How to frame practical Post MBA Goals Essays?

Post MBA Essays

Schools view essays as a tool to discern applicants’ strengths, weaknesses, and fit within the program. Among the commonly posed essays is the Post MBA Goal Essays, which holds significance in shaping the school’s ranking and employment report.

Craft coherent post-MBA goals linking your motivations, experiences, and short-term and long-term objectives.

In this article, you will learn the distinction between short term goals after MBA and long term goals after MBA. It shows how your goals align with your career objectives and strengthen your case to MBA admissions committees.


Career goals for MBA form a pivotal element of Post MBA Goal Essays, outlining a vision for successful professionals and serving as benchmarks for students’ lives as they aspire to become impactful leaders. These goals, intrinsic to Post MBA Goal Essays, are intertwined with academic and professional aspects, providing clarity on future roles or accomplishments. Passion and determination should serve as the driving forces behind your self-improvement and motivation in pursuing MBA goals.

There are two types of goals that define your vision and approach in Post MBA Goal Essays. The first one is the short-term career goals, which mean what you will do immediately after earning your MBA degree from your dream program. The second one is your long-term career goals that represent your esteem stage, the eventual position you wish to achieve in your respective field.

In your essay, articulate career aspirations and highlight achievements that support your MBA goals. Additionally, outline the approaches you intend to adopt to propel yourself even further. A valuable tip is to set MBA goals for various stages of your career, ensuring your essay follows a sequence of adaptation, formation, maturity, and later stages.


We understand for a maximum of applicants it is difficult to set their MBA goals which is quite common because our current career goals for MBA might not be the same after a period of time. Also, some applicants choose to argue with adcoms that they are too vague with their career goals for MBA and act that the school is responsible. Both approaches will create a negative impact on adcoms.

After all, why will the adcoms grant you a precious seat in their reputed program if you cannot even express your post MBA career goals? The committee acknowledges that your career goals for MBA may evolve, but they are interested in understanding the depth of your consideration for these goals and how you convey your passion and commitment towards your post MBA career objectives.



Before beginning, we suggest you keep all these points in your mind while writing as it will help you to give the direction and structure to your career goals essay.

Be Determinant in your Post MBA Goal Essays

Some schools are comfortable understanding if you have multiple short term career goals and help you decide, but some top schools demand that you must have clear post MBA career goals. Therefore, we strongly recommend expressing your goals with determination to the admissions committees. Consider selecting a couple of goals and experimenting with them to reach a conclusion that resonates more with your aspirations.

Consistency is the Key

Ensure authenticity and truthfulness in your post-MBA goals. Maintain consistency across applications, while also being flexible to tailor your expression to align with each school’s vision and community. This approach not only enhances your impact but also solidifies your career objectives for the MBA journey.

Practical Career Goals are a must in Post MBA Goal Essay

We understand you are tempted to achieve bigger things in life and receive so many awards and recognition in every field (you can) but while writing this essay adcoms don’t want daydreamers. They want your career goals for MBA should be practical and attainable. To align with this, do proper research about which industry or position you fit well.

Demonstrate logic in your Post MBA Goal Essay

Now that you’ve established the foundation, it’s crucial to consider the strategies that will aid in achieving both your short-term and long-term career goals. Bridging the gap between these milestones should follow a logical progression, making sense to readers.

Express your USP

Primarily, your ultimate aim in Post MBA Goal Essays is to convey your uniqueness and authenticity effectively to the readers. Additionally, the objective is to infuse creativity into expressing your MBA career goals, ensuring a logical and thoughtful presentation. Furthermore, it’s essential to go beyond merely stating the desired position and delve into the intricacies of your aspirations in your Post MBA Goal Essays.

Consider your career goals after MBA this way: MBA education will be one of your most significant investments, not only in terms of money but also in time and effort. So, throughout your 1-2 years in college, you must focus on the right stuff in terms of education, networking, placements, career goals after MBA, and so on, and you can only get the best out of your MBA if you are clear on your purpose for doing MBA. This clarity is what you should aim to convey in your Post MBA Goal Essays. And that is why our founders established MBA and Beyond to help intellectual people like you have clarity of your post MBA goals, purpose, vision, long term goals after MBA, and short term goals after MBA before you go for an MBA. 


Short-term goals following MBA completion involve envisioning yourself immediately upon graduation from your desired business school, a critical aspect to highlight in your Post MBA Goal Essays. These goals must be precisely defined, including the industry, location, specific firms you are targeting, and the role you aim to secure.

