Mr. Senior Operations Engineer (Darden 2022 intake, GMAT 730)

When I was looking out for MBA consultants, the most important consideration for me was that my consultant should provide me with the necessary time and attention throughout my application journey. From personal experience, I know one may feel lonely and de-motivated during the process. You need a mentor and a friend who can guide you.

I had signed up for MBA & Beyond roughly 5 months before the deadlines. Having sufficient time at my disposal helped follow the structured process of “content gathering” and unravel some of my best stories personally and professionally. According to me, it is the most important step of the application journey and MBA & B’s unique value proposition. My consultant at MBA &B used to schedule regular calls and provide tasks to be completed before every call – an approach that suited me and helped us to be on-track. A successful “content gathering” process eventually translated to powerful stories that I could use for my essays, LORs, and interviews! MBA & B’s support helped me get my admit at Darden.

I would end by sharing a realization I have now that the journey has ended – it’s not all about getting an extremely high GMAT score. Your candidacy is judged on different parameters and GMAT is only one of them. Striking the right balance in all areas is the key.

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