HEC Paris MBA Scholarships for International Students

Are you dreaming of an MBA from one of the world’s leading institutions but worried about the financial strain? Well, you’re in luck because HEC Paris not only offers an exceptional MBA program but also provides a plethora of scholarship opportunities, especially for international students like you.

HEC Paris, known for its top-tier management education and research, stands as a beacon of academic excellence. With a history stretching back over 130 years, this prestigious institution has been shaping the business leaders of tomorrow. If you’re eyeing an international career, this is where your journey begins.

But let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the cost. Studying abroad can be a hefty financial undertaking, but HEC Paris’ scholarship programs are here to ease that burden. Let’s dive into the opportunities that await you at this iconic institution.

HEC Paris MBA Highlights :


Getting into HEC Paris is like unlocking a treasure trove of opportunities, and the first key is understanding the admissions process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying:

  • Connect with HEC Paris: Start by filling out a simple online form. This is your first point of contact, where you’ll receive personalized advice and feedback.
  • Application Requirements: You need a bachelor’s degree, at least two years of professional experience, GMAT or GRE test scores, evidence of English proficiency, international exposure, and leadership potential.
  • Interviews with Alumni: Part of the application process includes interviews with HEC Paris alumni. This is your chance to shine and demonstrate your fit with the program.
  • Assessment for Overall Excellence: The pre-selection jury reviews applications looking for candidates who excel not just academically but also in their professional lives and extracurricular activities.

Now, you might be wondering how to ensure you ‘fit’ with the program. The best way is to engage with current students, attend HEC Paris MBA events, and immerse yourself in the university’s culture through their online resources. This way, you can get a feel for the school’s ethos and how it aligns with your personal and professional goals.

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Embarking on an MBA journey at HEC Paris opens doors to a myriad of scholarship opportunities. These scholarships not only recognize academic and professional excellence but also aim to promote diversity and inclusion. Let’s break down the types of scholarships available:


  • HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Excellence: This is a merit-based scholarship automatically considered for all admitted candidates. It can cover up to 50% of the tuition fees.
  • Forté Foundation Scholarship for Women Candidates: Specifically for remarkable women, this scholarship offers up to €26,000 to empower female leadership in business.
  • HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Diversity: Candidates who bring unique value to the class can receive up to 50% of tuition fees.
  • 30% Club Scholarship: Aimed at advancing women in business, this scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fees for the first year.
  • ARD/HEC Paris Scholarship: Offered in collaboration with the Défense Mobilité, this scholarship aids French armed forces officers in their transition to civilian life with a €16,000 award.


  • Eiffel Scholarship: For candidates working in emerging countries, this scholarship includes a monthly grant and covers additional expenses like travel and health insurance.
  • L’OREAL Scholarship: Awarded to candidates demonstrating professional success and leadership potential, this scholarship is worth up to €10,000.
  • Paris Saclay Innovation Cluster Scholarship: Available to candidates from Paris Saclay institutions, this scholarship amounts to €16,000.


Securing a scholarship at HEC Paris is a crucial part of your study abroad journey. Here’s how you can navigate through the process:

  1. Apply for the MBA Program: The scholarship application is integrated into the MBA program application. You need to indicate your interest in scholarships during this process.
  2. Deadlines and Documentation: Keep an eye on key dates and ensure all required documents are submitted on time.
  3. Personal Essays: For some scholarships, like the Forté Foundation Scholarship, you’ll need to write an essay. This is your chance to make a compelling case for why you deserve the scholarship.
  4. Interviews and Assessment: Your scholarship application will be assessed based on your overall application, including academic records, interview performances, and GMAT scores.

Remember, the key is to showcase your unique strengths and how you align with the values and objectives of the scholarship you’re applying for.


Understanding the financial aspect of an MBA is crucial, and HEC Paris offers more than just scholarships. Let’s explore the financial aid and loan options that can further alleviate the financial burden of your studies.

Financing Your MBA:

  • Loan Options: HEC Paris has established agreements with various financing institutions. These partnerships facilitate educational loans to MBA students, offering a practical way to finance your studies.
  • Regional Funding Guide: A comprehensive guide to regional funding is available on the HEC Paris website. This resource is invaluable for exploring funding options specific to your region.


The academic environment at HEC Paris is as unique as its scholarship offerings. Understanding how the academics here differ from other institutions can help you gauge your fit for the program and consequently, your eligibility for certain scholarships.

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Unique Aspects of HEC Paris Academics:

  • Program Duration: The 16-month MBA program is designed to equip you with the latest business knowledge while minimizing time away from the workforce.
  • Diverse Student Body: With 93% of the student body being international, you’re not just learning business skills but also gaining invaluable global perspectives.
  • Learning Beyond Classrooms: The MBA program at HEC Paris emphasizes learning through experience. Leadership development, problem-solving, and decision-making skills are honed through various hands-on opportunities, such as off-campus seminars and student-run events.

Understanding these academic nuances is crucial not only for your application but also for aligning with the scholarship criteria, which often look beyond academic excellence to factors like leadership potential and international outlook.


Embarking on an MBA at HEC Paris is a transformative journey, made more accessible through a wide range of scholarships. These financial supports are designed not just to ease the burden of tuition fees but also to foster a diverse and dynamic environment. As you consider your future at one of the world’s premier business schools, remember that HEC Paris is committed to helping talented students like you achieve your dreams.

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