Transitioning into your short-term goals necessitates fully acquiring the skills essential for the position you aspire to secure after completing your MBA. Additionally, this involves effectively managing the primary responsibilities associated with the role and demonstrating the expected outcomes.


Here are the formatting guidelines for your Post MBA Goal Essays:

  • Include white spaces on all sides with the help of one-inch margins in your short term goals MBA essays.
  • Choose “readable” fonts (e.g., Times New Roman or Arial).
  • The recommended font size is 11 or 12-point to write short term goals MBA essays.
  • Using extra spaces between the paragraphs will create a negative impact.
  • Add a title at the top of the page with a middle alignment.
  • Enter your full name and date in the left alignment (or you can add this info in the header).


Here are six key points to include in your Post MBA Goal Essay:

  • Emphasize the domain or industry you aim to work in as part of your Post MBA Goal Essays.
  • Specify the career profile or position you wish to pursue after the industry.
  • Link your academic and professional experiences with your vision to strategically design your career journey.
  • Align your objectives with your short-term career goals and develop a plan to achieve these career goals after your MBA.
  • Ensure your short-term goals after MBA are detailed, reflecting in-depth research and clear direction.
  • Focus on acquiring skills, competence, and experience vital for your career goals after MBA.



1 . Progression in Your Career goals after MBA while implementing the short terms goals after MBA

Working towards your career goals is a case of your short term goals after MBA. For example, if you are currently engaged in a role within a related industry, your aim may be to expedite progression to higher positions or enhance your standing within the corporate brand.

Example for short term goals after MBA:

1. I am a software engineer with product development expertise seeking a position in product management for a Silicon Valley technology startup. An example of vertical growth is not changing dimensions but seeking a more prominent role in the same industry.

2. I work at a corporate law firm and wish to go into the M&A or strategy team of a big corporation.

Defining and managing short-term goals after completing an MBA remains a rational and straightforward task. When articulating these goals in your post-MBA essay, the fundamental requirements persist. However, the key lies in your capacity to envision yourself in the desired role and effectively highlight the skills you contribute to your career objectives after MBA. It is easier to explain because you already have peers or seniors undertaking that post MBA career role and can explain the difference between it and your current position. 

The first step in writing your post MBA goals essay is to look up your target school’s employment statistics and reports. For example, if you want to have a promising career in Investment Banking in the US, you may want to consider which schools have the highest graduates going to these fields shortly after their post MBA. Second, look at the subjective factors of career goals after MBA- how your school will shape you and your career for both short term goals after MBA and long term goals after MBA.

You may want to sign up for this free coffee session to help you shape your post-MBA goals  for MBA applications.

2. Addressing Career Breaks in Post MBA Goal Essays

Transitioning into a new career after MBA is a common short-term goal among applicants. You aspire to move into a more interesting position within an exciting industry and company, encapsulating your post-MBA goals in essence. So, you want to shift your industry, position profile, and, most likely, area. This situation accounts for more than 60% of all individuals interested in pursuing an MBA.

As an example of Career Shift as a short term goal after MBA:

1. I am a software engineer in a technology firm looking to advance into a business strategy function with a giant tech firm/start-up.

2. I am an entrepreneur who aspires to work as a product manager in an organizational structure.

Such transformations necessitate a considerable amount of awareness and research. Moreover, for these short-term goals after MBA, you require superior convincing abilities to demonstrate your employability. Additionally, admissions committees seek to understand your grasp of the position, identifying which talents are transferable from your current work to the new role envisioned, and how the MBA will facilitate the acquisition of lacking skill sets to achieve your career goals post-MBA.


Here are essential elements to consider for your Post MBA Goal Essay:

  • The timeframe for your short-term career goals after MBA should span from the internship phase to the first 2-3 years post-graduation.
  • Initiate short-term MBA goals to pave the way for achieving long-term MBA objectives.
  • Conduct thorough research and be specific about geography, industry, function, and potential companies in your Post MBA Goal Essays.
  • Ensure your goals are achievable and realistic.
  • Focus on developing capacities, expertise, and experience relevant to your desired field.
  • Illustrate your understanding of the MBA recruitment process and how it aligns with your career aspirations.


Your long-term goals after MBA delineate your ultimate career aspirations, representing the answer to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” However, it’s crucial to recognize that an MBA serves not only to facilitate the achievement of short-term goals but also significantly influences long-term objectives.

