Ms. Data analyst got into Tepper, Ross and Fuqua (Scholarship- USD 25K) with a 710 GMAT.

I joined MBA and Beyond towards the end of June with a clear intention of applying to schools outside India. After a few conversations with the team, consultant mapping, and answering the intriguing self-introspecting questions as part of the process, I had a call with Paridhi, and she helped me pick my top 3 schools based on my strengths and career goals.

Shakshi and Kushalta from the team have been instantly available whenever I need help connecting with an alum, filling out long applications, or scheduling my mock interviews.

Lastly, I can’t thank Rajat, my consultant, enough for being extremely patient and supportive throughout the process. Sometimes, it was difficult to catch hold of his time, but whenever we would be on call, he ensured that we had maximum productivity and were able to close all agendas for the call. Within a few interactions, he could understand my profile and gave me a clear direction on where I needed to think more to come up with better stories for the essays.

The MBA application journey is a roller coaster ride, both mentally and emotionally, and I wouldn’t have been able to come up with flying colors if it weren’t for the consistent support from Rajat, Paridhi, and Shakshi.

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