Mr. Accounting Portfolio Manager with a 620 GMAT got into UNC, Cornell, Emory with a $30K scholarship.

MBA&Beyond was spectacular. They took the time to really learn my story to be able to properly develop my profile and strategy. They made it a point to be available at short notice to help refine/finesse my essays, answer my questions, and prep for interviews. My consultant had a great, positive attitude that helped keep me motivated throughout the entirety of this daunting process. Of the 3 schools I applied to using MBA&Beyond as a consultant, I was accepted to all 3 – 100% success rate (t15 & t20 schools). I received 50% scholarship at two schools and a 90% scholarship at the third. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I give MBA&Beyond 5/5 stars for their service.

I would highly recommend MBA&Beyond for anyone who is trying to break into an elite MBA program.

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