I am an entrepreneur with engineering background and product management experience in startups. I have experience of MBA admission/ application consulting, starting from my own selection into INSEAD in 2016. I have jumped industries and roles before MBA and know how to rationally justify the abrupt looking decisions. Until now, I have worked as a Procurement Specialist, Entrepreneur, Online Conversion Specialist, Customer Experience Specialist, Online Payment Specialist and Growth Consultant. I believe the most important thing to learn is to understand who your opponents are and what options do they have. There is no need reinvent the wheel, rather build upon it.

What do I do?

I give a spin to your thought process, impacting your application. I poke you enough to look beyond your boundaries, so that you do not stay inside boundaries but learn how to extend them. I do not write essays for you but make you a deserving person to get into your dream B-school.