GMAT waiver 2024 – CFA Exemptions Provided By All The Top Business Schools!

GMAT Waiver

We all know that preparing for GMAT takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and preparation. Due to the pandemic, almost all the top B-schools in the 2022 intake offered GMAT waivers. However, now that economies are reopening and recovering, applicants may not get the huge relaxation of GMAT/GRE waivers. As a result, pursuing a CFA for MBA applicants could become an increasingly valuable alternative to demonstrate financial expertise and commitment.

However, that’s not entirely the case. Several top B-schools often prefer certified courses like CFA and accept them as an alternative to a GMAT score…

This article lists all the top MBA programs offering GMAT waivers for 2024 intake based on the CFA program exemption if you’re considering a graduate degree in Management, business school, investment, or financial services. Congrats! You are eligible for a GMAT/GRE waiver and even might be eligible for a course waiver if you’ve got a good level of achievement in the CFA Program. For example, being part of a specific group in the CFA Program (e.g., Level 1, Level 2) or holding a charter can exempt you from certain core financial courses and, of course, qualifies you for a GMAT waiver!

Furthermore, holding additional certifications not only helps you tackle challenging questions posed by the admissions committee during interviews but also highlights your intellectual strength, a quality highly valued by top B-schools.

These waivers are relatively recent, but there is a growing trend among new schools to incorporate and update their exemptions regularly. The specifics of these waivers differ from one school and program to another. Consequently, the table below serves as a valuable resource, providing an overview of the diverse benefits and waivers offered by each program.


** Charterholders – For being a Charterholder, you must have at least four years of finance-related work experience.**

Apart from Top US Business schools, certain leading Canadian B-schools also provide GMAT/GRE exemptions for candidates enrolled in a CFA program who aspire to be admitted to MBA graduate programs. These include,

Apart from all this, we do have a list of schools that have waived the GMAT for this year’s admission cycle.

That’s all for the CFA exemption on GMAT! We hope this helped you gain some beneficial insights! If you want specific advice about your profile, feel free to hop on a 1:1 profile evaluation call with our experts. We’ll delve into your profile, providing honest feedback and helping you gauge your chances of securing a spot in top B-schools.

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