The Anatomy of a Great Kellogg Mba Essay

Anatomy of MBA Essays

We are back with another MBA essay series where we undoubtedly to our dedicated applicants who wish to book a seat in their dream college. This time we’ll discuss “The Anatomy of a Great Kellogg Mba Essay.” So, let’s prepare you to knock it out of the park.

Here is a quick guide on Kellogg MBA  Essays with dos and don’ts regarding the Essays and video statement and some tips regarding short answer questions and reapplication so that you can build the most unique and authentic application to stand out.

Before delving into essays, let’s dispel a myth: essays aren’t just about ‘writing’. Two key takeaways from this article are ‘Introspection’ and ‘Research’. First, reflect deeply on your personality, aspirations, and MBA purpose. Then, research your target programs, activities, goals, and classes. Our experts recommend engaging with students and alumni to gain insights into the Kellogg MBA community

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Kellogg mba essay

Just a warm-up statement! Undoubtedly, getting a good score on the GMAT will increase the chances of your selection. But trust us when we say it doesn’t help you make the cut (which most applicants assume after getting a good score). Nevertheless, an extraordinary essay and video statement are important to build a strong case of why you should deserve that seat and make you stand out. We speak to the admissions team of top B-schools every year, and while up-to-the-mark scores help them understand your quantitative aptitude, what they look for in ‘academic potential’ is much beyond that.

You must showcase your intellect, curiosity, perseverance, and willingness in your essays to go above and beyond in your journey.


We strongly believe in embracing authenticity as it is the direct connection to the reader’s interest. Also, adcoms believe in quality over quantity, so utilize those limited worthful 450 words for each question into a remarkable essay that can reflect you as a person while also demonstrating a strong fit to the school (from its class to culture and community). Kellogg’s intention is not to enroll students with impressive academic backgrounds. Still, they want upcoming leaders with multifaceted personalities who can be an asset for their institution and add and create new elements in their class and community. 

1.Provide a recent example where you have demonstrated leadership and created value.

The question is very straightforward but choosing the right example where you created a lasting value is a task. So think about this question twice, dive deep into your leadership stories, and write them down.  (Quick tip: Don’t neglect the word recent in the question, and frame your answer in something that can grab the attention of adcoms).

Now, when you are writing all your stories,  use the STAR approach. Showcase the situation your organization was in, what task they wanted to accomplish, what leadership skills you showed that helped elevate people, places, or circumstances, and lastly, how your actions resulted that revealed you and the organization got success. The last component, ‘i’, will answer the second part of ‘how you created value. This ‘i’ refers to ‘impact’. Write down the impact created by your action and when you think about effects, think qualitative impact. A

Once you are done writing all your stories, identify the one. 

2. What challenges did you face, and what did you learn?

This will serve as the narrative of your story, reflecting on a challenging situation where you learned to handle crises, manage people and resources, and address mistakes. You may seek clarification on whether acknowledging your mistakes is appropriate. They are keen on understanding your weaknesses.

While writing this, an important thing to note is to emphasize the learnings rather than describing the weakness/failure. Also, bits important that you exemplify how you can implement these learnings further to impact the Kellogg community– it will demonstrate your competitiveness and collaboration, which Kellogg highly values. 


The adcoms want to test the collinearity in your values and goals. They believe that values guide you in your life and work. Make sure to distinguish matters from a list of great adjectives. It must be something you feel, embrace, and reflect on in your life & work and the way they drive your decisions and actions in certain aspects that matter to you. 

The key point to note is bringing authenticity and removing self-biases while discussing your values. They can easily sense that in your essay as they have gone through tons of them, not to mention the extensive years of experience they have. 

Q) What values are important to you, and how have they influenced you?

The best opportunity to tell a story that is personal to you or that talks about “you.” The b-school members want passionate students and well-rounded individuals who can easily gel up with classmates. But, again,  do not simply put what you think adcoms want to hear. Try to be as authentic as possible while connecting your values to Kellogg’s values and how they fit well with its culture and community.

The key strategy to excel in this essay question is to weave together your past, present, and future. Explain how your values and perspectives will impact your fellow Kellogg classmates. Additionally, highlight specific instances where your wise actions have had a profound and motivating effect. Incorporating these personal moments will enhance your essay.

For each value you choose to highlight, discuss “why” this value is important to you and “how” this has impacted or shaped you. For example, it might be driving excellence, helping others, giving back to the community, leading a team, etc. 


Kellogg mba essay

The video essay simply means that you are adding life to your essay from a virtual medium. Bring your personality’s shine and confidence on your face and show the person that crafted an excellent essay to adcoms. Before giving you some tips, the school has guidelines an applicant must adhere to. 

No more than 1 minute (60 seconds) in length

Single take (no editing)

Speaking directly to the camera

Do not include background music or subtitles

We can sense that you must be nervous yet excited but don’t be scared. Schools don’t want to hear the “right thing”; they want to hear “you”, one you know very well.  Show your dynamic personality and the desire to be part of them. We always give this advice and keep continuing this  “Be you, not an ideal.” 

The important point to remember is more than just mugging up things and dictating your essay. Even you can self-analyze that your video will be boring and can create a negative impact. Refrain from praising their curriculum; you will already mention why you want to join or post-MBA goals in your essays. We are confident that you have more to your personality, then why tell that story again?

Sometimes taking opinions from the right person will give you the right perspectives, which you may need to be aware of. In this task, you can take help from your close ones or an expert who will hear you and give you honest feedback. Jot down the points and create combinations that benchmark your personality in their minds.

You can book a 1:1 session with our experts to get personalized feedback on your profile and roadmap for your applications if you require it.

The best thing is Kellogg allows you to practice the video format a few times with practice questions before your official video. So make your mirror your best friend, and let them help boost your confidence, communication, and expression. 

To introduce yourself, share your intriguing background, a quirky hobby, and a notable achievement outside academia. Choose something distinct and memorable to describe here. While you’ve outlined your goals, explain why their MBA program aligns with your aspirations and what excites you about joining their community.

The main aim of a video statement is to challenge you on how well you cope with the tension in your aura and how calm you are with deep knowledge like an ocean. 


1Y applicants: Please discuss your post-MBA career goal, the current experience you will leverage to support the transition, and the Kellogg 1Y opportunities that will help you reach this goal. (250 words)

The most important thing to keep in mind here is COLLINEARITY. There should be a strong connection between your professional experience, short-term goal, and how Kellogg will support you. 

As you will discuss extensively in your essay, be concise and direct here. This question is tailored for business background applicants, focusing on how you can achieve your goals within a one-year timeframe. Be specific to the campus resources you’ll leverage and outline how you’ll convert these advantages into opportunities.

This article will further help you understand how you can create strong collinearity. 


Again, this presents a prime opportunity offered by Kellogg. If you’ve improved academically, earned a promotion, initiated a new project, increased community involvement, volunteered recently, or tackled a personal challenge, you can submit a new application with supporting evidence. Highlight the changes since your last application to demonstrate your dedication, belief in consistency, and commitment to growth. This positions you as an ideal candidate for Kellogg and leaves a lasting impression on the admissions committee.

Read the success story of a reapplicant!

With this, we end this article with all the information regarding Kellogg Mba Essays, but this is still ongoing from our side.  If you need an upper hand, our team is always there to show you the right direction. 


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