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In the heart of downtown Toronto, the Rotman campus is steps from the country’s dynamic commercial and financial hub. The school itself is known to be one of the best business schools globally and pretty sure the best Business school in Canada! With classes comprising globe trotters, professional athletes, and amazing leaders, you are going to get quite a lifetime experience two-year program. Here is a sneak peek into the amazing life at Rotman. Stay tuned!

This article will focus on various aspects of pursuing an MBA at Rotman School of Management, starting with the World rankings of its MBA program, the acceptance rate, diversity, class profile, Types of MBA Offered, MBA majors & Specialization, Top Careers, and career development resources offered by the University and most importantly what does ROTMAN look for in an applicant? 

In the latter half of the article, we will also focus on the admission process & admission deadlines, tuition fees, financial help, scholarships & awards (also especially for Indians). The article also discusses Job Opportunities, top Recruiters, and the Average Salary Package. 


Rotman Business School is renowned as one of the top-notch schools in the MBA world, and many regard it as the best B-school in entire Canada. The table given below will help us understand how the MBA program of Rotman ranks among Canada and the world.

Sl.NoName of ForumRankings
1.QS MBA Global Ranking 202242nd
2.Times Higher Education- “World University Rankings 2022 by subject: business and economics24th
3.2020 QS Global MBA Rankings1st Business school in Canada
4.2020 Financial Times rankings of Executive MBA programsRotman ranked 1st in Canada
17th globally
5.US News & World Report 2019 – “Best Global Universities for Economics and Business27th
6.2019 Financial Times rankings of MBA programsRotman Ranked 1st in Canada,
85th overall
7.2018 Business Insider rankings of MBA programsRotman Ranked 1st in Canada
Ranked 43rd in the world.


No one or two factors can be most heavily weighted in the application process. At Rotman, a holistic approach is followed, looking at all elements of an application and weighing each according to the individual’s total file. However, some common factors make up the minimum eligibility criteria which are given below:- 

But at the same moment, it’s also critical to understand that fulfilling the minimum criteria guarantees only consideration for admission to the program and not a successful selection. Successful entry usually depends upon both factors, your application and the comparative applications of the other candidates. 


As the rankings itself define, Rotman is one of the most prestigious B-schools not just in Canada but in the world; hence it’s quite obvious that its admission standards are very rigorous in terms of GMAT/GRE, Past academics, GPA, extracurriculars, and whatnot. As a result, the competition heats for admission into the Rotman MBA program.

However, even though it’s a top-notch B-School, Rotman business schools’ acceptance rates are much higher than other top-class MBA Schools. The acceptance rates are around 70%; hence, you have a good chance to enroll in the School’s MBA program.

Rotman’s latest class of 2021 profile showcases that around 295 students were admitted into its full-time MBA program, with 58% being international students with an average GMAT of 669.


– Total Students – 295

– International Students – 58%  

– Domestic Students – 42% 

– Female Candidates – 125. Total 42% of the students’  

– Male Candidates – 170 Total 58% of the students

– Average GMAT- 669 (90% of the students had a score range from 560 -740)

– Average AGE – 27 years. Range 22 – 36

– Average years of work experience – 5. Range 0 – 13 

– Average undergrad GPA – 3.5


Rotman MBA’s mission is to be a catalyst for positive change: rooted in transformative learning, informed by original insight, and inspired by the biggest challenges in business and society. Rotman MBA has distilled their shared beliefs down to four fundamental principles (mentioned below), and they are looking for the same values and shared beliefs in their applicants. 

– Diversity: willingness to embrace difference creates more successful enterprises and a more equitable society

Excellence: For Rotman MBA, excellence is ultimately defined not by one’s stringent measures but by the value one creates for others in transforming how they think, do business and work to meet society’s changing needs and aspirations.

– Integrity: encouraging and enabling everyone to contribute their best 

– Respect: count on one another to act with civility and sensitivity.


– Showcase academic Brilliance: Rotman MBA Program expects you to be an extraordinary performer in your GMAT test along with having a high GPA during your graduation. Unfortunately, just a high score isn’t sufficient to secure your spot on the list, but it would make the adcoms curious about your candidacy; since your high score casts an example of a hard worker with a highly reputed academic record which in turn increases the interest of adcom in you.

