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Are you struggling to create a
standout application?


How do you select a school that will be the right fit for you?


How will you stand out With a low GPA or GMAT score?


Which achievements or experience do you highlight in your story?

Don’t just get a compelling story
for your application. You also,


Discover the best way to select a school that enhances your chances of admission.


Get a model for how to address low GPA or GMAT scores without overwhelming yourself.


Understand the best practices to highlight your strengths in your application.

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5x with our solutions

Strategic Application Audit

We’ll help you with:

An MBA application strategy to find the ideal target school.

In-depth evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses.

Resolve concerns about a low GPA or GMAT score.

What you get:

A 360-degree profile analysis report in 24 hours.

Tips to enhance application.

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Comprehensive Application Development

We’ll help you with:

Strategic Roadmap to your dream B-schools.

Dynamic profile Development and alignment.

Program Research and school list-building.

Essay and resume crafting and revisions.

What you get:

A tailored application that resonates with top B-schools.

Compelling Essays, LOR, Resume and Interview tips.

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Frequently asked questions


What’s key to a standout MBA application?

A standout MBA application presents an authentic persona highlighting your true potential. Our consultants, using a unique process, help craft your distinct narrative to resonate with admission committees.


Can I succeed with a low GMAT score?

Absolutely. Some of our successful candidates, even with GMAT scores as low as 570, got into top schools. It’s all about portraying your unique potential and strengths.


Why choose MBA & Beyond for my application?

Our consultants, with their stellar success rates, focus on amplifying your unique story, bridging gaps, and showcasing you compellingly to your dream schools.


How do I pick the right B-schools for me?

It can be daunting, but we guide you in choosing programs that sync with your goals and preferences, ensuring you have the best shot at success.


What’s crucial when deciding on MBA programs?

Aligning with your career aspirations, considering school culture, and assessing the ROI are key. We help simplify this for you.


Is there an ideal number of schools to apply to?

It varies, but a mix of Dream, Target, and Safety schools is advised. Our team helps strategize the best approach for your profile.


When’s the best time to begin my applications?

Start early. If aiming for 6-7 schools for the next intake, begin now to spread efforts evenly and enhance success chances.


What if I’ve not taken the GMAT? Can I still apply?

Yes! While preparing for GMAT, you can simultaneously work on your application. Our team assists in creating a strategic plan for both.


Why is early application planning essential?

An early start gives ample time to craft a strong application, covering all elements in depth, ensuring you stand out and align with your target schools’ ethos.

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