Kellogg GMAT and GRE Scores

Kellogg GMAT and GRE Scores.

The Kellogg School of Management, part of Northwestern University, is renowned for its rigorous academic environment and strong emphasis on leadership and collaboration. For students aspiring to study abroad and join one of the top business schools in the world, understanding the requirements for admission is crucial. Among these requirements, GMAT and GRE scores play a significant role.

Understanding Kellogg’s Admission Requirements

Kellogg evaluates applications holistically, considering a range of factors such as work experience, academic history, essays, recommendations, and interviews. However, GMAT and GRE scores remain a critical component of the application process, offering a standardized measure of a candidate’s readiness for the academic challenges of an MBA program.

Kellogg GMAT Scores

For the incoming class of 2025, the average GMAT score at Kellogg is 731. The scores range from 620 to 780, reflecting the competitive nature of the program. This data highlights the need for a strong GMAT performance to enhance your application. While there is no official minimum score, aiming for a score within this range can significantly improve your chances of admission.

Kellogg GRE Scores

Similarly, Kellogg accepts GRE scores as an alternative to the GMAT. The average GRE scores for the verbal and quantitative sections are both 163. These scores are competitive and align with the high standards set by the institution. Just like with the GMAT, there is no minimum required score, but scoring near or above the average can make your application more compelling.

Comparing GMAT and GRE for Kellogg

Both the GMAT and GRE are accepted equally by Kellogg, with no preference given to one over the other. The choice between the two should depend on your strengths and test-taking strategies. The GMAT is often favoured by students with strong quantitative skills, while the GRE might be more suitable for those who excel in verbal reasoning.

How to Prepare for GMAT and GRE

Preparation is key to achieving a competitive score. Here are some strategies:

  • Study Materials: Use reputable study guides such as the Official GMAT Guide and GRE Prep Books.
  • Practice Tests: Take full-length practice tests to build stamina and get familiar with the test format.
  • Courses: Consider enrolling in preparation courses offered by companies like Kaplan or Manhattan Prep.
  • Tips from Alumni: Reach out to current students or alumni for insights and tips on preparation.

Additional Tips for Kellogg Applicants

While GMAT and GRE scores are important, they are just one part of your application. Ensure that your essays are well-written, showcasing your leadership experiences and career goals. Strong letters of recommendation and a compelling performance in the interview can also significantly boost your application.


Securing admission to Kellogg School of Management requires a well-rounded application, with strong GMAT or GRE scores being a crucial element. By understanding the requirements and adequately preparing for the tests, you can enhance your chances of joining this prestigious institution. Focus on presenting a balanced application that highlights your strengths across all areas.

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