Ms. Consultant, FMCG (Michigan Ross, 2022 intake)

When my husband and I decided to apply for an MBA program together, there were a lot of apprehensions in my mind- particularly around both of us quitting workforce at the same time and undertaking a large debt for our education. However, having undergone this process and with a greater insight on the B-school programs, I have come to the realisation that it is actually better to have a partner in this journey. Most B-schools are very open to, and in some cases, even favorable towards admitting couples. All of them have a partners club, where you can connect with peer couple in you batch, or peers with families, which usually is a very supportive community.

The biggest benefit, however, is having a partner in this journey who understands the ups and downs very clearly, and can share valuable insights to make every step better through continuous feedback- be it the application process, the interview process or the MBA itself. My husband and I helped each other prep for GMAT, reviewed each other’s applications and took mock interviews for each other. And we had constant support of our consultant who understood our requirements as a couple and MBA & Beyond throughout the journey.

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