Mr. Portfolio Manager, $90k Scholarship for 2 years, 10+ year of Experience, got admit into Boston, Applied with a GMAT Waiver!

Wonderful experience with the staff and consultant. They made me feel confident about my profile. Superior knowledge of Schools and positioning of profile.

No time limit. I got to work a number of times with my consultant for the review and series of brainstorming discussions. Also, I applied without a Test score, and they have superior knowledge of how to find the best fit.

Very Well-crafted system to find the true self. You can rediscover through it. Very personalized approach to your application and a Nice branding document with strengths and weaknesses. They help Position yourself through this document.

Overall, I enjoyed my journey with MBA Beyond. I wish them a beautiful time ahead with greater impacts.

Last, I am thankful to Oriana Magro for her amazing assistance throughout my application journey. She is a super champion. Wish you loads of success ahead.

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