relocation & Visa Assistance – Provides help with Swiss authorities and helps select apartments through one of their agencies.
  • Travel and accommodation– Includes Discovery Expedition & all IMD-organized projects.
  • Personal development- On & off-campus team – Building activities & about 20 hours with a private analyst.
  • On-campus support – Business cards, Learning materials, and weekday lunch at IMD restaurant
  • Facilities– Access to all of IMD’s information center and cafeteria.
  • Partner Integration – Access to IMD’s facilities & Partner lunches along with Workshops, activities, and personal advice.


Installment DeadlinesAmountInstructions
1st InstallmentCHF 15,000Due within 2-4 weeks of receiving an official admissions offer
1st installment is non-refundable
As it guarantees your seat in the following year’s program
2nd InstallmentCHF 17,500Need to be paid by 30th September
Applicants from the September deadline will need to pay the 2nd installment at the same time as the 1st
3rd InstallmentCHF 40,000Need to be paid by 28 February
4th InstallmentCHF 25,000Need to be paid by 30 April

**All the respective fees quoted are exclusive of any value-added or other indirect taxes that may be due in any country.

**Loans are disbursed at the time for the 3rd and 4th installments only; hence, you will need to cover the first two deadlines by yourself.


IMD provides scholarships to exceptional candidates to encourage and celebrate extraordinary achievements around the globe. The scholarship is meant for anybody who doesn’t have the financial means to apply for its program but does contain an extraordinarily brilliant profile and has the potential, perseverance, drive, and passion for dealing with cultural diversity, ambiguity, and complexity. 

Furthermore, IMD is committed to fostering the growth in diversity through their various need-based and merit-based MBA scholarships, which are awarded to candidates who have been accepted to join Europe’s most prestigious MBA program.

Before discussing all different types of regional scholarships, deadline scholarships, and various need-based & gender scholarships, let us take a quick look at previous year’s stats regarding scholarships.

To encourage extraordinary applicants, who would be able to bring valuable contributions to the overall class, IMD offers several scholarships in an attempt to recognize future potential and accomplishments. It doesn’t matter which admissions deadline one chooses; deadline-specific scholarships are offered alongside several other scholarships.

Suppose you are interested to know in-depth about scholarships for your target. In that case, you can click the below-given links to find out more details about the criteria for each scholarship available here.

Complete list of IMD MBA Scholarships

  • the Young Leaders, 
  • Diversity, 
  • Merit scholarships 

No matter whichever deadline you choose to target, you will be awarded the scholarship based on the quality of your overall application. Hence, your application needs to stand out from other applications.

Furthermore, due to the high quality of the applications received by the school, and with a limited number of scholarships available, timing is critical, you need to apply sooner, at the same time as that of your admissions application, and contact one of our loan providers to receive financial assistance. 

To know more in-depth about all the different types of scholarships awarded by the school, you can click the below link:-

All about External Funding for IMD MBA Program 

IMD is fully committed to encouraging diversity within their full-time MBA program by providing aid and assistance to those candidates who have an extraordinary profile but lack the financial means required to help them complete their IMD MBA graduation. Hence, apart from scholarships, IMD also works with several loan providers such as:

They offer loans to eligible students focusing on higher education at any top-tier school. To get the funding, applications must be submitted as soon as you are accepted into the MBA program for timely disbursement for the 3rd and 4th tuition installments. Moreover, if you want to forecast your budget in advance, you might also apply before being accepted.

Furthermore, in any case, should you be unable to secure a loan based on any nationality restrictions or other genuine issues, you can always contact the Finance Committee to investigate a possible alternative solution.

Funding for Women

IMD’s MBA program encourages women’s empowerment by providing female candidates with different funding options along with general scholarship options. So, any female candidate interested in the scholarship scheme might very well explore the following options:

Regional funding

Apart from general and gender-based schemes, there are also several options of regional-based financing. So, if you are interested in knowing in-depth about funding available in your region, you can go to the External Funding page of the IMD website or click the below link:- 


In addition to the business basics taught in any MBA program, responsible entrepreneurs and leaders must understand the basic context in which the decision needs to be taken. A good leader must anticipate both short-term & long-term consequences to build and sustain relationships. 

IMD’s MBA program helps its graduates to learn and acquire these skills through real-life experiences such as the Entrepreneurship Projects, International Consulting Projects, etc. 

