Mr. Associate Consultant (Columbia & Wharton)

I initially did not have plans to take on an admissions consultant, given the fact that I was applying for the deferred programs, which I perceived to be a non-essential opportunity to try my luck at the applications.

However, MBAB convinced me that this could be a great time for me to apply to the top schools in US, and with that in mind, I began my journey with MBAB.

My consultant Keerthana and her team worked very hard to help me with all my applications. They kept to their maxim of being always available for the student, something that helped me greatly when I was rushing my applications.

Keerthana ceaselessly supported me throughout this journey, even going out of her way to proof-read applications outside of the scope of the consulting services MBAB was slated to offer me, forking out precious personal time to make sure I was always prepared mentally for all the applications and interviews.

Just to compliment Ayushi and Pratibha for sparing no effort in giving me additional help during my application journey.

As a result, I was able to gain admits at Wharton and Columbia, which was thrilling for me. In all, I would like to thank Keerthana and her team for the tremendous time and effort spent on supporting me through these applications – it made all the difference.

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