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Best MBA programs in Europe offer a launchpad for ambitious professionals seeking to become future business leaders. Furthermore, from the esteemed London Business School (London, UK) with its global focus, to HEC Paris (Paris, France) known for its high return on investment and strong graduate careers, top European programs equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel. IE Business School (Segovia, Spain) adds another layer with its innovative learning methods and international exposure. These are just a few of the many excellent options available. Remember to consider your career goals, preferred location, and budget when making your choice.

Is your goal to make your way to the top and become a remarkably effective business leader or entrepreneur? If you answered yes, you’ve undoubtedly thought about enrolling in an MBA program to gain the essential skills to be a successful business owner.

The QS Global MBA Ranking has been published. The rankings are even further divided into regions: Asia, Europe, Canada, Oceania, Latin America, and the United States. In addition, MBA programs are ranked based on employment, entrepreneurial and alumni results, return on investment, thought leadership, and diversity factors.

Top EU business schools have developed a good reputation for providing outstanding training throughout the years. Therefore, these renowned business schools in Europe are an obvious pick if you want to pursue a management career in a European country.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 business schools in Europe. 


S.noBusiness Schools in EuropeLocation
1.HEC ParisFrance
3.London Business SchoolUK
4.IE Business SchoolSpain
5.IESE Business SchoolSpain
6.Esade Ramon Llull UniversitySpain
7.Said Business SchoolUK
8.Judge Business SchoolUK
9.Imperial College Business SchoolUK
10.SDA Bocconi School of ManagementItaly


Here are the top business schools in Europe:

HEC Paris


London Business School

IE Business School

IESE Business School

Esade Ramon Llull University

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Said Business School

Judge Business School

Imperial College Business School

SDA Bocconi School of Management


The HEC Paris MBA program has earned the first position in MBA Europe ranking for the third year. It also received the maximum score of 100% in the MBA Europe rankings for ROI and high scores for thought leadership and employability.

The HEC Paris MBA admissions committee welcomed a total of 274 students this year. The average GMAT score for HEC Paris MBA admission is 690, while the average work experience for HEC Paris is six years. Women make up 33% of the total, while international citizens make up 92%. The HEC Paris fees are around $92,000, with graduates earning an average mean income of $120,700. 

The total number of nations represented is 56. The average offered salary is $115,827. The average sign-on bonus was $18,687, while the median sign-on bonus is $29,500. The 15-month curriculum focuses on building leadership potential through activities like leadership workshops. Additionally, it includes a student-run MBA multisport competition and the HEC Global Leaders Series, which features important business speakers.


INSEAD’s MBA program is the second highest-ranked business school in Europe and the sixth highest-ranked program in the world. In Top Eu business schools, the program ranked second in terms of employability and first in thought leadership. The class size was around 500 students. The average GMAT score at INSEAD MBA is 710, while the average work experience required is 5.6 years. Women make up 35% of the total, while international citizens make up 91%. INSEAD MBA fees are about $104,500, with graduates earning an average mean salary of $106,200.

Students can study at INSEAD’s three campuses in Fontainebleau, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi during the 10-month program. Students can take 14 core courses and have a choice of over 75 electives.


London Business School’s 21-month MBA program has been named the top EU business school for yet another year, having achieved the ultimate place for employability for the top MBA in Europe. The number of students in the class was 497. The average GMAT score for LBS MBA students is 701, while the average work experience is 5.5 years. Women make up 31% of the total, while international citizens make up 92%. LBS fees are about $131,000. However, their employment statistics are outstanding, with 92% of MBA graduates getting a job offer three months after graduation, earning an average salary of $90,789.


IE Business School in Madrid offers an 11-month International MBA program, which has earned a place in top Eu Business schools for Entrepreneurship and Alumni success. In addition, the program was ranked first in MBA Europe ranking for diversity. The total number of students enrolled in the class was 598. The average GMAT score is 677, while the average work experience is 5.5 years. Women make up 32% of the total, while international citizens make up 91%. IE fees are around $82,300, with an average salary of $83,152.


MBA students at Barcelona’s IESE Business School have the opportunity of completing their degree in 15 to 19 months. Students enrolled in the class were 368. The average GMAT score for IESE’s incoming class was 670. The IESE does not specify a minimum number of years of work experience. However, candidates should be aware that they will be competing against candidates with an average of 5 years of experience.

Women make up 32% of the cohort, while international citizens make up 92%.

IESE fees are about $93,592, with an average salary of $123,662.

Three months after graduation, 94% of students accepted jobs, and 10% established their businesses.


Students enrolled in ESADE’s 18-month MBA program will benefit from studying in the third-best program in Europe for ROI. The MBA program at ESADE has a strong international focus. The study stage of exploration takes you to various places on five different continents across the world. There were 186 students in the class.

