HEC Paris MBA GMAT : Average GMAT Score & Other Factors

Renowned for its rigorous academic environment and a beacon for aspiring global business leaders, HEC Paris stands out, especially when it comes to their MBA program. But let’s address the elephant in the room: the GMAT score. What does it take to be a part of this elite cohort? Let’s dive into the intricacies of the HEC Paris MBA, starting with the all-important GMAT score.

HEC Paris MBA Highlights :


When it comes to elite business schools, the GMAT score is more than just a number; it’s a gateway to opportunities. For HEC Paris, this is no different. The average GMAT score for the current MBA batch hovers around 690. But what does this mean for you? It’s an indicator of the competitive landscape you’re stepping into. However, remember, it’s an ‘average’, which means there are both higher and lower scores in the mix. So, if your score is in this ballpark, you’re on the right track.

Average GMAT           690
Range          Slightly below to above 690

Understanding the significance of your GMAT score in the context of HEC Paris is crucial. It’s not just about meeting a benchmark; it’s about showcasing your ability to thrive in a challenging academic environment.


Talking about the financial aspect of pursuing an MBA at HEC Paris, let’s get real about the numbers. For the class intake in August 2022, the fee was €91,225, and it slightly increased to €92,575 for the January 2023 intake. Yes, it’s a hefty sum, but it’s an investment in your future. To put it into perspective, this translates to around 75,50,000 in Indian rupees. The good news? The fees are payable in installments, making it somewhat easier to manage financially.

Intake PeriodFee (EUR)
August 2022€91,225
January 2023€92,575

While the fee might seem daunting at first, understanding it as part of the larger picture of what an MBA from HEC Paris offers is essential. It’s not just a degree; it’s a pathway to global opportunities and a transformative educational experience.


Now, let’s talk about what HEC Paris looks for in its MBA candidates. First and foremost, you need to have completed an undergraduate program at an accredited university. Official academic transcripts are a must. While HEC doesn’t set a strict minimum for years of work experience, they do prefer applicants to have at least two years under their belt. The average work experience of the latest batch is about six years, with the average age being around 30.

Here’s a quick checklist of what you need:

  • An undergraduate degree from an accredited university.
  • Preferably 2+ years of professional experience.
  • Transcripts as proof of your academic achievements.

This approach by HEC Paris indicates their focus on not just academic excellence but also professional maturity and readiness for the challenges of an MBA.


Embarking on your application journey to HEC Paris? Here’s your roadmap. The application process might seem daunting, but breaking it down into manageable steps can make it less overwhelming. You’ll need:

  1. Completed Application Form: This is your first impression, so make it count.
  2. Essays: More on this later, but prepare to pour your heart and soul here.
  3. Two Recommendations: Choose your recommenders wisely. Their words can make a big difference.
  4. Professional Resume in English: Showcase your professional journey succinctly.
  5. Passport-style Photo: A simple, professional headshot will do.
  6. Academic Transcripts: From all post-secondary institutions you’ve attended.
  7. Copy of Passport or Birth Certificate: Essential for identity verification.
  8. GMAT or GRE Score Report: Aim for balanced scores above 60% for quantitative and verbal sections in GMAT or at/above the 65th percentile for GRE.

Keep this checklist handy and tick off each item as you complete it. Staying organized is key to a stress-free application process.


The essays are your chance to shine, to show HEC Paris what numbers and formal documents can’t. The essay questions are designed to delve deeper into your motivations, achievements, and personality. Let’s look at them:

  1. Essay #1 (500 words max): Why HEC Paris MBA now? What are your post-MBA career objectives, and how will HEC help you achieve them?
  2. Essay #2 (250 words max): Your most significant life achievement.
  3. Essay #3 (250 words max): A situation where you dealt with leadership and ethics.
  4. Essay #4 (250 words max): Imagine a life entirely different from your current one.
  5. Optional Essay: Choose one from various topics (250 words max).

Each essay is an opportunity to present a different facet of your personality and aspirations. Be authentic, be reflective, and most importantly, be yourself.


Navigating the application deadlines and process is a critical step in your journey to joining HEC Paris. The process prides itself on being thorough yet swift, with a turnaround time of about 5 weeks post-application. Here are key highlights:

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  • 5-Week Process: From submission to decision.
  • Year-Round Applications: You can apply throughout the year.
  • Batches Start: Twice a year, in September and January.
  • Interviews: Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by HEC Paris MBA Alumni.
  • Admissions Jury: Meets once a month to make final decisions.

Remember, the admissions team looks for well-rounded individuals, so balancing academic qualifications with extracurricular skills is vital.


There’s often a discussion about the perception of HEC’s MBA in comparison to its Grande Ecole program. The MBA program, despite being younger, has carved out its own identity, reflected in its high rankings (3rd in Economist, 9th in Ft, 7th in QS). However, understanding this distinction and how it impacts alumni networks and future opportunities is crucial.

  • Identity: The MBA has established its own reputation separate from the Grande Ecole.
  • Networking: How you’re perceived by alumni may affect your networking opportunities.
  • Market Value: Does the market view MBA grads as equivalent to Grande Ecole grads?

This section aims to address these nuances and shed light on the MBA’s unique position within HEC Paris.


Embarking on the journey to an MBA at HEC Paris is not just about academic rigor; it’s a transformative experience that shapes future global business leaders. From understanding the average GMAT scores to diving into the application process, each step brings you closer to joining an elite cohort of diverse, driven individuals. The HEC Paris MBA is more than just a program; it’s a gateway to a world of opportunities, diverse career paths, and a network that spans the globe. Whether you’re aiming for a career pivot or looking to enhance your leadership skills, this program offers the tools, exposure, and network to help you achieve those goals.

Remember, the path to an MBA at HEC Paris is competitive but achievable. With the right preparation, mindset, and determination, you can be part of this prestigious program, setting the stage for a thriving global career.

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