Ms. Military Veteran (Ross, Kelley, Mc Combs, Emory- 130K USD scholarships)

I am someone who comes from a non-traditional business background and I did not have any idea about the admission process for US schools. My biggest concern was that I was applying to Top US B-schools with a GMAT waiver. When I tried to reach out to MBA admissions consultants, I was rejected by them as I did not have a GMAT score. But I am glad I found MBA and Beyond in time for getting the guidance and support I needed for my journey. 

The most important thing for any consultant is to first believe in the applicant’s story and work together. A few things which set them apart from other consultants in this industry are, they work with applicants regardless of the filters (Low/no GMAT, low GPA) and bring value to their application through a very unique process through the content gathering phase. This allowed me to look into my own profile through different eyes and my consultant was amazing in navigating through my stories to define my fluid profile. 

My consultant had a structured framework for me and that made me feel comfortable as I did not have to burn out during the process. Another important aspect for me was not doing the process by exchanging emails or commenting on a word document. My consultant was always on a zoom call and we brainstormed together, reviewed together, and edited together. This was a huge thing as we always remained in sync to move forward.

The framework is very streamlined and my consultant was great in navigating me through each element of the application one by one without overwhelming me. Also, he was very good at translating my non-business work into resume and action based stories which ended up getting me 4 admits from Top US schools with a GMAT waiver along with the 40% scholarship at Ross School of Business. 

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