Mr. PMO Consultant 615 GMAT, got admit into ESCP with scholarship of €5000

I was on boarded by a highly enthusiastic team, and my application manager Palash helped me throughout this journey of almost 8 months. I worked with Leo Johns on my applications. He is super knowledgable about the European MBAs and understands top MBA programme’s requirements.

We really became good friends during the course and he has been a great support throughout the process. I applied to 5 colleges with MBA and beyond I interviewed with all of them(thanks to my consultant who prepared me for the applications as well for interviews very thoroughly). I was accepted at 2 of them and eventually accepted my offer into T-25(FT ’24) B school, with a scholarship of 10% of tuition fees. I would suggest candidates to ask any questions be it stupid or smart and clear all their doubts with their consultants. Folks at MBA and Beyond are super friendly and helpful. For me what stood out was the expertise of the consultant. He brought out the best in me and really helped me choose what’d align best with my future goals. I am greatful to the team and I am sure they are one of the best MBA consultants around.

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