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Cambridge Judge Business School, a part of the prestigious University of Cambridge, is renowned for its transformative impact on students, organizations, and society at large. With a commitment to scholarly excellence, equity, diversity, and inclusion, the school has established itself as a global leader in business education and research​​. From its inception offering a single MPhil program in 1991, Cambridge Judge has expanded its portfolio to include a wide range of master’s programs that consistently rank among the top globally​​.

Why Choose Cambridge Judge?

Academic Excellence and Innovative Programs

Cambridge Judge Business School offers a variety of programs, including Ph.D. and research master’s degrees in fields such as Innovation Strategy and Organisation and Strategy, Marketing and Operations, noted for their high entry requirements and competitive acceptance rates​​. Its flagship full-time MBA program is particularly distinguished, drawing an international cohort with 96% of its students coming from outside the UK and a significant female representation of 47%. The program prides itself on high admissions standards, including an average GMAT score of 680, and the average age of attendees is 29, bringing a wealth of work experience to the classroom environment​​.

Diverse Research Opportunities and Global Impact

The school is home to a wide array of research centers focusing on cutting-edge areas such as Alternative Finance, Circular Economy, Digital Innovation, Social Innovation, and more, fostering an environment of intellectual growth and innovation​​. Cambridge Judge’s commitment to research excellence is underscored by its top ranking in the 2021 Research Excellence Framework for business and management studies in the UK, highlighting its leading position in academic research​​.

Global Recognition and Leadership Development

Recognition for Cambridge Judge extends beyond academia, with notable achievements such as the #1 ranking for its one-year MBA program in the UK by the 2023 Financial Times and the #2 global ranking for its Master of Finance program​​. These accolades reflect the school’s ability to equip students with the leadership and analytical skills required to excel in a complex global business environment.

Cambridge Judge Business School not only offers rigorous academic programs but also cultivates a dynamic and inclusive community. Its commitment to shaping future leaders and making a tangible impact on society resonates through its diverse program offerings, world-class faculty, and extensive research initiatives.

Cambridge Judge Class Profile: An Overview

The Cambridge Judge Business School MBA class of 2023 is a diverse and dynamic group, embodying a broad spectrum of backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations. Here’s a closer look at the makeup of this vibrant cohort:

  • Student Count: The class consists of 226 professionals, showcasing the school’s ability to attract a large and varied group of students each year​​.
  • Average Age: The average age of students is 29, indicating a mix of young professionals and those with more substantial work experience​​.
  • Gender Representation: Women make up 42% of the class, reflecting the school’s commitment to gender diversity and its efforts to create a balanced learning environment​​​​.
  • International Diversity: With 45 nationalities represented, the class epitomizes global diversity, offering students a rich cultural exchange and a global network​​​​.
  • Professional Experience: On average, students bring 6 years of work experience to the program, spanning various industries from tech and finance to consulting, and including unique backgrounds such as military veterans and those from the non-profit sector​​​​.
  • Academic and Professional Backgrounds: The class is academically diverse, with students having undergraduate degrees in business/accounting/finance (34%), engineering (25%), other STEM fields (13%), economics (14%), social sciences (9%), and arts (5%). Professionally, 49% come from industry, 26% from finance, 17% from consulting, and 8% from NGO/non-profit/public sector work. The average GMAT score for the class is 690, highlighting the competitive nature and high academic standards of the cohort​​.

This class profile not only demonstrates the breadth of experience and diversity present at Cambridge Judge but also underscores the school’s dedication to fostering an inclusive and dynamic learning environment. Students are poised to gain from not just the rigorous academic curriculum but also from each other’s varied perspectives and life experiences, making their time at Cambridge Judge a truly enriching journey.

Student Life at Cambridge Judge

Cambridge Judge Business School offers a rich and immersive student life that extends beyond the classroom. As a student, you’ll become part of one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities, enjoying all the benefits that come with it. This includes the chance to live in one of the 31 Colleges, mixing with a diverse group of ambitious individuals from around the globe​​.

The College Experience

Upon acceptance into the MBA program, you’re guaranteed College membership, which serves as your home away from home. Colleges offer a variety of facilities, including libraries, sports facilities, bars, and even theaters. You’ll have opportunities to engage in a multitude of student-run clubs, events, and societies, broadening your horizons and integrating into a community of powerful minds​​.

Events and Traditions

You might find yourself attending a ‘bop’ (a fancy-dress party), joining ‘formal hall’ dinners in historic chambers, or even participating in the May Ball, celebrated by most Colleges every year or two. These traditions and events provide a taste of the historical Cambridge experience, enriched with centuries of academic excellence​​.

