Your essays are really the deciding factor as to whether or not you will get an interview invite from the business schools you are applying to. You need to have a stellar application to get an interview invite and your essays are the core of your application you are going to submit.

Who should opt for Essay Editing Services?

If you have written your essays and you need an expert to assess, review and improvise your essays before you go ahead and press that ‘submit’ button for your application. 

What to expect?

The essay editing service includes:

1) Reviewing your application 

Your consultant will review your application and identify areas for improvement.

2) Feedback session

During this session, your consultant will give you essay advice and share relevant sample essays for you to get some perspective. Your consultant will give you feedback and guide you on making your essays stellar. You will be asked to incorporate the changes based on the feedback. 

3) Second feedback session

After you have incorporated the changes in your essays as per the consultant’s feedback, your consultant will have a look at your essay and get on a call with you to further polish your essay and ask you to incorporate the final changes.

4) Finishing touch

Your consultant will get on a final call with you and give your essay a finishing touch so that your essays look stellar and are ready to go out. 

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