Mr. Military Veteran got into INSEAD, IE and IESE with a 720 GMAT and 20K Euros scholarship.

As a military veteran, I was overconfident in my chances with a fairly decent GMAT score. However, a rejection from an elite European school at the beginning of this year made me reassess my profile. MBA & Beyond was suggested to me by a fellow veteran, and it has helped me convert my failure to an admit at my dream school.

I was mapped with Dr. Vinita Singh based on my choice as she had already helped candidates with similar profiles to me get into their dream schools. The thoroughly streamlined procedures at MBA&Beyond, starting from content gathering, drafting essays, creating frameworks for recommendations, and mock interviews to even connecting with alums of the schools one is applying to put me at ease from the very beginning. Dr Vinita provided invaluable advice, insights, and course corrections whenever I sought it, be it any time of the week or the weekend and at times late into the night. Even the last-minute finer aspects of the application were handled by her with thorough professionalism. Her extensive experience helped me introspect and identify my strengths and weaknesses with a unique perspective. Dr Vinita has been more than a consultant in my journey, she celebrated my successes like her own and is undoubtedly the ideal mentor anyone can ask for.

At the end of the drafting process, MBA&Beyond even provided me with networking opportunities with alums of schools I was applying to, who gave me unique insights into the relevant program and post-MBA career opportunities.

I would highly recommend MBA&Beyond to anyone seeking to pursue their MBA Journey. Lastly, a few important aspects for aspirants: start as early as possible to give yourself time to work on each application diligently, and most importantly, expecting outsourcing of all the heavy lifting would be folly, so be prepared to put in hard work into the application.

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