– Focus on Your Rotman MBA Application Essays: One may say that Rotman MBA essays are one of the most important aspects of the entire application process. Being a top-notch B-school, it’s true that Rotman MBA is not short on applications with robust profiles. Hence, the Rotman MBA Essays you write are one of the best chances to showcase your strong character, presence of mind, and perfect chance to demonstrate your unique voice. Craft your Rotman MBA essays in a way such that each essay has an amazing story. Yet, all are interlinked into a complex web that demonstrates persistence, work ethic, creativeness, and even errors you have made and how did you cope with them.

Bring Diversity: The competition at Rotman is going to be rigorous! Hence, you must prepare yourself in such a way that it leaves a mark on the minds of adCom to help you rise above the crowd. To do so, make sure you can convey your expertise,  uniqueness, experiences, how you will contribute to the School community, and what kind of diversity in terms of ideas, perspectives, background, intellect, etc., you are bringing in through your application.

First of all, understand why extracurriculars are important? Extracurricular define a person’s character! It segregates you into how good you are academically and your overall personality. Hence it would be best to use examples of your past excellence in any club activity or sports that would give you a chance to showcase examples of your leadership and the contribution you have made so far out of your academic profile. Always remember to have quality over quantity! Any other Top B-school does not care how many things you participate in; rather, they want to see how much of a good participant you are! Therefore, they majorly focus on characteristics like deep dedication and excellence in fields you are passionate about.

Also, “always make sure to take part in Volunteering activities whenever you get a chance.” As it’s a very smart and clever way to show that you are not only a business-minded attitude but also a person full of generosity and with a good heart which is a great way to impress the adcom and cement your spot in the minds of adcoms. Moreover, there are countless ways to volunteer in a community; make sure you use such examples to strengthen your application.


The Full-Time MBA at the Rotman School was ranked 1st all over Canada in 2019 by Financial Times rankings. The MBA is specially designed to let you master business fundamentals while at the same time providing you with experiential, hands-on learning opportunities to learn & grow as a global leader. An MBA from the University of Toronto’s Business School of Management, Rotman provides more than just raw business knowledge, it gives you the agility and confidence you require to transform your future. Master the business fundamentals to fulfill your potential dreams with Canada’s leading full-time MBA program.

Canada’s leading B-School, Rotman attracts professionals who are ambitious and looking to advance their career by undergoing an MBA. The school brings them together with respected researchers and global business leaders advancing the new frontiers of management thinking.

Key highlights

  • The program is offered either before or after the business hours
  • Rotman Morning and Evening MBA program allow you to learn and immediately apply that knowledge at work.
  • At Rotman, extraordinary people gather to rethink the common assumptions, innovate new models and optimize outdated models and redefine generic expectations. 

This exclusive healthcare and life sciences-focused MBA program intertwines together hands-on experience with practical education and thought leadership.

Course duration- 18 months in 4 countries the program helps you gain the leadership edge you need as an expert in industries where the frontiers are always modernizing & advancing.

Specially designed for working professionals, and offered by one of the globally recognized universities, this 18-month program will alter your way of thinking, and help drive life sciences & healthcare innovations internationally.

Centered on the full sector, the MBA program is designed to link traditional silos of life sciences and health & healthcare and educates one about why and how can you create patient value and system strength as well by integrating across the boundaries within & across organizations, across regions and countries.

Hosted in several international business hubs, a truly global, distinctly personal MBA program, the Rotman-SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA is hosted by two leading business schools,

  • The Rotman
  • SDA Bocconi

Key program highlights

  • The course Spans a total of 18 months and on four continents.
  • It’s a Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) hosted by Rotman in partnership with SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy.
  • The MBA program allows you to form networks with thought leaders and develop your unique career strategy, and help broaden your impact as a global leader.

Gain a robust business training program to transform your career. With New Innovative courses, leadership skills, and globally recognized faculty, it’s time to accelerate your career to the next level at Canada’s leading business school.

Key program highlights

Broaden your business skills & knowledge and develop a powerful network of peers for life.


