The SDA Bocconi offers a unique opportunity to improve personally and professionally by applying to their Full-Time MBA program. The SDA Bocconi MBA program is designed in a way to plunge you into real-world-based management knowledge that accommodates learning and practice in just one year. 

The SDA Bocconi MBA program consists of 9 intense months of class, between September and May and then from June onwards, and for up to six months, one can choose among entrepreneurial projects, individual internships, or group business lab to practice further. 

The Full-Time SDA Bocconi MBA also offers a wide scope for specialization, with the electives clustered in 4+1 concentrations, among which students have to make choices.

However, that’s not all! SDA Bocconi offers more alternatives for the Fall Term, including on-campus business games to test and consolidate your soft skills, exchange school opportunities with top international business schools, 360-degree cases, and other final courses.

This article will focus on various aspects of pursuing an SDA Bocconi MBA program, starting with the World rankings of its MBA program, the One-year MBA in-depth, the acceptance rate, diversity, and class profile, Top Careers, career development resources along with different types of MBA offered by the University.

In the latter half of the article, we will also focus on the admission requirements admission process & the deadlines, and the unique SDA test hosted by the University. Apart from this, the article also discusses Job Opportunities, top Recruiters, and the Average Salary Package.


SDA Bocconi is recognized as a top-tier B-School in entire Europe and worldwide. Italy based MBA program offers a life-changing journey in the heart of Italy, Milan, with incredible networking opportunities, live business cases, company projects, and personal coaching all over the world to help develop 

  • – leadership, 
  • – analytical skills, 
  • – career development skills, 
  • – Equipping students with a classic MBA toolkit to run any business successfully.

With that being said, let us look at the ranking of the SDA Bocconi MBA program provided by different institutions.

S.noName of ForumRankings
1QS Global MBA Rankings 2022 – Europe10th
2QS Global MBA Rankings 202223rd
3The Economist, Full-Time MBA Ranking 2020-20213rd
4The Economist, Full-Time MBA Ranking 2020-20216th
5The Economist, Faculty Quality, Full-Time MBA Ranking 2020-20211st
6Forbes- The Best International MBAs 2019 (1-year, non-US programs)4th
7Bloomberg Businessweek, European B-school Ranking 20213rd
8Financial Time, Top European B-Schools5th


An intense, international MBA Program at Milan, the hub of Italy’s culture and innovation, best describes the one-year MBA program at SDA Bocconi. The B-School is one of the highest-ranked management schools worldwide and a definite trailblazer in European business education.

The 1-year MBA program is designed flexibly to meet the needs and desires of all students, with personal care and global exposure. The MBA program goes beyond traditional managerial knowledge and helps to connect students with top-notch inspirational leaders and many iconic brands: from Google to Starbucks.

The program’s main aim is to offer a fresh, new perspective and ample opportunities through Special Seminars, Club Activities, Leadership Series, and Extracurricular.

Some facts related to the one-year program:

  • – Application Deadline for next year’s program: 20 April 2022.
  • – Attendance is obligatory five days a week.
  • – You can expect up to five to six hours of classroom activity per day.
  • – The program is entirely held in English.
  • – An Italian language course offered to non-Italian-speaking students from September to June.
  • – The MBA here is a multi-faceted experience, and not a cycle of lectures, but a mixture of
  • – Classroom work, 
  • – Case discussions, group activities, 
  • – Workshops, 
  • – Business games, and 
  • – Field projects.
  • -The 1-year Full-Time MBA usually starts in September, with classes ending in November. 
  • -The Commencement Day is in December.


SDA Bocconi is one of the most prestigious B-schools in Europe; its standards are higher in terms of academics, extracurriculars, and whatnot. In the class of 2022, only 98 participants were selected, with the acceptance rate is estimated at around 38% by Forbes for SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Diversity & class profile

  • – Full-Time MBA – Class of 2022
  • – Total number of participants = 98 Participants
  • – Among total participants, the percentage of women was about = 37% 
  • – The Average Work Experience of the Class – 5.5 Years 
  • – Most participants are between 25 and 34 years of age, with an Average Age of 29.
  • – Candidates representing about 30 Countries are selected for the program.


SDA Bocconi School of Management offers more than one MBA program comprised of a unique curriculum beyond managerial knowledge and a chance to work closely with top brands like Google, Gucci, Valentino, and Starbucks. Other than the regular one-year program SDA Bocconi also offers 

  • – An Executive MBA 
  • – Rotman-SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA.

