Mr. Senior Analyst (Georgetown- McDonough School of Business)

The best thing about my consultant is that he is available when you need him. He takes a structured deep dive into your story, to bring out the highlights – your strengths, achievements, significant events, weaknesses, failures and goals – and helps you weave them into a coherent story.

I went into the application process with a very limited idea about how to tell my story. It’s difficult for one to judge whether one achievement/failure is more impactful than the other? Which strengths/weaknesses should I highlight? How to sew everything into a story? What are the different schools looking for? Which schools should I pick? How to balance my weak areas in the application?

This is where MBA & Beyond adds tremendous value. They help you develop a potent toolkit that highlights you as a brand, which you can use not only in your applications but also later.

Further, my consultant helped me a lot more than I expected going in with every component of every application (essays, interview prep, school picking, resume, last minute reviews before deadlines, etc.), and the material we generated helped me apply to many schools.

But most importantly, the whole team of MBA & Beyond will work hard beside you for your success and be available when you need them.

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