How to Build Strong profile for MBA before your deadlines

Strong MBA Profile

How to Build Strong profile for MBA before your deadlines?

Crafting a strong MBA profile involves excelling academically, professionally, and as a leader, while also giving back to the community. Aim for high grades, gain relevant work experience, participate in extracurriculars, and contribute to community service. Focus on continuous learning, networking, and thorough preparation for tests and interviews. Be genuine and consistent in showcasing your strengths to admissions committees.

 There are the following two aspects of the whole MBA admissions process, and both of them play an important role in determining your chances of selection.

MBA Profile

Involves all the different components of your MBA application profile, i.e., academic strength, work experience, and extracurriculars. Strong achievements in each of these aspects are necessary to enhance your chances at the world’s top B-schools.

MBA Application

Possessing a strong MBA profile is one aspect, while effectively presenting and marketing it to B-schools is another. Every element of an MBA application, including essays, reference letters to the CV, plays a crucial role in showcasing your personality and demonstrating why you are an ideal fit for these top B-schools.  

Hence, applying to b-schools is not just a 1-2 month process. You need to get started at least 12-15 months before your MBA deadlines to evaluate and start building a strong MBA profile and application.

 This article aims to guide you through the entire MBA application process, offering valuable insights on enhancing your chances of acceptance at leading B-schools. Here’s a glimpse of what the article covers:

Why Should You Begin the MBA Application Process Early?

MBA Application Process: When and How to Apply for an MBA


It’s a no-brainer that starting preparing for something early helps you provide a competitive edge and more so for MBA applications as the process is exhaustive.

Additionally, it involves constructing a robust MBA profile. To achieve this, it is essential to assess your current standing in relation to your target B-schools and identify areas for improvement. Strengthening your MBA profile is crucial to demonstrating a good fit for the schools.

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Along with building a strong MBA profile, creating strong MBA applications to portray it plays a very important role (as already highlighted), and mark our words, you can only build strong MBA applications when you have enough time to introspect on questions like why do you need an MBA? How is an MBA going to help you achieve your goals? What are your short-term and long-term goals? 

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Once you unravel these crucial questions, you gain a profound understanding of your MBA profile and personality. Effectively portraying this self-awareness in your MBA applications is essential. It’s worth noting, my dear friend, that this introspection process requires ample time.

You can read how we help MBA applicants introspect and strongly portray their unique selling points.


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Having a 12-month timeframe at your disposal offers numerous advantages. From an entrepreneurial perspective, it allows you to develop a robust MBA profile by focusing on key areas.

If you don’t have a strong MBA profile based on the abovementioned factors, a 12-month timeframe will provide ample opportunity to address all components and enhance your MBA profile.

You may learn some good tips to work on your MBA profile and application here- How to build your MBA Application 101?

Aside from academics, ECs, and work experience, the GMAT/GRE should be one key consideration.


You must tackle the GMAT, a formidable hurdle in your MBA application process. The GMAT holds significant weight when compiling a list of target B-schools and is one of the most demanding aspects of the entire MBA application journey. The best time to get done with the GMAT is at least six months before your MBA deadlines to plan your MBA application strategy (as the GMAT will influence your list of schools to a good extent). And in case you do not score the desired score., you will have time to retake it before focusing on other aspects of the MBA application  (school selection, résumé, essays, and recommendation letters).

You can read about how your GMAT and application strategy are strongly interconnected and why you should start working on them as soon as you can. 

Admission to an MBA school is a difficult process. Some individuals can accomplish it in 3-4 months, but most MBA applicants need 9-12 months to prepare (and almost all our successful MBA applicants are a testimony to why you should start early). The key to success lies in delineating crucial stages, planning their timeline, and diligently executing your strategy. Allocate 3-4 hours daily for GMAT preparation, dedicate weekends to engage with B-schools, converse with current MBA candidates and alumni, craft your personal story, and more. There might be moments of uncertainty and challenges in the process, but fear not, as MBA and Beyond are steadfast companions on your journey.

We make sure that our MBA applicants can build 100% unique applications, and we are happy to evaluate your profile and help you create a strong action plan for your applications! If you’d like, you can jump on a free Profile evaluation call with our experts here,

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