Said Oxford Deadlines and Essays 2023-2024

An MBA from a top business school is a dream of many aspiring candidates. Every year thousands of candidates fill up forms at prestigious universities to enroll in the top MBA programs. Oxford Business school is one of the most popular and top-notch business schools in the world. Its Executive MBA and Finance courses consistently ranked among the best subjects globally and are often regarded as “the best business school in the UK.”

EQUIS accredits the Said Business School, and the Park End Street and Engrove Park are the two locations through which the Business school operates. The Oxford College is a worldwide brand and a huge attraction for students attracting more than 500 + candidates each year, making it the largest center for business programs in the UK. The Said Business school is ranked 2nd in the UK and 12th globally by Financial times, 2021. The MBA program at Said Business School is one of the most coveted courses requiring extreme intelligence, persistence along with good interpersonal and leadership skills

A one-year world’s best Master of Business Administration program from the University of Oxford includes a rigorous sequence of fascinating lectures, lively seminars, and small group work that can train students worldwide. It is one of the newest top-tier business schools, having opened its doors in 1996. It draws foreign students, owing to its “Oxford” name. Despite its youth, the institution has achieved significant accounting, finance, marketing, healthcare, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, marketing, science, and technological research.

This article includes all the relevant information about The Oxford MBA program, deadline, strategies to ace your Oxford MBA application and stand out from all other applicants!


In addition to lectures, the Oxford MBA program includes case studies, simulations, and team projects. The one-year Course structure of Oxford MBA starts in September and concludes in December of the following year. During the first year of the Oxford MBA program, fundamental courses spanning a wide range of topics provide a firm foundation in business knowledge.

Except for the summer, MBA Launch sessions, and a capstone, the year is organized into three terms: Michaelmas, Hilary, and Trinity. The Oxford MBA curriculum, which includes orientations, core courses, electives, internships, and projects, is nicely categorized into each faction, allowing Oxford MBA graduates to strategically improve their foundations, implementation, and collaboration abilities. In addition, entrepreneurship receives a lot of attention.

Oxford MBA Students enjoy scheduling flexibility and can participate in internships throughout the summer months, which run from early July to early September. The Oxford MBA program includes an entrepreneurial project as well as a strategic consultancy assignment.


According to the Financial Times’ Global MBA Ranking, the Oxford MBA program has been in the top 30 best business schools globally for the past three years, around 2016. Admissions at Said Business School is incredibly tough, with such a 20% Oxford MBA acceptance rate. The school provides undergraduate and graduate programs. The table summarizes the most important details.

No. of full-time MBA students enrolled in Oxford MBA programOver 300
Average GMAT required for Oxford MBA690
The average age of the students28 years
Average work experience5 years
Tuition fees for international students$87,866
The average salary of MBA grads$100,000


The Oxford MBA program is a coveted career-focused course that demonstrates a highly selective admission policy. The program requires a lot of creativity, extreme intelligence, determination, academic excellence, and good self-consciousness and leadership skills. 

The MBA, Executive MBA, and Finance courses offered by the Said Business School are consistently ranked among the best subjects globally. Moreover, they provide a new thrust to your career projectile, one of the most sought-after graduation programs. The faculty at Saïd Business School is dedicated to helping you define, articulate and execute your career vision, equipping you with relevant knowledge, tools, and skills to achieve your dreams.


You should know the first and foremost is the Oxford MBA deadlines for submitting the Oxford MBA program applications. On July 30, 2021, applications for the Oxford MBA class for 2021-2022. By the Oxford MBA deadline, you must submit your online application form together with all application prerequisites. Therefore, given below are the details of the Oxford MBA deadlines.

ROUNDOxford MBA deadlinesDecision Notification
Round 1September 1, 2021October 27, 2021
Round 2October 13, 2021December 8, 2021
Round 3January 12, 2022March 16, 2022
Round 4March 23, 2022March 25, 2022


Oxford MBA program is a one-year curriculum for a complicated, vulnerable, and more linked world that will assist you in tackling global challenges. There are strategic details that you should keep in mind before everything else about the Oxford MBA requirements.

Ensure you have checkboxes for the following Oxford MBA requirements:

  • Upper Secondary School Certificate – A certificate given by the education board to students who have completed higher secondary school.
  • The education board will provide a declaration of grades.
  • Financial documentation demonstrates the student’s financial status.
  • A letter of recommendation identifies who recommended the student for the degree program.
  • Statement of Purpose – A student’s statement of purpose is an essay or other written statement presented in the application process.  The admissions committee will be searching for proof of excellent communication skills, leadership potential, analytical skills, and fit with the Oxford MBA community, among other things, while assessing your essays.
  • A resume, often known as a curriculum vitae (CV), is a document that lists your job history and credentials.
  • Language Requirement in English TOEFL, IELTS, and other test scores
  • Exam results such as the GMAT and GRE must be submitted.


Before submitting your Oxford MBA application, please double-check that you have met all of Oxford MBA requirements. In addition, kindly double-check that your Oxford MBA application is complete and that your application cost of $200 has been paid before submitting it.

Only when all relevant data has been submitted may the Oxford MBA admission committee evaluate a candidate. Performing a regular spot check to get more insights to check the validity of references is a must. We follow this strategy to check whether the job experience and academic credentials are up to the mark or not; other than that, we also retain the right to request additional proof if deemed necessary.


