Mr. Growth Manager (USC Marshall)

Before working with MBA & Beyond, I had already worked with another consultant and my experience had been so awful that I almost lost faith in this industry. Soon after, I realized that the application process requires insights and a keen understanding of what adcoms are looking for. This budged me to take another leap and I began my research to work with another consultant. But this time I wanted to be more careful and within 3 days I had spoken to as many as 20+ consultants.

But MBA&B were the only one that used technicalities and not rhetorics and this brevity and structured thinking drew me to them.

Since then, my relationship with my consultant has been more than just a client, he has been like a friend and more importantly a mentee.

The best thing I loved about working with him was that he takes such a keen interest in your story until he actually believes it. While writing essays, the critical thinking and analysis that he brings to the table are unparalleled. In fact, I learned so much from him that I applied to 3 more B-Schools following the line of reasoning I learned from him. My consultant and the whole team actually goes beyond the ways to help you in putting up the right picture for adcoms, living up to the name – MBA & Beyond.

And finally, because of his assistance and continuous support, I was able to get into USC Marshall – Class 2024.

Therefore, I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone seeking application assistance to work with MBA & Beyond.


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