Best Business Schools in New York for Finance MBA Programs

New York is a global hub – sometimes referred to as “the capital of the world.” It’s known for being an important center for international diplomacy and a haven for investors, which is why many people want to pursue their MBA in Finance in this bustling city.

An MBA in Finance continues to be one of the most popular specializations, and for good reason: it prepares its students for careers in everything from asset management to investment banking to management consulting. 

This article will offer facts and insight into New York’s top Finance MBA programs.


They are regarded as one of the best Finance programs in the modern world, with unparalleled access and beneficial insights into global financial markets from one of the world’s leading Finance departments. Here at NYU Stern, candidates are not only taught but are prepared for their careers in finance by expanding their network through networking mixers, site visits, mock interviews, and providing students with the necessary resources to achieve their goals through career development workshops, company treks and a lot of interesting opportunities. 

With that said, let us glance at some facts regarding the latest class profile at NYU Stern.

Tuition- $153,560 

Duration – 24 months 

Class Size (most recent)- 317 

Women Percentage – 41% 

International Students- 32% 

Average GMAT- 721 

Average Work Experience- 5.2 yrs 

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Applicants/Year- 3,652 

Avg. Salary- $140,000

Premium features of MBA finance program at NYU Stern

Graduate Finance Association – The GFA educates candidates for their careers in finance by helping expand their network through panel discussions, site visits, mock interviews, guest lecturers, and case competitions.

FinTech Association– The FTA provides interested candidates in FinTech with the necessary equipment and resources to achieve their goals through different career development workshops, speaking events, alum networking opportunities, and company treks.

Stern Private Equity & Venture Capital Club– A club for interested candidates to educate and prepare students for private equity & venture capital finance careers.


Another top Business school in the world’s capital offers a distinct level of real-world exposure that is unmatched by other top-ranked MBA programs. At Columbia Business School, students are immersed in business by connecting their classroom education to the trading floors, retail stores, and the board rooms where theory is put into practice. Moreover, through their top-tier internship and externship programs, students can apply their learnings to work with various companies dealing with finance, product development, data analytics, investing, and of course, marketing!

Latest Class profile at Columbia University 

Tuition – $154,752 

Duration- 24 months 

Class Size – 755 

Women Percentage- 38% 

Intake seasons- January intake & August intake 

International Students – 42% 

Average GMAT- 730 

Average Work Experience – 5.0 yrs 

Applicants/Year – 5876 

Avg. Salary – $150,000

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Career Resources – The Career Management Center (CMC) at Columbia helps learn the building blocks of career management, preparing not only freshers for their first job after graduation but shaping your vision for a lifetime of success in the major private and public. In nonprofit sectors with major resources that range from one-on-one sessions with your advisors to garnering tactical advice from workshops and events, you’ll be well-prepared to nail any job!

The New Manhattanville Home – Columbia recently moved to its new home in its Manhattanville campus, with a unique atmosphere filled with leading technology, open spaces that promote innovation, and new facilities for groundbreaking research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – in an attempt to build a strong community with diverse voices, the (DEI) Initiative, which the Vice Dean of DEI leads, makes recommendations on the Initiative’s three pillars of 

Community Diversity, 

Curriculum and Classroom Inclusion, 

Culture and Climate.

 Making Columbia Business School committed to promoting diversity in all its forms!


Third on our list is the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University, A World Capital for Business and Learning; at Gabelli School of Business, your MBA is taught by academic experts who also maintain strong ties to industry and continually adapt the ever-evolving MBA curriculum to meet the demands of today’s employers and at the same time offers unique advantages like building your résumé year-round, Visit companies in New York Cities, meet high-level executives with real-world insights and Flourish in the closely-knit MBA student body!

Latest Full-time MBA program Class profile at Gabelli School of Business 

Tuition – $107,924 

Duration – 24 months 

Class Size – 100 

Women Percentage – 33% 

Intakes – August

International Students – 48% 

Average GMAT – 633 

Avg. Work Exp. – 5.0 yrs 

Avg. Salary – $90,465

Premium features of MBA at Gabelli School of Business

STEM Designated – The Gabelli School of Business proudly offers a STEM-designated full-time MBA program. The interdisciplinary nature of the MBA program blends foundational business disciplines while incorporating expertise in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to help candidates make better business decisions.

To know more about the benefits of a top STEM MBA program and the top designated STEM MBA programs in the US, you can refer to our article on the Top STEM MBA Program in the US.

Career Development Center (CDC) – students who commit to a full-time business program at Gabelli School of Business are provided with end-to-end career services to help translate academic experience into productive academic-year internships & post-graduation jobs. 