1) Brand Management: If you have a knack for brands and marketing, here is the art and science for it. The Rotman MBA in brand management allows students to select courses from various marketing areas such as advertising, internet marketing, and international marketing. In the process, you will understand how customers make decisions and how to influence them, analyze markets and competitors’ strategies, create successful advertising and promotional strategies, and develop and manage a brand successfully.

Students of Rotman MBA have to choose four out of the thirteen core courses available related to marketing, branding, and pricing. In addition, there are case competitions for the same, and Rotman Full-Time MBA Program provides a unique opportunity for students to integrate and apply management knowledge gained within the program through a 4-month internship.

2) Consulting: You will learn to analyze cross-functional business problems and justify your recommendations, applying appropriate frameworks and a diverse set of quantitative and qualitative tools. Specific topics covered are the consulting industry, problem-solving methodologies, the management of change in organizations, advanced issues in strategic direction, and the development and presentation of proposals and reports. In addition, there are clubs, case competitions, and internship programs for the same.

To know more about MBA in Consulting, click here.

3) General MBA: All Rotman MBA students complete the same common core courses in the program’s first year. Once the common core courses are complete, students can greatly customize their General MBA to best prepare for their career objectives and suit their personal preferences.

To name others, there is Health Sector Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Investment Banking, Process and Supply Chain Management, Real Estate, Social Impact, and Sustainability to choose as Specialization. You can have a look here.


Full-Time MBA Employment 2020 by Function

• Accounting/Finance – 31.1%

• Strategy – 25.8%

• Marketing/ Sales – 13.9%

• Other – 11.2%

• General Management – 7.9%

• Legal Services – 6%

• Operations – 3%

•Business Designs – 1.1%


The current application cycle for the Full-Time MBA Class of 2024 at Rotman, starting in September 2022, opens on August 9th, 2021. 

The new application portal will be launched after August 9th so that interested candidates can create profiles and start their applications.

Sl.NoNumber of RoundsApplication StartsDecision BySpecial Remarks
1.Early RoundSeptember 3rd, 2021The decision by October 15th, 2021.nil
2.Round 1October 4th, 2021The decision by December 10th, 2021.nil
3.Round 2January 10th, 2022The decision by March 11th, 2022.To be considered for specific Combined programs like
– MGA/MGA, Skoll/MBA
– Pharma/MBA Programs
Applicants are duly advised to apply by the Round Two deadline.
4.Round 3March 7th, 2022The decision by April 29th, 2022All international applicants except US Citizens are strongly encouraged to apply by Round Three to ensure they have enough time for visa processing after accepting the offer of admission.
5.Round 4April 25th, 2022The decision by June 3rd, 2022nil


Applicants are required to submit transcripts for an undergraduate degree, GMAT or GRE score, two requests for references, one written essay, a video interview, and a timed written response.

In addition, students who do not speak English as a first language or graduate from an English language university must submit TOEFL IBT or IELTS scores or an acceptable grade from the University of Toronto English Language Program.


The below table enlists the estimated tuition fees for the Full-Time MBA Class of 2024

The Rotman MBA fees charged for each session of registration have three components:

  • 1. Academic Fee
  • 2. Rotman ancillary fees
  • 3. University incidental fees

The estimated annual Rotman MBA fees for the Full-Time MBA Class of 2024 starting in the September of 2022 are listed below in Canadian dollars (CAD) and USD: 

1. Full-Time MBA academic fees

Citizen-wiseTotal Academic Fee1st-year academic Fee2nd-year academic Fee
Canadian citizens and permanent residentsCAD $94,854
USD $74,512
CAD $48,270
USD $36,347
CAD $48,584
USD $38,165
International students on a study permitCAD $131,120
USD $103,001
CAD $64,910
USD $50,990
CAD $66,210
USD $52,011

2. Rotman ancillary fees

The Rotman ancillary fees amount to approximately CAD 650 for the 1st year of the MBA program. Any finalized amounts will be updated and found on your fees invoice (available in mid-July).

3. University incidental fees

The University incidental fees amount to approximately CAD 1,600, covering the terms from September – end-April and including student society fees and campus fees. 

Apart from the University incidental fees, the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) fee will automatically be added to fees invoices for International Students only.

