Should I go for R2 2022 or wait until R1 2023?

The majority of candidates opt for Round 2 MBA intake after missing / not getting accepted during round 1; however, now that the deadlines for Round 2 MBA intake are approaching, applicants have several questions,

When we meet with a candidate, they frequently ask

  •  if it is too late to apply for round 2 MBA and, if so, What should I do? Should I wait for next year’s intake and apply for round 1 MBA 
  • or Should I hurry up and apply for round 2 instead of waiting until next year’s intake round 1?

The admissions application process is stressful for candidates, and it becomes much more difficult as the deadlines for round 2 intake approach. This now creates confusion in a person’s head

What other factors cause a person to be on the borderline about choosing between the two rounds?

1.   The deadlines for the Round 2 MBA are nearing.

2.   And the notifications for the MBA 2023 round 1 intake begin to be released; candidates get confused as to whether they should apply for Round 1 vs. Round 2 MBA 2023.

These are the two key factors that become a roadblock on their route to success. This post will look at all of the above issues and provide you with the most appropriate answers to your questions.

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The method of these intakes makes it challenging for a candidate to manage, and you may get so confused and anxious that you miss your application deadline.

Leaving the stress and confusion aside, let’s go straight into the article and clarify your position on what to pick at this crucial time—round 2 for 2022 intake or Round 1 for 2023 intake.


Let us make one thing clear: each round has its own set of advantages. If you believe you should wait for round 1 next year, you will be missing out on the chance to be picked in round 2

  • People lose out on this chance due to misconceptions that round 1 is a better option than the subsequent rounds. However, this is not the case.
  • What is the purpose of rounds? The schools consider the applicants, and they do not want anyone to miss out on an opportunity because they could not apply for round 1 due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • What do you think the worst-case scenario would be? You will get rejected,but if you don’t apply for round 2  you are already squandering an opportunity.
  • Given that the admission rates for both rounds are nearly identical in most b-schools, why risk missing out on this opportunity?

You’re never too late to accomplish anything, and in the case of round 2 MBA application, you’re not late, you’re only a few steps behind, and you still have time to catch up to the pace of the process if you correctly follow all of the necessary steps.

  • Determine What Is Necessary – Take a piece of paper and a pen and make a list of the procedures and things that are a priority in the application process
  • Obtain the Required Resources – Get the right resources, chat with alums and get their feedback, but hurry up; you don’t have much time, which is where step one comes in helpful, build a list, and evaluate what is important.
  • Allow for complications– Things don’t always go as planned, so planning for probable complications is a good idea.

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Now, for you to make a plan for yourself, below are the round 2 MBA deadlines for various colleges, including the December and January deadlines.

Deadline (December)Business SchoolMBA ProgramRoundStep of the Process
December 1, 2021Duke (Fuqua)Daytime MBAEarly ActionDeposit Deadline
December 1, 2021NYU (Stern)MBA1st DeadlineInitial Notification By
December 2, 2021Chicago BoothMBARound 1Decision Notification Date
December 3, 2021Yale SOMMBARound 1Decision
December 8, 2021Michigan (Ross)Full-time MBARound 1Decision
December 8, 2021Northwestern (Kellogg)MBARound 1Decision Release
December 8, 2021Virginia-DardenMBARound 1Decision Release
December 9, 2021.Harvard Business SchoolMBARound 1Notification of the MBA Admissions Board’s Decision
December 9, 2021Stanford GSBMBARound 1Notification By
December 9, 2021Dartmouth (Tuck)MBARound 1Decision Notification
December 14, 2021UCLA (Anderson)MBARound 1Decision Release
December 15, 2021Wharton SchoolMBARound 1Decision
December 15, 2021Duke (Fuqua)Daytime MBARound 1Final Decision Release
December 16, 2021UC Berkeley (Haas)MBARound 1Decision
December 16, 2021Cornell (Johnson)Two-Year MBAOctober RoundFinal Notification
December 16, 2021University of Texas at Austin (McCombs)MBARound 1Decision Delivered
Deadline (January)Business SchoolMBA ProgramRoundStep of the Process
January 1, 2022NYU (Stern)MBA2nd DeadlineInitial Notification By
January 3, 2022Dartmouth (Tuck)MBARound 2Application Deadline
January 4, 2022Harvard Business SchoolMBARound 2Application Deadline
January 4, 2022UCLA (Anderson)MBARound 2Application Deadline
January 5, 2022Wharton SchoolMBARound 2Application Deadline
January 5, 2022Columbia Business SchoolMBAAugust 2022 EntryMerit Fellowship
January 5, 2022Stanford GSBMBARound 2Submit Application By
January 5, 2022Duke (Fuqua)Daytime MBARound 2Application Deadline
January 5, 2022Northwestern (Kellogg)MBARound 2Application Deadline
January 5, 2022Cornell (Johnson)Two-Year MBAConsortium Traditional ApplicationApplication Deadline
January 5, 2022Virginia-DardenMBARound 2Application Deadline
January 6, 2022Chicago BoothMBARound 2Submission Deadline
January 6, 2022UC Berkeley (Haas)MBARound 2Deadline
January 6, 2022The University of Texas at Austin (McCombs)MBARound 2Application Due
January 6, 2022Yale SOMMBARound 2Application Deadline
January 14, 2022Cornell (Johnson)Two-Year MBAOctober RoundDeposit & Official Documentation Deadline
January 15, 2022NYU (Stern)MBA3rd DeadlineDeadline
January 19, 2022MIT SloanFull-time MBAMBA Round 2Applications must be submitted by
January 22, 2022Michigan (Ross)Full-time MBARound 2Deadline