Apart from a lot of things like high reputation, name-brand faculty, and employment reports that make IMD unique, IMD’s combination of rigor & relevance is one of the crucial reasons why companies all over the globe come to recruit at IMD and is self-explanatory of why IMD one year MBA program consistently ranks among the best in Europe the world.

Now regarding future career opportunities, many questions come to mind like,

What kind of companies recruit IMD MBA Grads? 

What kind of position is offered to the MBA Grads? 

What’s the average post-graduate salary?

In the below paragraphs, an overview of career statistics has been given which sums up the career results of previous year’s graduates. Take a good look to understand all about employment distribution, sector distribution, average package, and lots of other critical information that would help you make a more insightful decision into why you would want to go for an IMD MBA. 


  • About 97% of students changed their function, industry, or geography after graduation.
  • More than about 77% of students accepted high-paid jobs in Europe itself. 
  • About 71% of IMD MBA Grads approximately accepted jobs in the industry. 
  • For the year 2020, the average salary was about $ 126,565 (€ 106,315)For the year 2020, the Median wage was about $ 120,000 (€ 100,800)
  • The Sign-on bonus given to the MBA Grads was about $ 36,926 (€ 31,018)
  • The percentage of MBA Grads who received a sign-on bonus was about: 47% 
  • IMD MBA has employed in nearly 20 countries

Recruiters & Top Post-Graduation Jobs

Some examples of top post-graduation jobs according to the career statistics for 2020 are:-

  • Senior Product Manager, Marketplace – Amazon Japan – Japan. 
  • Executive Assistant to the CEO – Marquard & Bahls – Germany. 
  • Executive Board Member – Romande Énergie – Switzerland. 
  • Global Strategist – Samsung GSG – Korea. 
  • Global Product Manager – Hilti – Liechtenstein. 
  • Global Strategy Deployment Manager – Global Life Sciences Technologies Co., Ltd. – China. 
  • Brand Manager – Eli Lilly – Italy.
  • Graduate Leadership Development Program EMEA – Thermo Fisher Scientific – Switzerland.
  • Associate – McKinsey & Company – Russia.
  • Finance Business Partner, Commercial Business Operations, EMEA – CSL Behring – Germany.
  • Strategic Development Manager – Grundfos – Denmark.

There you go! The above paragraphs would help you understand every aspect of the one-year MBA program at IMD Business School. 

Make sure you go through the article once before applying to the MBA Program at IMD. Before applying for a specific MBA program, an applicant needs to know about the scholarships, funding schemes, employment stats, etc. 

In any case, if you need more in-depth information about any particular aspect of the application process, interviews, and course structure, feel free to hop on a 45-minute extensive 1:1 call with our team of experts. We will provide you with previous questions samples, application samples, LORs, testimonials and guide you stepwise so that you can develop a unique Resume with clarity, precision, and creativity.

We at MBAandBeyond follow a stepwise procedure to ensure maximum efficiency, quality, and interaction to make sure we make every minute worth it! Furthermore, we at MBA and beyond are determined to guide you through your entire application process, ensuring the best offers from top Business schools. 

Always remember that “at certain moments in our life, we need advice and help from other people to thrive in life.” Happy learning! 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions


Is IMD Business School good?

IMD is recognized as a top-tier B-School in Europe and worldwide. For aspirants all over the globe, IMD stands as a place for new learning, contacts, new ideas, networking, leadership, and confidence. High reputation, name-brand faculty, and employment reports are some of the aspects that make IMD unique.


How good is IMD MBA?

The full-time MBA program is ranked among the best in Europe. IMD has been ranked as number 1 for its international 1-Year program by Forbes for several years. Moreover, it also ranks number 1 in the entire Europe according to Bloomberg Business-week MBA Rankings 2019-2020.


Is IMD accredited?

IMD is a top-ranked B-School with three prestigious “triple crown” accreditations: EFMD EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. 


What is IMD “real learning”?

IMD has its own special Career Development team, which helps craft a career strategy by connecting students with matter experts, mentors, faculty, alumni, guest speakers, and executives-in-residence, along with providing sector-specific simulated interviews and help you prepare for your meet and interview with global recruiters which is labeled as “Real Learning.” 


What is IMD MBA known for?

“Critical thinking, creation, collaboration, and value creation” are the four pillars around which the entire MBA coursework is framed. 

An IMD MBA majorly focuses on three things:

  • To make students understand how to use entrepreneurial skills
  • Secondly, develop global leaders with ambitions and perseverance to make a real difference in the world.
  • The third and last is to develop digital knowledge.

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