Mr. Senior Product Manager- LBS, INSEAD, IESE (25K Scholarship)

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with the team at MBA & Beyond. Coming from a competitive category of Indian Male Engineers with a GMAT score of 720, most admission consultants told me I did not stand a chance of getting into LBS. Even though my consultant encouraged me to retake the GMAT, he focused on my overall profile and helped me put together a holistic application. Throughout the process, I had numerous occasions of self-doubt, and the frequent conversations I had with the team, reinstalled the confidence in me to keep me going. My consultant was very humble and approachable and talking to him feels like talking to a friend who really wants you to succeed. I am really happy with the outcome of the process as I not only secured admission from LBS, INSEAD and IESE but also received a partial scholarship from LBS and IESE. I wouldn’t have had this outcome without the support of MBA and Beyond and strongly recommend working with them to submit a winning B-School application.

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