Before we proceed, please click on the website below to understand the acceptance rate of Round 2 intakes at the major b-schools is.

Read this article to know more: Round 2 MBA intake

To begin, keep in mind that each school has its specific timeline and number of rounds. Not everyone will get three rounds; others will have many more! And, while these dates tend to cluster together, it’s critical to ensure that the proper deadlines are assigned to the relevant schools!

Now, what should you go for? round 2 (2021 or round 1 (2023)

Let’s compare and contrast the two rounds.

Round 2 (2022)Round 1 (2023)
Many people believe that applying for a second is a curse and that students leave their seats to attend a better college. Delete this thing from your mind first because there appears to be a lot of anxiety and misinformation floating around the internet that these applications are distrusted or unfairly disadvantaged, but this is not the case.According to the statistics, first-round applications have the best chance of being accepted since schools generally accept the highest percentage of applicants from this pool, which is also smaller than the second round. As a result, a smaller pool gives you a better chance.
This shouldn’t be an issue if you feel your GMAT scores are rock solid; but, if you believe your scores are a little weak or a bit of a stretch for where you want to apply, it should be a concern. It would help if you also considered taking your time and increasing your GMAT score before applying for round one (2023).Early action/early decision implies that you would prioritize their admission over all others, which is a significant signal of your preparedness and worth as a candidate.

Now, please read this and consider it; we are not here to force you to make a decision; we are here to inform you of the facts and mistakes that many candidates make at this time.

Before beginning any application procedure, read these questions and think about them.

  • Do you believe your current score will get you into your targeted school?
  • Can you write numerous drafts of the essay in order to acquire the desired essay?
  • Can you devote the time required to produce a flawless application and essay?

Work experience, a decent essay, and a good GMAT score all play an important role in the application process, and if you believe you have the time to do all of the above in these 40-45 days , you’re ready to go.


If you’ve read thus far and decided to apply for round 1 (2023), how should you plan your application to stay one step ahead of your competitors?

When evaluating you for admission to a business school, they look at your entire MBA profile. There is nothing new when you apply for the following forthcoming class’s round 1 intake.

However, before filling out the application, you should have a few things in mind.

·   Establish your professional objectives.

·   Locate potential business schools

·   Analyze what the college looks for in an applicant and use that to strengthen your profile.

·   Use LinkedIn to connect with alumni who will help you in completing the application

·Determine the holes in your MBA profile.

Profile building is the most crucial stage in getting into your dream school, and no one wants to mess it up. We will guide you through the whole application procedure. look at every area of enhancing your application. Click here to know more about profile building.

Understanding each and every aspect of the program, scholarship, and admission process can be pretty hectic for a person new to this field in any case; if you need more in-depth information about any particular aspect of the application process, interviews, and course structure, feel free to hop on a 1:1 call with our team of experts.

We at MBAandBeyond follow a stepwise procedure to ensure maximum efficiency, quality, and interaction to make sure we make every minute worth it! We at MBA and beyond are determined to guide you through your entire application process, ensuring the best offers from top Business schools. Happy learning 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions


Which round is better for MBA 2023?

Every round has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, there are several rounds in which you can apply, and students are accepted in round 4 as well, so it all comes down to your preparations and the application process; if you are ready with everything, apply for round 1; if not, take your time, build your profile, and apply for round 2.


Is it a good decision to consider applying in R2 2022?

Losing an opportunity is usually a dreadful dream for an applicant. Hence round 2 is there for those who missed/were rejected in the first round. Consider this: if you applied for an exam and were denied, but you were given another chance in a few months, would you leave it? So think about it and go ahead.


Is it bad to apply for MBA 2023?

The deadlines for round 2 intakes for most b schools are in December and January; if you believe you can’t wait and want to apply right away, go for round 2 intake; if you think you have time and can wait for round 1 notifications (2023), round 1 is a viable choice. Go over the above article for a better understanding, since it has all of the information you need to know.

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