Career Advisor- The Business provides additional layers of career coaching and job-search support by assigning a career advisor to guide them through the exquisite CDC’s six-step Job Search Model, which is specially designed to take students from crafting a resume to closing on the job of their dreams.


The two-year MBA program at the heart of Ithaca, New York, Cornell offers a uniquely tight-knit community, a one-of-a-kind core curriculum, and its dual-campus approach! Turn your ambition into impact with a specifically tailored curriculum, with a unique set of Ithaca and NYC course options and an enriched community of faculty, staff, peers, and friends who would have your back!

You’ll be fully prepared to hit the ground running and stand out among your colleagues during your internship and then again as you begin your new journey post-MBA.

First, let us glance at some facts regarding the latest class profile at Cornell University (Johnson)

Tuition – $148,052

Duration – 21 months 

Class Size – 304 

Women Percentage – 39% 

Intakes – August

International Students – 35% 

Average Working Experience- 5.0 yrs 

Avg. Salary – $138,767

Important Insights: What Makes Cornell Johnson’s 2-year MBA program different?

STEM Designated – As mentioned above, Johnson offers STEM-designated courses in their esteemed full-time two-year MBA program featuring an exquisite curriculum with fully integrated leadership development opportunities and taking advantage of the program offered in partnership with Cornell Tech in New York City.

MBA Immersions(Second Semester) – Dive deep into one of the seven immersion options, a defining characteristic of the esteemed Cornell two-Year MBA program. These courses and accompanying projects and cases are based on specific career paths and industries and provide a chance to learn from Johnson’s outstanding faculty and leading practitioners.

MBA Summer Internships – All two-year MBA programs at Johnson’s program feature an internship component, but how does it make Johnson’s any different? Your MBA immersion will help you stand out among your colleagues, and more likely, you will receive full-time employment before anyone else!


Situated in Rochester, New York, an MBA from Simon Business School is about more than a credential—it’s about an entirely new level of clarity! A Full-Time MBA with an unabashedly analytical bias and the opportunities you need to reflect, refine, and take risks. At Simon, in the latest class of 2021, about 33% of the MBA Class of 2021 were hired into Finance or Accounting Functions with a Mean base salary of around 130,400 dollars. Moreover, at the University of Rochester, an intentionally small and tight-knit diverse community is built to help make networking more efficient!  

Before diving deep, let us look at the latest Full-time MBA program Class profile at the University of Rochester (Simon)

Tuition – $96,000

Duration – 22 months 

Class Size – 126 

Women Percentage – 42% 

Intakes – August

International Students – 37% 

Average Work Experience – 4 .9 yrs 

Average Salary – $143,349

STEM-designated option – The University of Rochester offers a specialized MBA curriculum that allows you to select MBA courses that suit your career ambitions with tracks in Finance, Marketing, General Management, and Consulting. Under these four major tracks, we offer MBA specializations that combine core coursework, career-building opportunities, co-curricular learning opportunities, and ten minors that reinforce the in-demand analytical skill set.

Internship and Job Search Workshops – Simon offers a variety of workshops taught by Student Career Advisors, CMC staff, and outside experts on various topics throughout the coursework. Furthermore, candidates preparing for careers in finance are strongly encouraged to gain hands-on experience through an internship. Candidates at the University of Rochester benefit from real-world experience and expanded professional networks through various trainings offered exclusively at the university!

Career Fairs – The University of Rochester hosts national career fairs to help broaden your network beyond the firms that recruit on-campus. The Simon academic calendar is built specifically to help promote and accommodate participation in career fairs and recruiting activities.

That’s all about top Finance MBA Programs in New York City! We always say, “Research is the most crucial component to begin any work.” So, dedicate enough time to research, as pursuing an MBA is a life-altering decision; hence it’s important to look at every nook and cranny before making a decision! Furthermore, never be shy about asking for a helping hand, as research could take up a lot of time from your already busy schedule. Hence, In such cases having expert advice at every step could be a Game-Changer! Therefore, if you are looking for more personal and precise advice, feel free to hop on a 1:1 profile evaluation call with our experts, where we’ll dive deep into your profile and help you understand your chances to top B-schools with absolutely honest feedback.


At MBA and Beyond, we are determined to help you develop a unique structure for each essay question providing step-by-step procedures to build a specific answer that would help you stand out; among the crowd! We are a team of expert consultants who follow a unique process to achieve maximum efficiency, quality, and interaction, ensuring a 100% unique and authentic application! 

Good luck 🙂


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