The average GMAT score for ESADE MBA is 660

while the average work experience is 5.7 years.

Women make up 39% of the cohort, while international citizens make up 95%. ESADE fees are around $77,500.


Oxford University’s Said Business School is the oldest in the English-speaking world. Said’s one-year MBA program aligns with the university’s three-term format, organized into sets of core and optional courses focused on three topics linked to current global business challenges: Entrepreneurship, Global Rules of the Game, and Responsible Business. Students enrolled in the class.

The average GMAT score for SAID MBA is 690, and the average work experience is 5 years.

Women make up 44% of the cohort, while international citizens make up 95%.

The average SAID fee is about $80,430, while the average base salary is $72,618.


The 12-month MBA program at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, underperformed its main rival, Oxford University’s Said Business School. A total of 206 students were admitted to the Judge MBA program.

The average GMAT score for Judge MBA is 693, while the average work experience is six years.

The number of women was 36%, whereas the percentage of nationalities represented was 51%.

The average judge’s fee is about $70,087.

Judge’s one-year program received solid scores for thought leadership and employability indicators, with 90% of graduates acquiring jobs three months after graduation, earning an average salary of $99,753.


Imperial’s 12-month London-based MBA program received high marks for thought leadership and employability metrics. Students undergo pre-study modules that provide them with the basic information and abilities needed for the program. This contains a primer on accounting, a primer on data analysis, and a primer on finance.

The class size is 70, with an average GMAT score of 660 and 5.6 years of work experience.

The number of women was 43%, whereas the percentage of nationalities represented was 23%.

The Imperial MBA fee is about $81,389, and the candidates are offered an average mean salary of $82,853, with 91% of graduates accepting jobs three months after graduation.


As one of the most established institutions in continental Europe – it was the first university in Italy to provide an economics degree and has been teaching executives since 1971 – SDA Bocconi is the best-ranked business school in Italy is an excellent appeal for locals.

Around 25% of its cohort comes from Italy, with the remaining 20% from other European nations.

The average GMAT score is 660, and the average work experience is 5 years.

The class size is 92.

Women make up 33% of the cohort.

SDA MBA fee is about $80,752

with candidates earning an average mean salary of $80,628.


Firstly, the top MBA Europe ranking programs have a high return on investment (ROI). For example, at INSEAD, you may complete an MBA degree in as little as ten months. In addition, lower tuition fees and opportunity expenses appear appealing compared to two-year or US MBA programs.

Tuition fees are lower even for the lengthier top EU Business schools, such as London Business School and IESE Business School in Spain. The shorter length and reduced tuition fees were supported by 48% of respondents in an SBC assessment of applicant pool from top business schools in Europe.

Second, compared to even the most “global” US program, top EU business schools are more global. They attract students who wish to have a truly international educational experience. They also attract professionals who want to work in Europe after completing their education.


Some significant aspects of studying in Europe are:

In just one year, you can get an MBA.

In addition, you can choose from a wide and diversified variety of MBA courses.

Cost-effective MBA tuition fees

Develop a global business mindset.

MBA classes have a small number of students.

Establish a worldwide network.

An MBA from a business school in Europe can open doors to big international brands like Google, Accenture, and KPMG, to mention a few. According to Bloomberg statistics, these firms, together with Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and consulting firms such as McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, and others, recruit the most significant number of European MBA graduates. 

MBA graduates from Oxford Said, IESE, and IE are particularly appealing to consulting firms. So, if you want to work for one of these firms in the future, an MBA from a top European business school should do.

On a closing note,

Since programs are continuously updated to meet changing demands, we urge you to research MBA opportunities in top business schools in Europe. Finally, be conscious of your own identity. The best program depends on the candidate. Therefore, much depends on the student’s professional profile, career goals, and enrollment in the program. 

To know more about business schools in Europe and gauge your fit for the b-schools, hop on a 1:1 45 minute exclusive call with our team of experts. MBA and Beyond are committed to assisting you at every stage of the application process. We follow a step-by-step procedure to ensure optimum utility, research, and the best results for your applications.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do European business schools look at International Candidates?

Top EU business schools are more willing to accept more international students, particularly from Commonwealth countries (e.g., India). Meanwhile, in the application pool, US institutions are more competitive for individuals from overrepresented backgrounds.


What is the current demand for an MBA degree?

Demand for premier MBA schools will continue to rise considerably. Furthermore, the candidate pool’s caliber in terms of diversity, leadership, industry, and career ambitions will increase throughout the upcoming application season.


Which European country is best for business studies?

France is a well-known MBA study destination, contending for the best ranks in worldwide rankings. INSEAD and HEC Paris School of Management is a business school in Paris, France.

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