Typical living expenses

The following expenses are an estimate of the minimum funds a single candidate will require for the first 12 months in Toronto: Since Costs will vary for each individual and based on residency in downtown Toronto, the below estimate provides an average of the expense. 

  • – Textbooks-CAD $2,000
  • – Laptop-CAD $1,600 – $2,000
  • – Accommodation-CAD $8,000 – $14,000
  • – Food-CAD $4,000 – $5,500
  • – Personal expenses:-CAD $2,000
  • – Public transportation:- CAD $1,300
  • – Health Insurance (UHIP) for International students:- CAD $756
  • Total CAD $19,656 – $27,556

Other than the fees for a full-time MBA, the table below reflects tuition for combined degree programs offered by the School.

JD/MBA academic fees

Year 1- LawYear 2-MBAYear 3- MBAYear 4- MBA
Applicable FeeLaw FeeCAD $48,584
USD $38,165
CAD $48,584
USD $38,165
CAD $48,584
USD $38,165


Deciding to pursue an MBA is a major responsibility, a significant investment in yourself and your future. Thus, plenty of grants, fellowships, loans, and government help accessible to fund your schooling at Rotman and assist your aims and goals. For all the underneath scholarships, you don’t have to present an additional application, yet we recommend you fill the applications by Round 1 or 2


A range of accessible grants is available based on your accomplishments, merit, and monetary need. Here we provide you with the details of some (you don’t need a different application except if explicitly expressed) that might be valuable for you:

1. Joseph L. Rotman Scholarship: This grant is the biggest and most prestigious entry grant accessible for the full tuition cost value and is granted to two excellent MBA candidates every year.

2. 30% Club Full-Time MBA Scholarship: this scholarship offers half tuition fees to a female candidate supporting the Rotman School’s Initiative for Women in Business. Any female candidate who has exhibited exceptional academic and professional accomplishments is eligible for the scholarship. Moreover, the grant beneficiary will likewise have the opportunity (non-transferable) to sign up for the Athena Program or an identical Professional Development program presented by Rotman’s Initiative for Women in Business, as long as three years after graduation.

3. Ontario Graduate Scholarships: Awarded to candidates signed up for full-time studies who have gotten a first-class standing. An Ontario Graduate Scholarship at the Rotman School of Management is held for one year and esteemed at $10,000 to $15,000 each year. You can get insights concerning qualifications, conditions, and application forms here.


The Rotman School awards entrance grants, fellowships, and scholarships to around 33% of students every year. The awards are totally offered in view of outstanding merit and ordinarily range from $10,000 to $90,000 (all candidates are considered). Below are a few examples of exquisite scholarships that we have selected for you:

1. David J. Skurka Entrance Award to be granted to an enrolling Full-Time MBA candidate with preference given to someone intrigued by finance and intends to seek after a career in financial institutions with sections made on the basis of academic merit.

2. Diestel Family Scholarship – awarded to an enrolling Full-Time MBA candidate with special inclination or preference given to an international candidate with an exhibited interest in a business venture or entrepreneurship from a business family background.

3. Gordon M. Watson Entrance Scholarship granted to a candidate who has experience in the fields of 


•Investment banking, or 


and who has successfully finished the Canadian Securities Course?

4. Harvey Botting Entrance Scholarship: Awarded to a candidate responsible for making a critical contribution to the society through volunteerism, active local area contribution, and who has exhibited leadership in their work experience.

5. J. Spencer Lanthier Award in Accounting given to an entering MBA candidate with a foundation in accounting.

There are a lot more in various backgrounds for various candidates.


J.N. Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of Indians – The J.N. Tata Endowment offers loan scholarships for higher studies abroad only. The loan amount (ranging between Rs.1,50,000 and Rs.6,00,000) awarded to each scholar is determined by the norms laid down for the purpose and does not cover the full cost of studies. Therefore, all applicants do not necessarily qualify for the maximum amount. In addition, selected scholars may also be eligible for a gift scholarship from the Jamsetji Tata Trust and a Travel Grant from the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, based on the sole discretion of the concerned Trustees. A gift scholarship can amount to a maximum of Rs.10,00,000.

