Ms. Consulting associate (healthcare) got into Rice Jones (Scholarship-USD 120K) and John Hopkins (Scholarship-USD 60K) with a GMAT waiver.

In this section, I will provide a detailed review of my amazing consultant – Sangeetha – who partnered with me from MBA&Beyond’s team.

Working with Sangeetha made me realize a critical point very early on the journey – the value of authenticity in the MBA application process. She understands the value of genuineness in the MBA application – and I don’t think many people in the business come with that mindset (it’s not all about checklists and numbers). It sets her apart!

If I have to summarise a few key points for Sangeetha, they would include:
• She is accurate, diligent, hands-on, excellent with storytelling, and most importantly – She helps you discover your true story.
• Her approach focuses on finding the why of your journey, she takes you on a discovery path where you identify your personal story, experiences, and motivations on why MBA.
• She is very flexible and fast in terms of reviews of essays, or other drafts required for your application – she makes collaboration easy!
• Empathy: The MBA application journey can be overwhelming, and the process of developing solid applications can be daunting. In my case, I had just started a new role in a consulting firm, and I was under performance pressure given my first year! I also had international work travel often during the MBA application timelines. And most importantly, I was doing all of this by myself without really involving any family/friends in the process. Sangeetha’s support, and my conversations with her on evolving my approach, managing crisis, and having a positive attitude towards the process were most pivotal in the journey.

I can go about writing pages on positive things for Sangeetha. All I’d say is that she is the best in business I believe. She made the MBA application process very authentic, and optimistic for me. She is remarkable, and she is helping a lot of people change their lives completely by being such an amazing person and consultant.

Partnering with Sangeetha, enabled me to get into 80% of the colleges I applied to (with sizeable scholarships), along with my dream school (Johns Hopkins).

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