Therefore, consider the implications of your long-term goals after MBA. Reflect on how you intend to benefit personally from the experience of achieving these goals, focusing less on intricate details and more on the overall impact throughout your career. The admissions committee is keen to understand your aspirations after MBA, your character, vision, principles, and the way you aim to influence an industry or community.

And believe us when we say this aspect of your application will need you to do a lot more digging about your long term goals after MBA. You can read this story of an Indian engineer achieving 30k worth of dollar scholarships from Rotman to help you get started on your goals and applications now.


When crafting your Post MBA Goal Essay, consider addressing the following points:

  • Explain why this business school is the perfect fit for you, aligning its offerings with your career aspirations.
  • Detail your expectations following the MBA application, focusing on how the program aligns with your Post MBA Goal Essays.
  • Describe how your past experiences have contributed to your growth as a professional and how they’ve prepared you for an MBA.
  • Discuss how the graduate program will enhance your skills and influence your career goals after completing your MBA, emphasizing specific aspects of the program that are relevant to your objectives.


For your Post MBA Goal Essay, adhere to these formatting guidelines:

  • Opt for the 5-paragraph essay format to structure your content effectively.
  • Use “readable” fonts like Times New Roman or Arial to ensure clarity.
  • Stick to a recommended font size of 11 or 12-point for readability.
  • Maintain one-inch margins on all sides to create ample white space.
  • Ensure there is a logical connection between paragraphs to maintain flow in your Post MBA Goal Essays.
  • Adhere to a formal style of writing and refrain from using informal language.
  • Avoid long sentences to prevent confusion and enhance comprehension for the reader.


In your Post MBA Goal Essay, consider incorporating these elements for long-term career planning:

  • Outline the timeframe of your career goals after MBA, focusing on the next 10 years and beyond.
  • Define your ultimate long-term goal post-MBA, reflecting on what you aspire to achieve in your career peak.
  • Emphasize the impact of your long-term goals after MBA, highlighting how they align with broader industry or societal contributions.
  • Ensure your long-term goals are aspirational and inspiring, showcasing your ambition and vision.
  • Illustrate how your long-term goals reflect your core values and professional ethos.
  • Clarify the purpose behind your short-term goals and how they serve as stepping stones toward your long-term aspirations.
  • Acknowledge the flexibility in achieving your career goals by outlining multiple pathways (plan A, B, C…) to reach your desired outcomes.

Example of long term goals after MBA:

1. I want to transform Europe’s healthcare system by discovering creative methods to reduce the cost of diagnostics so that funds can be spent on better treatments and facilities.

2. I am looking for an executive-level position with a renewable energy organization, such as a wind farm or solar farm, to help me reach my ultimate goal of reducing the world’s carbon footprint as the CEO of a worldwide renewable farms organization.

The narrative presented in your post-MBA goals essay should logically depict your objectives and long-term goals after MBA. Additionally, it should align with your current professional path, effectively illustrating how the school can support your aspirations.

A successful application can tell a unified and convincing tale about the applicant’s career goals after MBA. Furthermore, it should highlight their prior successes, extracurricular activities, and personal highlights in their post-MBA goals essay.


If you have a personal story that influenced your choice of long-term career goals, crafting an essay describing these goals for MBA becomes more straightforward. Moreover, your long-term career goal essay should flow seamlessly, offering clarity and a connection to your journey. Additionally, we have three components that you should follow to write your career goals essay.


Well, after 10 minutes of extensive expert advice, if you need us to write your post MBA goals essay or spoon-feed you, then an MBA is not for you!

No one is interested in reading your boring post MBA goals essay. Admissions committee members review around 1000 applications a day, discarding 999 within 5 minutes. Your achievements and resume details are already outlined. Therefore, ensure your post MBA goals essay is brief, engaging, and enjoyable to read. Navigate directly from point A to B without unnecessary elaboration, conveying your passion for achieving these goals and realizing your vision.

Connect your long term goals after MBA to the values your target school respects. Research target schools to see how they’ll support your short-term and shape your long-term MBA goals.

You can read this goals and achievements essay and take critical insights into framing your post MBA goals essays.


Our sole purpose of a unique consulting process is to help applicants find clarity in not only their post MBA goals but also in life- one we always needed! Many applicants call the first segment of our process “therapy.” We are here to help you establish the proper set of professional goals and develop an overall powerful story by truly knowing who you are. You are not only leading your way to your dream schools but finally being able to reach where you are destined for!

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