Aga Khan Foundation – The Aga Khan Foundation provides a limited number of scholarships each year for postgraduate studies to outstanding students from select developing countries who have no other means of financing their studies to prepare them for employment, primarily within the AKDN. Scholarships are awarded on a 50% grant: 50% loan basis through a competitive application process once a year in June or July. The Foundation gives priority to requests for Master’s level courses.

BANK LOANS: Over the past few years, Rotman MBA students have been successful in taking out education loans from 



FOR ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Rotman provides several fellowships, scholarships, and teaching and research assistantships for eligible International students. Other than that, there are also some other loan and financing options at Rotman for international students mentioned below:

INTERNATIONAL LOANS: Any international students enrolled in the Full-Time MBA program are eligible to apply for a loan with either

  • The Bank of Montreal (BMO) or
  • The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

As part of the Rotman Professional Student Loan Plans.

  • Any international students will be considered eligible with cash collateral or a qualified Canadian resident co-signer.
  • However, International students can also be considered for a non-cosigned BMO loan for up to 100% of their tuition fees with a Standby Letter of Credit (a letter which to guarantee the payment of the BMO loan amount if the student should end up not repaying it)—issued from any BMO-approved bank in the home country of the candidate.
  • Also, International students are eligible to apply for a non-cosigned loan from Prodigy Finance. However, Rotman has no formal agreement with the firm. Still, the firm has indicated a willingness to entertain loans up to the entire tuition fee for any international students attending the Business School.


Several fellowship programs are available for a vast range of communities with diverse interests.

For example, there is the Forté Fellows Program, created with the sole purpose of increasing and supporting women enrolling in MBA programs.

Then there is the Reaching Out LGBT MBA Fellowship, the recipients of this fellowship will receive $10,000- $20,000.

Not just based on communities, there are several more fellowships based on your interest and talents. The CDL fellowship program is specially created to unlock the entrepreneurial ambitions of candidates of Full-Time MBA students (up to 20 incoming students). A minimum award of $20,000 is awarded to all fellowship recipients.

Suggested Reading: Reaching out MBA, MBA for LGBTQ+ applicants



1.        Executive Dinner Club: Imagine how good it sounds to have a great dinner and make strong relationships! That’s exactly what this club is all about! This is one of the most fun and unique club for students. The club connects Rotman students with several business executives over dinner.

  • From September to April, RED hosts dinners with executives from a vast range of industries, allowing students to learn in-depth about the industry and the executive’s unique career experiences as well.
  • A RED (Rotman’s Executive Dinner) dinner is comfortable yet sophisticated. Students don’t need to rush through their elevator pitch, compete for attention, or try and keep an eye on everyone present in the room to cover their networking checklist. Instead, all such connections happen naturally at RED and help lay strong foundations of lasting business relations.

2.       Engineers in Management: are you a techie new to management or someone who wants to switch careers but is unsure what to choose? By joining REIM (Rotman’s Engineers in Management), you get exposure to professionals who made their way through a path similar to yours, and hearing their stories would enhance your decision-making that will affect your career going forward.

  • Joining REIM will provide you with knowledge and enhance your ability to make meaningful connections, get remarked in the job applications, and ace your interview.
  • 3. Energy and Natural Resources Association: This world is in desperate need of sustainable leaders. Here at Rotman, the Energy and Natural Resources Association club connects, supports, and advises producing MBA graduates duly interested in pursuing a  career in the 21st century Natural Resources, Global Energy, and Heavy industries sector. In addition, the club helps provide a richer learning experience and develop their knowledge.

4.       Finance Association: If you are someone who gets the thrill while crunching numbers and has a long last dream of becoming the next Chief Financial Officer of any of the BIG 4 companies, welcome! Here is Rotman’s Finance Association club to bridge the gap between theories taught in the classroom and finance-based careers. The club offers MBA students potential insights into many exciting facets of finance-based professions globally.

Apart from these, there are countless more “progressive” clubs at Rotman, to name some others. There are  

  • Women in Management Association,
  • Sports Business Clubs,
  • African & Caribbean Business Clubs,
  • Golf & Ski Association, and so on.

