Best Masters in Management (MiM) programs to pursue in Canada


Hey there, thinking about doing a MiM in Canada? You’re not alone. Every year, hundreds of international students choose the business master’s programs or their specializations, such as MiM, MiF(Master in Finance program), or other specialized Masters’ programs.

But the question arises, why MiM in Canada?

With its top schools such as Rotman, Sauder, Queen’s University, Ivey Business School, and Desautels Faculty of Management, Canada is famous for its quality courses in the field of Business and Management so that a candidate can be assured of a top-notch quality degree. Moreover, Canada is very liberal regarding its visa policies and exposure to international students, which makes it an ideal place to study for a MiM. Furthermore, as both French & English are spoken as official languages, most international students can fit right in immediately.

So if you are someone looking for a cost-effective, top-notch, short-duration, and well-acclaimed MIM course, MIM in Canada is the perfect destination.

In this blog, we will discuss all the requirements for MiM in Canada, including GMAT & work experience, the tuition fees, top MIM universities in Canada, job opportunities, and everything else that a candidate must know before filing their application for MIM in Canada.





Admission to MIM in Canada Universities would require common documents required to pursue any post-graduate curriculum. Below Some of the common documents, requirements are mentioned, a standard for B-schools in Canada.

  • Transcripts of all educational qualifications – A must require a thing to pursue any post-graduate curriculum.
  • CV or Resume – Candidates require a well-drafted resume with extracurriculars, internships, part-time/full-time work experience, and academic and professional accolades.
  • LOR – Issued by your supervisor at work (whether a job/ internship) or a college professor under whom the applicant has studied/ worked on research projects, etc. This is a significant part of the application and proves your experience, accolades, and skill-set.
  • Scorecards of IELTS/TOEFL = More specifically required for candidates whose native language is not English and who have not studied English. Usually, if the applicant comes from a UG degree where the learning model was entirely in English, the TOEFL/ IELTS is not required.
  • Scorecards of GMAT/GRE – A good GMAT score is recommended but not a compulsory requirement of your profile. But it sure does increase your chances of admission!
  • Experience/internship certificate – If specifically required by certain universities and colleges, you must submit it; otherwise, it’s not mandatory.



The Tuition fees for a Master’s in Management in Canada normally range from $45,000 to $60,000. This excludes the cost mentioned above for the cost of living. You should consider both and decide if you are financially secure to pursue this degree. Consider opting for a scholarship scheme if you need the support and can not afford the tuition fees.

If you are considering pursuing a master’s in management in Canada, you should consider the living cost. The Cost of Living in Canada is affordable compared to many other countries. However, this varies according to the place of study in Canada. For example, cities like Toronto or Vancouver can be very expensive. 

Most universities offer on-campus dwellings for international students, the cost of on-campus housing varies from university to university, but it is expensive compared to living off-campus.

Generally, the cost of living per month for food and other expenses is around CA$600-800 (~US$450-600), including accommodation. The price goes up to CA$10,000-15,000 per year (~US$7,550-11,300).


Is it possible to pursue mim in Canada without work experience?

MiM courses offer the opportunity to get a B-School experience with minimal or no work experience. Typically, universities offering MiM programs allow candidates with 0-2 years of experience to apply.



One of the most common questions amongst MIM candidates is whether GMAT is required for MiM in Canada or not?

While it’s true that no specific average GMAT is required for MiM programs as opposite to MBA programs, the top MIM universities in Canada do require a candidate to have a decent GMAT score.

However, there are still other universities and colleges in Canada where GMAT is waived and not categorized as a mandatory requirement. The table below is enlisted with some of the top schools where one can pursue MiM in Canada without GMAT.

S.No.University NameGMAT
1.Lakehead UniversityNot Required
2.Ivey Business SchoolNot Required
3.York University – Schulich school of businessNot Required
4.Thomson Rivers UniversityNot Required


Canada is home to several top B-Schools offering MiM degrees with global accreditations. MIM in Canada aims to develop business skills among candidates and is a great way to start your professional career in the business and management sector from an early stage.

The knowledge and skill-set pave the way for candidates to prosper in an ever-changing competitive job market and also help incorporate practical knowledge to help them be successful as business managers.

Students of Rotman, UBC Sauder, HEC Montréal, etc are placed at companies like

  • Amazon,
  • HSBC Bank Canada,
  • PwC, and Hootsuite.
  • Accenture, General Mills,
  • Coca-Colas, KPMG,
  • Deloitte.

Salary after MiM in Canada ranges from $ 50,000 – $ 65,000. In the below-given table, the average salary and top employment sectors are mentioned for some schools for your reference.


As seen above, MiM programs across the world offer an opportunity to recent graduates with some work experience or undergraduate students in their last year of university (typical work experience permitted being 0-2.5 years) to obtain a core understanding of business fundamentals and utilize the resources offered by the top-notch B-Schools.

While the MiM program was made widely popular by European schools, with the emergence of the need for candidates in junior-level management roles, the growth and interest in these programs are on the rise, and US and Canadian schools are no exceptions.

In addition, many top Canadian B-Schools offer a stellar academic experience and networking opportunities at a fraction of the cost compared to typical MBA programs. The presence of scholarships and GMAT waivers for a MiM spot at the top schools such as Schulich and Ivey are just some of the reasons why Canada is a go-to location for many interested applicants.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Canada good for MiM?

Yes, with the growth in MiM programs in recent years expanding from Europe through the US and Canada, many top schools across Canada offer the MiM program nowadays. In addition, with the growth in the need for lower-level management jobs, candidates graduating from MiM programs are getting good job opportunities. Combined with the fact that some of the top schools offer their scholarships and even waive the GMAT in some cases, this makes Canada a desirable location for pursuing the MiM degree.


Is GMAT compulsory for MiM in Canada?

While many MiM programs in Canada require the GMAT/ GRE, some other reputed schools have waived the requirement for test scores. Examples include top programs such as Ivey and Schulich.


Can Indian students get scholarships in Canada?

Yes, Indian students looking to secure admissions across MiM programs in Canada can avail of university-funded scholarships (this depends from university to university). In addition, students applying to Master’s programs such as the MiM can also apply for other need-based and merit-based scholarships offered by trusts, corporate organizations, etc.

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