Mr. International Business Development Manager 700 GMAT, got admit in INSEAD with scholarship of €18000

I reached out to MBA & Beyond quite late in December, seeking guidance on my application strategy for top business schools: INSEAD, HEC Paris, and IESE. I was pleasantly surprised by the team’s immediate involvement from the day I was onboarded. I was assigned a specific consultant, an application buddy, and given access to the MBA & Beyond Portal.

1) Consultant- I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with Andy Fischtrom as my consultant. From the very beginning, Andy showed genuine interest in getting to know me as an applicant and offered his honest feedback. For each iteration of my application, Andy took the time to reason with me and play the devil’s advocate, challenging my anecdotes and helping me refine my approach.

He suggested strategic ways to align my application with each school’s timelines. By the time we finalized my application, I felt fully prepared to discuss every aspect of my life with clarity and logic, which made it easier to be honest and transparent during my interviews. Andy emphasized the importance of being true to myself, which greatly increased my comfort and confidence throughout this journey.

Andy wore many hats during our sessions, sometimes acting as an admissions committee member and other times as an alumnus. This diverse perspective made my application stand out, resulting in interview invites from all three schools to which I applied. Andy took time to review my CV and ensured that I had all the backups before I could submit them to the schools. Thanks to our detailed brainstorming sessions, I navigated my interviews with ease, turning them into engaging conversations.

Ultimately, I secured admissions from both HEC Paris and INSEAD, with IESE offering me an application waiver for the next admission round. Working with Andy was a positive experience not only for the applications but also for learning some wisdom from this wise man.

2) Application Buddy: Kanishka, my application buddy, was an invaluable asset. She was like an alarm clock, ensuring I stayed on track and offering immediate assistance whenever needed. She also facilitated in offering a third-person perspective once I finished my essays. It was an absolute delight to work with her!

3) Portal: The Mirror was very user-friendly and designed with the applicant’s challenges in mind. It provided structured pathways and assigned plans with deadlines, helping me maintain my momentum. It was extremely helpful for both Andy and me, as it asked deep questions to extract maximum information, helping Andy understand my personality better. The portal also included samples and guidelines, offering a clear idea of the ideal structure.

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