1. Bocconi University Full-Time MBA
Time Duration: 1 year
Starting Time: September
Basic Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, GMAT/GRE; IELTS/TOEFL; 2 LORs (Letters of Reference)
Minimum Work Experience: 5-6 years

2. Bocconi University Executive MBA
Time Duration: around 18 months
Class Format: Weekend/Modular
Starting Time: May 2021 for Weekend; November for Modular
Basic Requirements: Bachelor’s degree; IELTS/TOEFL; 2 LORs (Letters of Reference)
Minimum Work Experience: 5-6 years

3. Rotman-SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA
Time Duration: 18 months
Class Format: Modular
Starting Time: October
Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s degree; IELTS/TOEFL/; 2 LORs (Letters of Reference)
Minimum Work Experience: at least 5+ years for Full-time; minimum 2+ years mid to senior management level.
Locations offered in: Toronto, Milano, Mumbai, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Shanghai, São Paulo.


SDA Bocconi offers a dedicated team of professionals whose sole mission is to provide MBA candidates with the knowledge and tools necessary to structure a successful career development strategy and help them connect with an international network of global recruiters.

Once a candidate is officially enrolled in the SDA Bocconi MBA program, each receives a link and instructions to register online to the career platform. First, you need to upload your profile and search for all posted job opportunities.

Moreover, the Career Service organizes several on-campus networking events, presentations, and companies interested in recruiting MBA candidates for permanent positions or summer Projects. Apart from that, the Student clubs are also very active, inviting HR managers, executives, and alumni to various workshops and round tables, which provide individual chances to discuss a case study with a company executive as part of your course work.

As a part of the Career Service Team, Mentors, coaches, alumni, and experts are always available at SDA Bocconi to discuss your career goals and create a solid career plan.


Today, SDA Bocconi MBA alumni have a very strong community contributing to the growth and brilliance of various organizations worldwide. Let us take a good look at MBAs who graduate every year from SDA and the industries they choose a life mission of making a difference. The Top 7 Post-MBA Destination Industries include:

  • – Healthcare- 
  • – Technology
  • – Boutique Consulting
  • – Retail Luxury
  • – Financial Services
  • – Strategy Consulting
  • – Industrial Goods


SDA Bocconi follows a rigorous selection process designed to enroll the right class every year. The process is intended to determine whether the candidates are qualified for the MBA program and ensure that the program meets each candidate’s expectations and career goals.

Being a top-tier college, the SDA Bocconi Admission program is highly selective, taking into account the composition of the MBA class to ensure consistent quality and diversity the school requires.

First of all, let us look at some of the basic admission requirements required to enroll in the MBA Program.

Admission requirements

  •  – One must have a bachelor’s degree (in any discipline).
  • – Work experience ranging between 3 – 10 years.  
  • – Degree Certificate, Transcripts
  • – Application Form
  • – Video pre-interview
  • – Detailed CV
  • – Proficiency in English
  • – GMAT or GRE
  • – Two Letters of Reference (LORs)
  • – Application from Sponsor Companies
  • – Interview

Now, for the application form, the following things are also required to be submitted:

  • – Photo to be uploaded to the online application.
  • – Copy of your passport or ID
  • – Payment of EUR 120 admissions fee

The applications review will begin in September 2021 and end by July 2022. A pre-selection process is carried out based on the documents sent. Once the pre-selection is over, the candidates are notified of the further selection process. The final selection is made within 12 weeks of submission of the application.

Given the large volume of applications, it’s in your best interest to apply as early as possible, as those applications received in advance of the final deadline have a much higher chance of being admitted.


SDA Bocconi Application Deadlines for next year’s program: 20 April 2022.

The selection of candidates is based on various soft factors, motivation to grow, enthusiasm, skills, talents, ability to contribute, well-defined goals, etc. Moreover, you must also score well on the formal admission requirements, test scores, and work experience.

The SDA test

If you are someone who hasn’t had a decent GMAT score or didn’t appear for the exam, well, there is good news for you! The SDA Bocconi Admissions Service conducts its test similar to GMAT, and every Candidate is allowed to take the SDA test instead of the GMAT. The test is held directly by the Admissions Service itself once the submission of the application for admission is made. The test is in English and is equivalent to the GMAT.


As rightly said, “an MBA entails a significant amount of financial commitment but always repays itself with a wide margin.” The SDA Bocconi’s MBA is an intensive program requiring a hefty investment in time and money. The overall Tuition Fee for the program is about € 62,000, which could be paid in four installments following the below-mentioned deadlines.

S.noInstallmentsAmount to be PaidFee Submission Date
1First Installment€ 10,000After your admission to Program
2Second Installment€17,500by 31 October 2022
3Third Installment€ 17,500by 31 January 2023
4Fourth Installment€ 17,000by 28 April 2023

Fees include most of the teaching materials and access to the school’s databases**


Other than the tuition fees, there will surely be some extra charges regarding personal expenses, accommodation, transports, and dining.

Let us get a general estimate of living costs in Milan, Italy. 

