Mr. Manager (Defense), Got into INSEAD with a 690 GMAT!

After researching and asking around about MBA admission consultants and reaching out to a few, I zeroed down on MBA&Beyond. One thing common about all MBA admission consultants is the high quality of services prior to the first payment. After that, it’s a downhill journey with most non-Tier-I consultants.

However, MBA&B not only maintained the level of services after the first step, but they also upped their game at every level. A fact worth mentioning here is that all consultants at MBA&B are alumni of top b-schools – well versed with the admissions process and essays required for each school.

Pritha Nath was the one who guided me through the Onboarding Process. She was very well-versed in the process and could answer every query. It helped a lot that she herself had been through the MBA&B process and had successfully made it as an RSM candidate.

The next step of the structured process involved Content Gathering – done by Ayushi. This phase was akin to chatting with a friend, digging deeper to find every strength, weakness, achievement, failure, etc. The online portal of MBA&B here comes in handy as one can fill in relevant boxes to answer questions as well as keep a copy of the answers for future reference. After all the necessary data was gathered, the consultant, Pranav Shetty, took over.

My interactions with Pranav went on for over 6 months, going to and fro over several iterations for each essay – a rollercoaster ride of self-discovery and branding. Since I had a non-traditional background, Pranav had to put in that extra effort to understand my story, helping me translate it to a form that the Admissions Committee at INSEAD would appreciate. Being an INSEAD alumnus himself, Pranav clearly understood what was expected from the essays and expected no less from me.

The professionalism that Pranav and MBA&B brought to the table was exemplary. We would have 1-2 hr calls every week, and often more, whenever required. My essays were eventually reviewed by the Founder of MBA&B, Shantanu Sharma, who gave me valuable input.

MBA&B also helped me prepare for the Kira online interview and the face-to-face interview. I would definitely recommend MBA&B to candidates looking for the best MBA Admission consultant. The journey is nothing short of an overhaul of oneself, and MBA&B is a star partner in the process.

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