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Let’s talk about the city, best known for its famous baked beans, Fenway Park, The Boston Marathon, and the global center for higher education. Still, if you dig a little deeper, then you’ll be surprised by the wealth of things that make Boston offer which is why it is one of the best cities in America. 

This article will explain why you should consider Boston business schools, their eligibility criteria, the application process, required documents, available scholarships, top schools, and rankings.
When there is a Will, there is a Way. You just need to wait for the right moment. That is why we are here to address all your doubts regarding Boston Business School. But first, let us delve into the benefits you will attract.

Academic Exposures

Boston has long been a hub of progressive thought leadership, providing a platform for individuals ready to embrace challenges, excitement, and career risks to contribute to the community or the world. Boasting over 50 colleges and universities, the city hosts a diverse community of more than 250,000 students from across the globe. This high concentration of academic activity contributes to Boston’s dynamic and forward-thinking atmosphere.

Global Recognition

When the Association of American Universities (AAU), a prestigious association of top research universities, adds a feather to your hat, you know that you will get global recognition from the beginning of your journey. 

Breaking new ground

Students have the opportunity to engage with Boston University faculties, delve into research projects, immerse themselves in diverse cultures and interactions with fellow students, and embrace new experiences. It’s a chance to break into new grounds and achieve something valuable.

Student-friendly city

In addition to its academic allure, Boston offers a plethora of extracurricular activities. Students from diverse backgrounds take pride in becoming Bostonians, relishing the city’s array of world-class features, including restaurants, entertainment, sports, and athletic events. Its manageable scale ensures that students can easily navigate and make the most of all the city has to offer. 

Excellent career connections and job opportunities

With its dynamic intellectual environment and strategic East Coast location, it’s hardly surprising that the Boston area stands as the corporate hub for renowned global entities like Bain Capital, Converse, Boston Scientific, Fidelity Investments, and State Street.

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Cross-Functionality & the Core Project

Another aspect Boston gives you that strengthens your program is the ability to teach students to think cross-functionally. In a company, no department functions alone; decisions made in one department affect other areas. As we know, “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” To achieve something like that, you should start working on day one. 

Each Day A New Day

You’ll experience more than just academic pursuits here. Engage in activities such as internships, exchanges, language and liberal arts programs, and much more. Explore the city to make the most of this transformative experience.


Boston University is one of the top private universities in Boston, United States. It is ranked 108 in QS World University Rankings 2023. The ranking criteria are


Boston University, Questrom School of Business, educates leaders and innovators to foresee change, leverage it, and make a positive impact on society. It boasts around 250 full-time faculty members and hosts approximately 3,500 students, contributing to an alumni network of approximately 50,000 members.

Academic Requirements

Completed admission application and application fee of $125 

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/ university (GPA 3.0 or more ~ 83-86% or B Grade)

GMAT/ GRE Test Scores

English Language proficiency- TOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE


Letters of Recommendation



HBS stands as one of the largest business schools globally, offering numerous opportunities. Its expansive student body facilitates connections with a diverse group of classmates from around the world during your tenure on campus.

Academic Requirements

Nonrefundable application fee of $250 

3.7 undergrad GPA

4.7 years of work experience

730 median GMAT score.

More than 109 scores in IBT

IELTS score must be higher than 7.5

PTE score higher than 75




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Entrepreneurship and self-direction are key features of the MIT Sloan MBA program. The program is tailored to each student’s needs, enabling a focus on cultivating distinct leadership and analytical skills while exploring a personalized set of interests.

Academic Requirements

Non-refundable application fee of $250.

3.78 Median GPA

720-770 GMAT Range 

740 Median GMAT*

160-170 GRE Quant Range 

157-168 GRE Verbal Range 

Cover Letter


Video Statement

Letter Recommendation


Relevant Coursework & Professional Certifications


It has consistently held its place among the world’s top schools due to its exceptional faculty, distinctive learning experiences, and crucial resources that facilitate diverse learning. In addition, the small program size contributes to a very close class and “promotes a supportive environment.

Academic Requirements

100 application fee is required

The average GMAT Score is 646

Average GRE Score is 312.

Average Undergraduate GPA 3.19

Average Full-Time Work Experience 4.5 years

Students Pursuing Dual Degree is 11%

Letter Recommendation



With countless opportunities to go abroad, D’Amore-McKim equips you with the cultural agility needed in today’s globally interconnected business landscape. Their faculty members, leading researchers in their respective fields, bring extensive industry experience to enrich these opportunities.

Academic Requirements

Northeastern University follows a test-optional policy, allowing applicants the choice of not submitting GMAT or GRE scores for consideration in the admission process.

English proficiency, both written and verbal, is necessary for success

Interview by invitation only.

We hope you have bookmarked Boston as a potential destination for your MBA journey. Feel free to share this article with anyone who might also be interested in pursuing an MBA in this beautiful city!

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