  • – Personal Expenses: Obviously, personal expenses vary significantly depending on individual lifestyle. 
  • – However, below we have provided the general cost of living based on data supplied by MBA students in recent years:
    – Housing: About € 600 – 900
    – Meals: About € 450
    – Transports: About € 100
    – Misc. Expenses: About € 350
    – Total: Approximately € 1,500 – 1,800
  • Submission of online application Fee: € 120


SDA Bocconi provides scholarships and tuition waivers to exceptional candidates to encourage extraordinary achievements around the globe. The scholarships are meant for anyone who doesn’t have the financial means to apply for the program but does contain perseverance, drive, and passion along with an extraordinarily brilliant profile has the potential, determination, purpose, and has the potential to deal with complexity, cultural diversity, and ambiguity of the class.

Each year, several different scholarships and tuition waivers are made available for outstanding candidates in partnerships with various organizations, companies, and Student & Alumni support. The latter is the foundation on which SDA Bocconi sets the basis to provide scholarships for future promising young leaders. For the 2022-2023 MBA editions, more than 40 tuition waivers/scholarships are made available. (To know more, you can click the link)

Usually, the tuition waivers/scholarships are awarded before the program start and not later than the beginning of the program. Hence, you can apply even though your selection process is still in progress.

Eligibility for the scholarships/tuition waivers:

  • – You must have sent the application to the 2022-2023 MBA Program;
  • – Satisfy the prerequisites for each scholarship/tuition waiver applied for;
  • – Online application for the Scholarship or Tuition waiver on the online Portal by the deadlines indicated.

Evaluation criteria for applications for the tuition waivers

  • – Analysis of both professional and academic records;
  • – Analysis of the requirements indicated in the specific notice of competition;
  • – Results of the MBA selection process.

A special commission is set up, which decides the number of candidates and the criteria for assigning either total or partial tuition waivers. If candidates meet more than one requirement, they can apply to multiple scholarships/tuition waivers.

All about External Funding for SDA Bocconi MBA Program 

– Loans & Funding for Candidates

– The School assists candidates with their search for funding by supplying the necessary documentation and encouraging them to explore all scholarship and loan possibilities. In addition, SDA Bocconi provides opportunities for low-interest loans to admitted students:

Bocconi offers Support Programs for student-athletes involved in competitive sports who participate in regional, national, and international competitions. Find out more here.

Furthermore, the University provides international students with information about possible sources of financing in several countries. For further information, please visit the Università Bocconi website.

Funding for Women

Apart from all the general fundings and scholarship waivers, SDA also provides special funding options for the cause of women’s empowerment. So, if you are interested in knowing more about women Funding, you can click here


SDA offers an intense, international MBA Program at Milan, the hub of Italy’s culture and innovation. The School is one of the highest-ranked management schools worldwide and a definite trailblazer in European business education. 

The 1-year MBA program goes beyond traditional managerial knowledge and helps to connect students with top-notch inspirational leaders and many iconic brands: from Google to Starbucks. 

The program offers a fresh, new perspective through Special Seminars, Club Activities, Leadership Series, and Extracurricular. With up to five to six hours of classroom activity per day.

 The program is held in English for foreign internationals and even Italian language courses offered to non-Italian-speaking students.

Here the MBA is a multi-faceted experience, not just a cycle of lectures, but a mixture of Case discussions, group activities, Workshops, Field Projects, and Business games.

All of these things, along with high reputation, 1st rank for faculty quality in the EU, and employment stats that make SDA unique from others, are crucial reasons why European counties and companies all over the globe come to recruit MBA grads at SDA Bocconi.

Now regarding future career opportunities, a lot of questions come to mind like,

What kind of companies recruits MBA Grads? 

Positions offered to the MBA Grads? 

What’s the average post-graduate salary?

A comprehensive overview of career stats has been given in the paragraphs below, summing up the career results of previous year’s graduates. Take a good look to understand all about the average package, top recruiters, and lots of other critical information that would prove to be insightful while deciding why you would want to go for an SDA Bocconi MBA. 


  • – Approximately 95% of graduates seeking employment post-MBA found a new job within three months of their graduation.
  • – About 84% changed at least one among sector, function, and country.


  • – AMAZON
  • – BAIN
  • – LILLY

On a concluding note,

There you go! The above paragraphs would help you understand each and every aspect of the MBA program at SDA Bocconi School of Management. 

Make sure you go through the article once before applying to the MBA Program at SDA Bocconi. Before applying for a specific MBA program, an applicant needs to know about the scholarships, funding schemes, employment stats, etc. 

In any case, if you need more in-depth information about any particular aspect of the application process, interviews, and course structure, feel free to hop on a 45-minute extensive 1:1 call with our team of experts. We will provide you with previous questions samples, application samples, LORs, testimonials and guide you step-wise so that you can develop a unique Resume with clarity, precision, and creativity.

We at MBAandBeyond follow a stepwise procedure to ensure maximum efficiency, quality, and interaction to make sure we make every minute worth it! Furthermore, we at MBA and beyond are determined to guide you through your entire application process, ensuring the best offers from top Business schools. 

Always remember that “at certain moments in our life, we need advice and help from other people to thrive in life.” Happy learning! ☺

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