Ms. Entrepreneur, Quantum Vault, got into IESE with 680 GMAT!

I enrolled with MBA&Beyond for a second review of my application since I was already working with another consultant full-time.

After a few initial hiccups, I shared the first draft of my CV and essays with them, and we had our first call.

The good part was that despite knowing that the work was already seen by another consultant, Harshul did not take any shortcuts. He was thorough with his work and gave in-depth review points before our first call itself. Discussing these points and getting to know me was done on our first call. We did two rounds of reviews, and he made me understand looking at the application from a bird’s eye view.

I also spoke to him before my interview call, and he was forthcoming with advice related to post-MBA options and locations that I can consider.

It was a good experience overall, and I’d recommend it.

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