Ms. Designer, GMAT-640 (EDHEC 55%, ESSEC 30% and Boston College with 60,000 USD scholarship).

I chose MBA and Beyond after I had an elaborate profile evaluation call with them. I understood that the fee was fairly high but given the fact that I had no prior experience with application process or how to play to my strengths since I do not come from a quantitative background. But my other option was going with a regular consultancy firm which would simply edit my essays once and that’s pretty much it so I went ahead with MBA & Beyond thinking of the fee as an investment.

The process was incredible. I was so confused initially, not knowing where to begin but a team of incredible people was assigned to me

with whom I had multiple calls to try to understand my goals and aspirations and select schools that would be best for me and vice versa. I must say, it was enlightening.

The content gathering phase let me discover and remember so much about myself and my career in order to figure out my strengths, weaknesses and achievements that I would not have introspected on my own. This process helped me a lot in terms of boosting my confidence and prep for my interviews as well.

The best part was that I could request as many number of calls and meetings as I needed to write and edit my essays or about any doubts I had along the way.

I applied to 3 schools and got accepted into all with major scholarships. EDHEC with 55%, ESSEC with 30% and Boston College with 60,000 USD.

By the time I appeared for the interviews, I had so much clarity and so much confidence from the multiple mock interviews and discussions that the interviews felt like a breeze.

I totally credit my achievement to MBA and Beyond as their holistic approach let me bring out the best in me and stand out in the application and interview process.


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