Name a word, and voila! Here is a club.



a)      Explain your spike factor (something unique about yourself) that you believe will contribute to the Rotman community and is aligned with Rotman values.

b)      How will your spike factor help you succeed as an MBA student and beyond? (up to 1000 words)*

Okay, to tackle this question; let’s break this question into parts to understand the most relevant content for this essay-

First of all, let us understand about SPIKE factor- as mentioned in the question, the SPIKE factor means interesting and unique characteristics.

It’s the quality you have exhibited your entire life (sometimes even without knowing). It can be as simplistic as something like empathy or being ambitious.

Why do we call it “spike”? The adcom expects candidates to craft their story around this factor. Craft it in a way such that it encompasses your quality & skill and brings a smile to the reader’s face.

Make sure the story is backed with examples throughout your life, along with a good blend of both your personal and professional life. ‘The example taken should bring huge impacts in your life or maybe people’s lives, or maybe in thousands of others.’

Now, how to use it in reference to the question?

Understand that the SPIKE Factor “must contribute to the Rotman community,” and for someone to link it to the Rotman community, one must understand its

  • Environment,
  • Student communities,
  • Clubs,  
  • The background of the admitted students,

And everything else that you can find. Next on, make sure it is aligned with the four major values of Rotman Business School. Moreover, make sure your spike factor complements your MBA specialization along with future goals & aspirations. 

Now, let me address one of the most prevalent concerns of people about the SPIKE factor: Do I have it at all?

Now that you fully understand the spike factor let us address the above concern.

Do you have it? Yes, you do. One Just needs to dig deeper, surely easier said than done, but it’s important to understand the greater purpose of your actions.

How can you “dig deep”? Question yourself.

Let us understand it in depth by taking an example:

Why are you doing an MBA?

Introspect. Maybe you want to reach a certain position in a certain industry. Fine, consider it as accomplished.

Now, what next?

How does attaining such a position make any difference to you?

Does it in any way make you happier than before?

Maybe you are currently working “X hours,” and then you will be working the same hours or even more; perhaps you have more resources now, but you still will only have 24 hours a day.

Understand this; your aim shouldn’t be to earn greater resources and increase your assets. Instead, try to see the greater purpose behind each of your actions, and then only can you understand that “one quality” that has always been there, something unique of you and something you have exhibited all your life.

Be totally honest with yourself and jot down everything you come across about yourself. Crafting a story is never that difficult once you glide past the hard work of finding yourself.

Knowing and understanding yourself is the most critical aspect of making it to any school.

This is exactly where a consultant comes into play. Our services have never been about crafting a story but about getting the best out of you and making you aware of yourself as an individual by questioning you for everything you have not done till now. 

LOR – Letter of Reference,

First of all, let us understand the very purpose of LOR. A LOR is drafted to provide a strong premise for your essays.

Rotman MBA program has 5 questions for your recommenders to answer. Hence, choose your recommenders carefully, who can be specific with examples, and share knowledge about your achievements, contribution, background, and impact on the organization.

Restrict yourself from choosing your recommenders based purely on the title. Think and introspect properly before making any decision.

Below are the questions asked by Rotman Business School from the recommenders in LOR.

1.       How long have you known the candidate, and in what capacity?

2.       List 3-5 characteristics /attributes that best describe the applicant.

3.       Of all the qualities listed above, in which areas have the applicant distinguished themselves the most?

4.       What would you consider the candidate’s primary area for improvement or growth?

5.       How would you rate the applicant’s potential for becoming a successful business leader?

Great, now that the questions part is sorted out, it wouldn’t be so hectic for you to choose recommenders who can properly answer these specific questions.

One last tip! Try to exhibit your ability and desire to progress professionally, aligning with a mission of overall company growth with a strong sense of personal direction so that you can achieve every chosen career objective.


Before diving deep into the tips, let us first assess the INTERVIEW PROCESS.

  • Each candidate will be asked two taped questions followed by a real-time written response (no video with this component.). However, you will have an opportunity to test the technology.
  • Both taped questions are values-based/personality-based and designed so that no advanced preparation can be done, and each of them will only take a few minutes to complete.
  • The written question is designed to openly assess the regular email communications you will generate as a Rotman MBA student.
  • Once your MBA application has been submitted successfully, you will receive an invitation from the School via email to complete your video interview within a time span of 2 business days. 


