What GMAT Score Do You Need For Harvard

What is the ideal Harvard GMAT score

Getting into Harvard is a dream come true for most applicants. But creating a compelling application is a roadblock, especially the GMAT score. Harvard GMAT score is considered one of the most difficult cut-offs to meet. To solve all your doubts regarding the Harvard GMAT score, we have developed some interesting tips and tricks to get a seat in your dream school.

This article will tell you about the Harvard GMAT average, range, where you stand, and how you can balance your HMAT score with other factors.  

If your goal is to secure a seat in the HBS, you need to have a well-rounded profile where you must know your strength and weakness in-depth. We know you are dedicating months to preparing to achieve success. Taking expert advice is always worthwhile rather than surrounded by loads of information.

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Clearly, getting a seat at Harvard is challenging. We’ll guide you with some tips for each step forward. If you plan to apply to Harvard, you must know your competition which will be future elite leaders. Get a chance to look at what that competition may look like, starting with the average Harvard GMAT scores.

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Medial GRE Verbal Score155-166
Median GRE Quant Score155-170
Median GMAT Total740

This will give you an idea of where you stand regarding your competitiveness around the GMAT.  This does not mean that you have to score 730 is the magic number to gain acceptance to Harvard’s MBA program, as the average score can be misleading. This is why knowing the Harvard GMAT range is important.


Verbal Range28-51
Quant Range32-51
Total Range500-790

Now you know how much you need to bridge the gap to come under this range to secure your dream seat at Harvard. But we have something unexpected for you.  Harvard school has admitted students with a GMAT range of 500 to 600.

Yes, you read it right! But though the students who got admitted did not score well, they had an extraordinary application to impress adcoms. They are believed to be ideal for Ivy League college applications.

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Safest Zone.

If you can reach the range of 750 to 800 and have adequate work experience, then you are on the right track. You must work on your application to add credibility, including your overall GPA, resume, and quality of recommendations. But don’t be over-confident, as even an 800 score cannot guarantee you the seat, per the statistics. 

Having an extraordinary GMAT score is favorable, but you need to focus on your application so that no one can say “NO” to it. Proper research, introspection, and authenticity are needed to make your application shine. A second opinion from an expert with extensive years of experience will be valuable.

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Pull up your socks.

If you score between 690-740, you will likely be considered for their future class. To gain your desired seat, you need to pull up your socks as it is just the beginning because you will face high competition in this zone.

You need to start working on other aspects of your application. Brush up your interpersonal skills and current affairs for the interview.  Reflect your personality in a way that shows adcom that you will be an asset to their future community.

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Play on your strength.

If your GMAT score lies between 650 and 690, you must face extra scrutiny from adcoms. We suggest you bring something unique to the table that no one has. You should strategize and play on your strengths intelligently. To evaluate your strength and uniqueness, you need to know yourself and welcome others’ opinions about you. 

It is important to take an honest look at your application to gauge how competitive you might be in terms of the areas that Harvard values in applicants.

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Accept, prepare, and excel.

If you are in a zone where your GMAT score is below 480, then we suggest you do not lose confidence. You have the spark; you just need a little push to get into your dream school. As mentioned, some applicants can seal a seat at Harvard, even scoring less on the GMAT. But these are some exceptions. Our advice is to accept your situation, prepare your best, and then consider reattempting the GMAT for a higher score.

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GMAT is just one factor among many, so besides determining the score you will need to get your desired seat, you need to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in other areas too carefully. Build your profile well, assess whether your work experience is adequate for your application to Harvard and if you can complete an internship or course in your field of choice to add more value to your profile.

An essay will be a deal breaker as it is the only thing that will be different from other candidates. So, it should be unique, authentic, and appealing to read. You can break or make your impression on adcoms through your essays. The admissions committee gauges your personality, credibility, and fits in their b-school community through your stories. Therefore, it is essential and incredibly difficult to bring an authentic character of yours to essays.


The bar is undoubtedly set high at Harvard. However, where you arrive in other areas of your profile will determine “how high you need to jump” regarding your GMAT score.

Have faith in yourself, work on your application, and focus on attaining the Harvard GMAT cutoff. We believe in you and your hard work; with just a few months of dedication, you will rise and shine with flying colors. If you need an upper hand, our team of experts is always there to show you the right direction.

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