Ms. Senior Associate with 6+ years experience, got into Darden with a GRE score of 316

I had a phenomenal experience working with MBA and Beyond, and I’m thrilled to leave a 5-star review. I opted for the 5 school package and applied to 2 schools in round 1. Despite having a GRE score of 316, my consultant worked magic with my application.

He helped me pick the most compelling stories from my life and meticulously tailored my narrative for each school. The result? I received interview invites from both schools, one of which is a high-ranking M7 institution, and the other is a T15 school. Moreover, I already hold an admit from one of them with the potential of a 100% scholarship. It’s incredible!

Throughout the process, I thoroughly enjoyed working with MBA and Beyond. My consultant made it stress-free and was exceptionally helpful. He not only met but exceeded my expectations. I am more than happy to recommend them. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to unlock your potential and present your story in the most compelling way. As for their weakest skill, I honestly couldn’t find any.

I’m eagerly looking forward to collaborating with MBA and Beyond for round 2 as I take the moonshot. If you’re considering an admissions consultant, MBA and Beyond is the way to go. They make the impossible possible.

Thank you to the entire team and especially to Kastur for making my dreams come true!

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