All you need to Know about Stanford Business School

Stanford Graduate School of Business is located on the campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. The Stanford MBA program is recognized for its small size, which offers a private school atmosphere. Because of its location close to Silicon Valley, the school is well known for its entrepreneurship and high-tech industry strengths. AS INDICATED BY ITS MOTTO, the Stanford MBA program encourages positive change, “Change lives. Change Organizations. Change the world” Apart from Stanford business school, there are many other top business schools worldwide, and understanding how each one of them is different is critical because 

1) Understanding the Stanford MBA program subtleties will allow you to personalize your application for your target b-school, and 

2) It will help you showcase your fit to the school’s Stanford MBA Ranking 

  • QS World University Rankings 2024 – 5th
  • Times Higher Education Rankings – 2nd 
  • US News & World Report Global Universities Rankings 2023 – 3th 


The Stanford MBA program has an extremely low acceptance rate of 6.89% for the class of 2024, making it one of the most selective MBA programs in the world. This low acceptance rate indicates that even excellent applicants are not assured a place, as it takes more than just academic excellence to gain admissions.

For the MBA class of 2024, Stanford Graduate School of Business received 6,152 applications and enrolled 424 students. This represents a 16.5% decrease in applications compared to the previous year.


I’d start by saying- If you want to make it to the Stanford MBA program, be a leader or at least a person (in any capacity) who is committed to causes greater than your own and who wants to make this world different and better for everyone to live in. 

The secret sauce to building a strong Stanford MBA application is- INTROSPECT. Start by questioning- what matters the most to you in the end? Yes, dig deeper. Why are you doing whatever you are doing? Your professional life and experiences are a by-product of your most fundamental values of you as a person. So bring yourself, a live individual, in this Stanford MBA essay. And while you are in this process of introspection, if anywhere you find your life and your values only revolving around you, stop right there. Because Stanford’s motto is “Change lives. Change organizations. Change the World,” you can not stand up to it unless you want to dedicate your life to impacting others’ lives. 


The qualities mentioned above are reflected by the Stanford MBA essays they ask you to write, and the questions are discussed below.

Essay A: What is most important to you, and why?

We want you to think hard about this essay and write from the heart. Tell us why once you’ve decided what’s most important to you. Consider, for instance, why this is so essential to you. What persons, insights, or experiences formed your worldview?

After deep introspection, try to connect the experiences you have gained in your personal and professional domains to your values and motives. How they’ve helped shape you into who you are today and contributed to your goals and aspirations. Bring a genuine person on the paper and explain how you have become this person.

Essay B: Why Stanford?

To sum all our advice up for this essay in one sentence, try to understand what it means to be a Stanford student. Research as much as you can (read guides, and blogs, have a free evaluation from consultants, talk to alumni and current students, and do everything in the world that can take you closer to this dream school). 

After this, sit back with a pen and enlist all the good things about Stanford that your mind has grasped. See which values align with yours and pick those through which you can bring the best narrative of ‘how you fit and contribute to GSB. Describe your goals and how your Stanford GSB experience will assist you in achieving them. 


  • MBA
  • MSx
  • PhD 
  • Executive education


Alumni Career Services provides Stanford GSB alumni with various tools, services, and programs, including virtual and in-person programs, online job search tools and content, personalized one-on-one career coaching, and opportunities to connect with other alumni.

Stanford GSB offers two core programs to help you identify the best path for your next step and provide you with the tools to take it. Participate in one or both, depending on your stage of career development.


PositionSalary (USD)
Finance Vice President (VP)151,732
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)135,741
Investment Banker100,000
Senior Financial Analyst81,081
Private Banker70,245
* Senior Product Manager125,384
* Technical Program Manager124,636
* Director of Information Technology120,788
* Senior Project Manager (IT)114,822
* Strategy Consultant150,000
* IT Consultant150,000
* Management Consultant149,000
* Financial Advisory Consultant130,000
* Entrepreneurship Strategy Consultant150,000
* Strategy Director129,187
* Senior Product Manager126,000


The Stanford MBA application period for students starting in the fall of 2024 is now open. The new Stanford MBA deadlines for the 2024-2025 cycle have been announced, and the MBA application for next year will start in mid-June.



The cost of attendance for a first-year MBA student at Stanford Graduate School of Business for the academic year 2024-2025 includes tuition and other expenses. 

CategorySingle StudentMarried Student
Food and Housing$19,808$35,226
Total Estimated Direct Expenses$70,700$82,558
Miscellaneous Expenses$1,900$1,900
Total Estimated Indirect Expenses$3,164$3,164
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance$73,864$85,722


Financial aid is available to all Stanford MBA students, regardless of citizenship.

Applying to business school is a significant life decision, and you should begin financial planning before embarking on this road. Stanford GSB admits a talented and diverse group of students regardless of their financial status. The various sorts of assistance are listed below.

  • Need-Based Fellowships at Stanford GSB
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business BOLD Fellows Fund
  • Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program at Stanford University
  • Career Guidance
  • Stipends for the Summer
  • Scholarships from Outside Sources
  • Sponsorship from an employer
  • Loans
  • Yellow Ribbon/Military

For detailed information visit – 


The Stanford GSB experience extends beyond the classroom. The diversity of the Stanford GSB community and your involvement in extracurricular activities will provide you with some of the most interesting experiences you’ll have here. There is probably a club or group for you if you are interested in education, energy, private equity, or want to play a decent game of rugby.

Develop your leadership skills by participating in their active MBA student government. The Improvisational Theater Troupe will help you discover your inner thespian. Play pick-up basketball or work on your game with the Basketball Club. You can join more than fifty student clubs and organizations. With club membership, gatherings, and events open to all students, these organizations provide variously activities on campus and in the Bay Area. We have long-standing traditions and new activities designed for and by each class.

Aside from ECs and sports, the Stanford GSB campus provides various centers for students to explore the diversity of the class.

  • Community Centers on Campus
  • Asian American Cultural Center
  • Center for Black Community Services
  • Native American Cultural Center Office for Inclusion, Belonging, and Intergroup Communication Queer Student Resources
  • Community Center for Women


Stanford MBA  is undoubtedly the most outstanding school in education, facilities, and experience. Stanford is an excellent example of reaching new heights and growing; Stanford alumni are at a level very few people achieve, so what’s stopping you from doing the same? (Essays, LORs, Resume) or ding?

Our goal is to help applicants gain clarity in their lives around their vision, purpose, and goals, which puts you and us ahead of the competition. We help you with aspects like self-awareness, market (applicant) landscape, and strategy, allowing you to distinguish your Stanford MBA application (Essays, LORs, Resume) from hundreds of other DINGS. We show you the differences between successful and unsuccessful applications. Our motto is “I am not a Ding.” Schedule a call with us today and start your Stanford MBA application tomorrow. You will receive a profile evaluation as part of this conversation, which will help you understand what gaps we need to address together.


To understand your fit to each other, we have helped you with all the important data points and insights in this article. However, the Stanford MBA program is much more than a post, or a full website can contain. Your path to success at Stanford GSB may take you to unexpected places. You will spend two years of the Stanford MBA program pondering what is most important to you and what will be the contribution that you want to make in the sector, meeting new people, and discovering new passions and opportunities. Inventive ideas originate from innovative minds, rigorous core courses, connections with alumni, and other things that will strengthen your future.

From here, the only way to know what the Stanford MBA program is will need to meet people who make up the Stanford MBA program- its adcoms, alumni, and current students. 

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