Well, for Video Interview, the best tip would be to have a mock interview with an experienced consultant so that you can know every detail about your pros and cons in an interview.

You need to acknowledge that there will always be an element of surprise for you in an interview; hence it’s important that you “KNOW YOURSELF FULLY.” Know each detail about yourself and be completely aware of your actions and consequences.

This will definitely help you tackle those elements because if you have fully introspected and are self-aware, you will be able to connect dots from every part of your story in your mind and are more likely to answer every question with full confidence.

There should be an answer for every question in your bag, and something like this can only be achieved when you ask yourself “why” at each stage of introspection. 



The School follows a unique Business Design approach to help you learn how to tackle complex business challenges using different techniques and tools of this exciting discipline. The design approach focuses on developing innovative user experiences, exploring disruptive strategies, and following various activities to inculcate your customer’s needs at the core of your business to win in competitive markets. 


Rotman Designworks is the School’s strategy and innovation lab for candidates. Apart from that, it also hosts a fascinating design challenge for which teams from business and design schools across North America are invited to participate in numerous activities for business design plans.


Created with an aim to spark the minds of all the techies out there, the program is specifically designed for MBA students who want to pursue startup experiences by knowing & learning to evaluate and build early-stage tech businesses. The Ventures accepted into the program have backgrounds in 

  • * Artificial intelligence, 
  • * Quantum computing, 
  • * Cleantech, and 
  • * Health. 

Students are paired with different early-stage technology companies that are looking to scale their idea into high-growth companies. 

Every two months, students and ventures are called to join an intensive full-day session with the Fellows and Associates, who are an elite group of successful angel investors, partners from leading venture capital firms, and entrepreneurs focused on the objective setting.

Moreover, interesting case studies are given where students have to discover the facts themselves and figure out the most valuable ones instead of just reading a 30-page case that comes with a fact set. This develops a keen awareness of the messiness of the real world.


Sl.NoType of SalaryAmountImportant Remarks
1.Full-Time Employment Salaries (CAD)
Inclusive of the base, bonus, and other compensationnil
2.Mean Base Salary$99,201Salary data is based on 78% of employed students who reported salary information.
3.Median Base Salary$87,000nil
4.Mean Signing Bonus$20,829nil
5.Median Signing Bonus$15,345nil
6.Signing Bonus Range$2,000 – $87,90020% of employed students who reported salary information received signing bonuses


Sl.NoIndustry% of Total EmployedMeanMedianRange
1.Financial Services35.2%$93,784$88,500$65,000 – $200,000
2.Consulting16.9%$124,556$106,000$70,000 – $210,000
3.Technology10.1%$92,731$92,000$60,000 – $140,700
4.CPG & Retail8.6%$80,105$77,500$ 54,600 – $135,000
5.Other7.5%$96,182$88,500$ 60,000 – $200,000
6.Legal Services6.4%$144,092$91,385$ 84,400 – $252,666
7.Healthcare5.6%$87,455$83,000$ 50,000 – $170,000
8.Real Estate3.4%$73,143$75,000$ 55,000 – $87,000
9.Energy & Natural Resources2.6%$91,959$95,000$ 75,000 – $102,000
10.Entrepreneurship1.9%$87,400$87,000$ 70,000 – $110,000
11.Manufacturing1.5%$65,000$65,000$ 65,000 – $65,000
12.Government0.4%Not reportedNot reportedNot reported


More than hundreds of companies visit Rotman to hire their MBA graduates, some of these companies are one of the most prestigious brand names in the market, including BlackBerry, Amazon, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, etc. the below table just gives a mere insight into some of the top companies that visit Rotman Business school for the year 2020. 

However, For more details on Full-Time MBA Employment Rates, MBA Employment Salaries by Industry (CAD) Companies hiring from Rotman in 2020, and many others, you can click the link here to download  Rotman’s Employment and Salary Report 2020-2021

Companies hiring from Rotman in 2020


– Acceleprise

– Alibaba Group

– Bloom Burton Securities

– Facebook

– Amazon

– Able Innovations

-Johnson & Johnson

-BluEarth Renewables

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