Mr. Doctor! 700 GMAT got admitted into Cambridge ,IESE & INSEAD with scholarship of £20k for Cambridge

First and foremost – a big thank you to the MBA & Beyond team.

Coming from a nontraditional background, I was hesitant and sceptical about my chances of gaining admission into my dream school and other top b-schools. I heard of MBA and Beyond through GMAT Club forums and decided to approach them for a consultation. I was immediately impressed at their efforts to understand my profile and allocate me a consultant whose experience aligned with the goals I hope to achieve. Additionally, I was allocated to an application buddy.

You are immediately given access to an online portal filled with resources to help your application. From sample essays for each school and topic, to letter of recommendation templates to send to your recommenders. There are some introductory essays and paragraphs that allow the team to better understand you and whom to allocate you to. The entire application process requires significant introversion and these essays facilitate exactly that.

I was fortunate to have been worked with Praveg Maheshwari. As an admissions consultant, he guided me through the entire process and was always available to seek advice or the opinion of. His critical analysis, honesty, and patience in revising through countless iterations of the same essays was invaluable. With his work experience and insights, I was able to formulate not only compelling essays, but also a robust post-MBA plan. I really can’t emphasise how even between travelling and on weekends, he was always available to review essays so I could meet a deadline.

My application buddy, Kanishka, was vital in the process too. Whenever I needed assistance, or needed reminding as I often do, she was always there. She was extremely helpful in arranging mock interviews with other consultants for me. It was a pleasure to work with her and to have the support structure in place to help you in this demanding journey. A special thanks to Sanath and Harshul from the MBA and Beyond team for the impressive mock interviews that allowed me to go on to secure admission at all three target schools.

Overall, if you are uncertain of your chances and need structured guidance through the process, I highly recommend MBA & Beyond.

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