Mr. IT professional got into Chicago Booth and Wharton

I recently got admits from Chicago Booth and Wharton Business schools. This same time last year, I couldn’t even think of this happening in the near future. Luckily, one day, I came across MBA and Beyond, and what happened after that was simply a long-standing dream come true. From the get-go, they held my hand, with a very structured approach with deadlines and accountability to keep everything in check and on track. What seemed like an impossible uphill task was simply made possible by a seasoned Indian Army Officer, Mr Inderpreet Singh. Not only did he help me professionally, but we made a strong personal relationship, which I think, hope & pray will last long. An ex-MIT himself, he guided me like an elder brother through all the small and big steps of the journey.

I am and will always be grateful to MBA and Beyond’s entire team and especially Mr IP Singh ( as he is fondly called) for all his help and guidance in seeing me through all of this

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