MIM Scholarship Secrets: Want a Scholarship at a Top MIM Program? Here’s All You Need to Know!

MIM Scholarship Secrets: Want a Scholarship at a Top MIM Program? Here’s All You Need to Know!

MIM Scholarship

Masters in Management (MiM) courses have gained a lot of traction over the past few years. Introducing our comprehensive guide: “Want a scholarship at a top MIM program? Here’s all you need to know!” Embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of securing a coveted MiM Scholarships. Guide equips aspirants with strategies to stand out in competitive MIM scholarship landscape, offering expert tips and insights

Scholarships present a great opportunity for candidates targeting MiM programs, especially recent college graduates or those with limited work experience, to finance their education and advance their careers. 

There are many Mim scholarships out there for applicants to choose from that provide support for candidates pursuing business degrees. Moreover, there are different categories of scholarships available in the form of (a) need-based scholarships – based on the financial need of the candidate; (b) merit-based scholarships – based on merit and the quality of the application, interviews, etc. These scholarships are offered by international, national, regional organizations, NGOs, companies, or individuals. 

In this blog, we will explore some of the scholarships specific to some of the top MiM universities. University-specific and course-specific scholarships are important for potential MiM candidates since the applicant pool for other scholarships is generally wider, resulting in a wider applicant pool (resulting in more competition).


It is a common misconception that a high GPA is a prerequisite to avail of a scholarship. This is not the case – it all depends on the nature of the scholarship.

In need-based scholarships, universities award financial aid based on the applicant demonstrating genuine financial need. Universities may require candidates to provide financial details and supporting documents. Typically, there is no GPA requirement.

Even in merit-based scholarships, assessing one’s application relies on various criteria beyond just a high GPA. Admissions committees place significant emphasis on the applicant’s personality and field-related skill set.

Top Universities offering MiM Scholarship

The top universities offering scholarships for MiM are:


HEC Paris provides a world-class MiM experience which is a gateway to a flourishing international career in business, whatever path you wish to pursue. The MiM program at HEC, renowned for its 20 specializations, 20 international dual degree programs, optional gap year, and array of electives.


The tuition fees for the Masters in Management program 2022 intake is comparatively more expensive, about £39,200 for LBS. Hence to support and attract the best candidates, LBS offers several generous merit scholarships for which admitted students are automatically considered when they meet the entry requirements.


Imperial College Business School is one of the top-notch MiM schools globally. The tuition fees for 2022 entry at the Imperial College Business School are £31,800.


IE Business School offers a diverse range of MiM scholarships covering up to 50% of the total tuition fee. Upon successfully submitting an online application, any candidate can start applying for financial aid. After granted admission, selected candidates will receive a final resolution from the department of financial assistance. At IE Business School, a candidate can apply for: 

  • Two MiM scholarships plus one fellowship; and
  • Three scholarships.

5) ESADE Business School

ESADE is committed to recognizing and nurturing fresh talent wherever it may be. In this approach, a range of talent-based (only) awards is made available based on the following:

  • On Nationality,
  • Gender
  • Academic background.

ESADE Tuition Fees for the year 2022-2023 are about €33,100 for MSc in Finance, and for Master in Global Strategic Management, it’s about €34,500. For the other programs mentioned below, the tuition fees are about €30,500.

  • MSc in Marketing,
  • MSc in Business Analytics,
  • MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship,
  • MSc in International Management,
  • MSc in Digital Business

Coming to Scholarships, ESADE scholarships are divided into three categories as below:

  • ESADE MSc Excellence Awards
  • Need-based scholarships
  • Partnership scholarships

In the below table, we have listed all the scholarships categorically for your ease. Here have a look at it!

How to ace your MiM scholarship application?

Each scholarship application is different and requires different submission materials, and has different processes. Starting early is recommended since the candidate has a better sense of their story and pitch from the recent or upcoming application submissions. Applying early also helps avoid a lot of the competition, particularly since many of the scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis.

It is crucial to explain why you would need a scholarship and why you should be the preferred candidate for accessing the scholarship resources. This will help you leverage your dream of studying abroad and learning and contributing to the top institutions.

Highlight your financial circumstances and other factors specific to you (if you are the first generation pursuing studies abroad, you can certainly consider highlighting the same). An awareness of the values and ideals of the specific organization or the motivations for instituting the scholarship is equally important.

In many ways, scholarship applications are a continuation of the admission applications, with a few additional questions. Suppose you have your story drilled down for your applications. In that case, it is just a matter of putting all the pieces together for a rewarding scholarship application to convince the selection committees and the interview panel (if there is one).

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a scholarship for MiM?

Definitely! This article is all about various types of scholarships offered by top B-schools across the globe for MiM programs. You can go through the article to decide on Scholarships based on merit, need-based, and gender-based scholarships.


Are Mim scholarships and MBA scholarships the same?

The criteria for different scholarships are different in terms of each program. However, some scholarships enlisted in the tables above are universal in terms of programs. So, there are both University-specific and course-specific scholarships mentioned in the article for top MiM universities

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