The Oxford MBA program at Said Business School is a coveted career-focused course that demonstrates a highly selective admission policy, with the Oxford MBA acceptance rate being lower than 20%. To get enrolled into the Oxford MBA program is no joke. Only Candidates who can make insightful contributions to the Oxford MBA class have a solid academic foundation, exceptional skills in various fields, and a good amount of work experience have high chances to get admission. But fret not! Following a stepwise process to earmark your strengths and weaknesses and develop an overall robust application with eloquent LORs and a good GMAT score will sail you safely through the application hurdles.

The following paragraphs decrypt the best strategies followed by top MBA graduates admitted into the Oxford MBA program even being an average student!


An MBA from the top-most study destination is a dream for many aspiring candidates. Every year more than thousands of candidates fill up forms to get enrolled in the top MBA universities. However, applying to a top MBA program is more than just filling an application letter and waiting for the announcements. You need to prepare for every small detail to make sure your application stands out among others.

So, where to start? It’s no secret that conducting proper research is one of the most crucial elements to get admitted into a top-ranked college. Above that, there are a lot of steps in the Oxford MBA application process. What is important is to plan an efficient timeline for every part of the Oxford MBA application process to make acceptance of your application most likely.

Following the below-mentioned tips from our team of experts will help you generate a unique application to stand out among others.

Having an exclusive recommendation letter will help you sail past the admission process. So, ensure that you have good LORs and, at last, prepare well for the final round of Oxford MBA interviews. Before the final interview, try to take as many mock interviews as possible to strengthen the chances of admission.


Amidst tough economic conditions, a one-year curriculum like Oxford Said reports that its MBAs income received an average of $122,613 in its 2020 employment report. Earlier, the MBA program at Said Business School, Oxford MBA employment report, announced the rate of employment hyped by 95% for 2018-2019 graduates, up for the third year in a row. The average income climbed to $87,267 in 2018-19, up from $86299 in 2017-18.


There are application deadlines for Oxford MBA scholarships. The remaining funds will be distributed after each level of MBA admissions. All qualified offer-holders are evaluated at each Oxford MBA deadline; however, early entry to the MBA program is advised because it cannot ensure the provision of these Oxford MBA scholarships at the final phases of the application process.

  • Alumni Annual Fund Scholarships
  • Dean’s Africa Scholarship
  • Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship
  • Forté Fellowships for Women
  • Glen Mehn Scholarship
  • Global Leadership Council (GLC) Scholarships for Women
  • Jacobs Foundation Scholarships (additional application required)
  • Oxford-Adara Foundation Scholarships
  • Oxford-Grace Lake Scholarship
  • Oxford Leo Tong Chen Scholarships
  • Oxford-Intesa Sanpaolo MBA Scholarships
  • Oxford Pershing Square Scholarships (needed other application)
  • Oxford Saïd-HEC Montréal Scholarship
  • Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) LGBTQ+ Fellowships (other application required)
  • Saïd Business School Foundation Scholarships
  • Saïd Business School Foundation Africa Scholarships
  • Saïd Business School Foundation Middle East Scholarships
  • The Laidlaw Scholarships (needed other application)
  • The Skoll Scholarship (needed other application)
  • Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme (needed other application)


An MBA degree from Said Business School is reputable and helps you rank among top graduates globally, receiving decent placements. 

The Oxford MBA graduates specialize in all the major industrial sectors, including social impact, finance, consulting, and other diversified industries, with the most chances of employment in the consultancy and financial posts in the world’s top companies. Companies like Amazon, Deloitte, Google, Microsoft, McKinsey & Company, and innumerable others seek top MBA graduates. The leading Oxford MBA graduates receive an average salary package of up to 140,641 GBP.


The Oxford business school has produced many renowned entrepreneurs and top-notch business executives. Some of the most notable alumni of the Saïd business school are mentioned below.

  1. Terry Beech (MBA) – Member of Parliament, Canada
  2. Claire Diaz Ortiz (MBA) – Twitter, Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business
  3. Toshiharu Furukawa (MBA) –Professor at Keio University, Politician
  4. Shawn Baldwin (MFS) – American investor
  5. Michael Bates, Baron Bates (EMBA) – Minister of State for International Development
  6. Ananya Birla – Indian entrepreneur


Our energy, food, water security, aging populations, and the growth of recorded data all necessitate managers and leaders with exceptional skill, intelligence, and integrity. As a result, an MBA is a more prominent degree now than it has ever been. In a year of rigorous, engaging, and demanding experiences at Oxford, the full-time MBA program will prepare you to reason, laterally and independently.

Frequently Asked Questions


How difficult is it to get into Oxford SAID?

The MBA, Executive MBA, and Finance courses offered by the Said Business School are consistently ranked among the best subjects globally. They require a lot of creativity, extreme intelligence, determination, academic excellence, along with good self-consciousness and leadership skills. Moreover, a good GPA and an average GMAT score of 690+ is a must to enroll in one of the most coveted MBA courses in the world.


What time is the Oxford application due?

For the current admission cycle, the deadline of the first application round is set to be September 1, 2021, with the results of the first round to be declared on October 27, 2021. Likewise, the deadline for the final application round is March 23, 2022, with the decisions being announced on May 25, 2022.


What is the acceptance rate for Oxford?

The Oxford MBA program coveted a career-focused course that demonstrates a highly selective admission policy, with the acceptance rate being lower than 20%.


What GMAT score is required for Oxford?

The average GMAT score is around 690 as per records to enroll in one of the most reputed MBA programs globally. However, scoring 690 in your first attempt requires a lot of knowledge, dedication, patience, and above all, a heck of a lot of practice.

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