Ms. Global Supply Chain Manager got into INSEAD with a 630 GMAT and 18K Euros scholarship!

Aiming for my dream school INSEAD with a GMAT score of 630 seemed difficult to me till I spoke to Elana from MBA&B. She went beyond evaluating my GMAT score, and during our initial interaction, her belief in my profile instilled in me a tremendous sense of confidence.

I greatly appreciated her prompt responses and the patience she exhibited while addressing all of my inquiries. Throughout the preparation process, the entire team I collaborated with for my application remained highly accessible and consistently approachable.

Shantunu, the founder, provided invaluable support in my interview preparation, and his insightful tips proved to be the game changer for my interviews.

I worked with Dr. Vinita to write my essays, prepare for interviews, and secure scholarships. She played a pivotal role in giving life to my story…

Despite time constraints, she tirelessly worked with me, turning the essay writing process into a journey of self-reflection that helped me recognize my accomplishments. Dr. Vinita not only instilled confidence in me, but also her structured ways of working helped me organize my thoughts and alleviate anxiety. Initially, I had numerous stories in mind but lacked structure. However, Dr. Vinita’s exceptional and creative approach made the entire process effortless.

Applying to business school requires resilience due to the time it takes and the anticipation of results. Her intelligence and genuine interest in understanding my journey and bringing out my best reduced most of the pressure. One of the most remarkable aspects of working with her was her receptiveness to my suggestions. Throughout the process, I felt comfortable expressing alternative viewpoints, and she listened attentively, resulting in the best amalgamation of our thoughts. She took care of the smallest of things during the whole process, ensuring an outcome beyond my expectations. Working with Dr. Vinita was an amazingly collaborative, comforting, and stress-free experience. I couldn’t have done it without her being by my side on this journey.

I am eagerly waiting to start the next season of my story “Ajmer to Amsterdam” with my dream school INSEAD.. All Thanks to MBA&B.

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