Mr. Army Veteran (20 years in Indian army, Colonel) 680 GMAT, got into LBS in R3

As a 41-year-old Army Officer with an above-average score and a non-technical background, I am the definition of a non-traditional candidate….and guess what…MBA and Beyond had a consultant to meet even my requirements.

For me, selecting an admissions consulting team was about finding someone who had as much faith in my candidature as I did, and with MBA and beyond, there was an immediate connection. As soon as I took the first call for my profile evaluation with Megha or while working my way through the entire process with Shubham, there was always a personal touch and a willingness to accommodate all my requirements.

The company offers personalized support of an unparalleled magnitude. I was rendered support to navigate my way around the site, adding content to the platform, understanding the nuances of applications and scholarships, and even college selection. When required, a call with the CEO was just a few clicks away.

And then, of course, there is my Consultant, “Dr. Vinita Singh.”

With nearly two decades of experience, it is not possible to find a more mature, balanced, confident, and accomplished consultant. Her structured approach to the process and her adherence to deadlines were something that I have come to admire. And that coming from a military veteran, should say it all.

She was not just willing to put in more hours than me when required but was also open to disagreements about myriad aspects of my application ranging from college selection to goal setting. She not only accepted an offbeat candidate like me for third-round applications for London Business School, but she helped me navigate the entire admissions process from preparing the resume to submitting the applications in a span of one week…YES …ONE WEEK !!!!

So if you want to create magic, look nowhere else.

With the deadline looming around the corner, she cleared all the bureaucratic hurdles which are associated with most consulting platforms to be available on call. During that one week, I didn’t need to wait for a response from the company on their portal to schedule a call. She had cleared her entire schedule for a week to support me in my journey. On one occasion, we interacted for more than 7 hours in one single day. That is the level of commitment and hard work that she brings to the table.

She was forthcoming in sharing sample essays and letters of recommendation from successful candidates from my target colleges, and she even connected me with some of her successful candidates in business schools and in the industry. To take it to the next level, she was able to connect me with candidates matching my profile who helped me navigate the entire application and interview process. We went through every word of my application at least thrice before my final submissions on calls lasting over two and a half hours at times.

When it came to the interview, we prepared a range of questions that were not only college specific but also focused on all facets of my profile. There were no restrictions on the number of mock interviews I took with her. On one occasion, she even conducted a mock interview at 5:30 AM to meet my requirements. In fact, she even helped me prepare for the Kira Video Interview, which was not even a part of the deal. Needless to say, when it came to the actual interview with the college, nothing came as a surprise.

A word of caution here – She will make you work really hard. So if you are working with her, be sure to bring your A-game to the field.

Working with MBA and Beyond and Dr. Vinita Singh, in particular, has been a privilege. I would strongly recommend them to candidates of all domains and profiles.


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