Support and Inclusion

Cambridge Judge is committed to supporting not just the students but their families as well. Events like the Partner’s lunch underscore the school’s understanding of the importance of support systems in academic and personal success. These initiatives highlight Cambridge Judge’s dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all its students​​.

Career Prospects After Cambridge Judge

The Cambridge MBA is known for its strong career outcomes, with a significant portion of graduates transitioning to careers in new countries. The program’s global consulting project offers students the opportunity to work with international companies like Google and WHO, providing valuable real-world experience and a global perspective​​.

Diverse Career Paths

Graduates find opportunities in a wide range of industries, with consulting and finance being prominent sectors. The diversity in post-MBA industries, combined with the international makeup of the student body, underscores the global opportunities available to Cambridge Judge alumni​​.

Global Network

With over 90% of the class coming from outside the UK, the Cambridge MBA offers unparalleled exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives. This global network is invaluable, with almost half of the graduates choosing to stay in the UK, while over 60% move to different countries, expanding their professional and personal horizons​​.

Cambridge Judge Business School provides a comprehensive MBA experience, blending academic rigor with a vibrant student life and excellent career opportunities. The blend of traditions, global exposure, and supportive community makes it an ideal place for those looking to grow both professionally and personally.

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Career Prospects After Cambridge Judge

The Cambridge Judge Business School MBA program offers an impressive track record for post-graduation employment, with 94% of its graduates receiving job offers within three months. This statistic underscores the program’s effectiveness in preparing students for successful careers in various industries and locations worldwide​​​​.

Diverse Career Paths

Graduates of the program have a high rate of career transformation, with about 97% of the class of 2021-2022 switching their country of employment, job function, or industry. This flexibility reflects the program’s ability to equip students with versatile skills suitable for a wide range of career paths. The top employers of Cambridge MBAs include prestigious firms such as McKinsey & Company, Amazon, Bain & Company, and Citi, highlighting the high regard in which these graduates are held in the global job market​​​​.

Industry Insights

The employment sectors for Cambridge Judge MBA graduates are varied, with a notable shift towards consulting, where 29% of the students find their post-MBA roles. Finance remains a stable choice for about 30% of the graduates, with roles in M&A and general management consulting being particularly popular. The program’s career services start engaging with students even before their arrival in Cambridge, helping them to clarify their career goals and prepare effectively for their job searches​​.

Learning and Growth

The Cambridge MBA experience is not just about career advancement but also personal and professional growth. The program encourages students to explore various sectors, even those outside their initial career focus, to broaden their horizons and leverage the full learning potential of their time in Cambridge. This holistic approach to education and career development ensures that graduates are well-rounded, adaptable, and ready to make significant contributions wherever they choose to work​​.

Admissions Process and Criteria at Cambridge Judge Business School

The Cambridge Judge Business School MBA program is rigorous and competitive, seeking to admit a diverse and international class of talented and driven individuals. The application process is structured around several rounds throughout the year, each with specific deadlines. Applicants are notified within three weeks of the round deadline regarding their application status and, if shortlisted, are invited for an interview. Interviews are a crucial part of the selection process and are conducted by the academic faculty, providing a unique opportunity for candidates to engage with potential future instructors​​​​.

Key Tips for Applicants:

  1. Application Essays: Essays form a significant component of the application and should be approached with careful consideration. They offer a chance for candidates to express their motivations for pursuing an MBA, reflect on their experiences, and articulate their future career goals. A standout essay is one that not only outlines what the candidate hopes to gain from the program but also what they can contribute to the cohort. Research and reflection before writing can significantly enhance the quality of these essays​​.
  2. Interview Process: Interviews at Cambridge Judge are conducted exclusively by the academic faculty, distinguishing their process from many other business schools. This approach ensures that those teaching on the MBA program have a say in cohort selection and allows candidates to interact with their potential instructors. The interview can cover a broad range of topics, going beyond academic and professional achievements to include personal interests and motivations​​.

The admissions team at Cambridge Judge emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration, looking for candidates who not only excel academically and professionally but also demonstrate the potential to contribute positively to the MBA community. Preparing for the application involves reflecting on personal strengths, growth areas, and values to present a well-rounded and authentic profile​​.


Choosing to pursue an MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School means embarking on a transformative journey that extends beyond academic achievement to personal and professional growth. The program’s rigorous curriculum, combined with a diverse and dynamic student life, prepares graduates for successful careers across a wide range of industries and locations.

The admissions process, while competitive, is designed to select a cohort of individuals who are not only academically capable but also ready to engage with and contribute to the Cambridge community. As you prepare your application, remember the importance of authenticity and reflection, and consider how you can contribute to and benefit from the unique environment that Cambridge Judge offers.

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