INSEAD VS. LBS – Post-MBA goals in Tech?

The tech industry is at a fork in the road. In a more competitive and digital market, we’ve seen how technology has catapulted itself to the forefront of organizations’ minds, regardless of industry. Analytics and data are the money of the day, and understanding how to market engineering has become as important as engineering itself.

As fast as the technology sector is growing, more and more B-schools are becoming tech-oriented. Hence, choosing the right B-school for yourself not only helps you offer brilliant career opportunities in the tech industry and roles but also help you network and upskill. Learn how to choose the best b-schools that fit your profile and goals!

This article will help you understand the difference between opportunities offered by INSEAD vs LBS for those targeting technology post-MBA and empower you to make the right decision for yourself.


While numerous B-schools globally offer MBA in technology, INSEAD and LBS have always been on the list of top B-schools that most applicants select.

For example, INSEAD is placed first in the FT Global MBA Ranking 2021. The INSEAD MBA is a 10-month program with two intakes per year, between January and September. 

London Business School (LBS), which is placed second in the FT Global MBA Ranking 2021, has just one September intake and the length of the program ranges between 15, 18, or 21 months. 

One advantage that both the schools offer is their shorter program duration. Most US B-schools (that are tech oriented) have a full-time program that lasts roughly 21-24 months and hence keeping students out of the job market for a longer time with increased cost and hence lower ROI comparatively. 


Following on from Business Fundamentals and Tailored Core courses, electives are courses that help you fine-tune your skillset for a particular domain/field. Both the School’s elective portfolio includes more than 80 electives from various subject areas. Here, we have collated the best electives offered by both the schools for tech.

Core courses – These are required courses that you must study to fulfill your program’s requirements.

Elective courses – These non-required courses allow you to pursue interests outside of your core courses; for example, the elective course here is technology management.


In addition to the curriculum that INSEAD teaches, they organize tech talks for the students.

TECH TALKS at INSEAD is devoted to investigating digital technologies and their applications and the influence they have on management, business, and society. leading technologists, thought leaders, industry practitioners, innovators, entrepreneurs, and academics deliver technical and business speeches there and they  provide a wide range of subjects on both new and established technologies, providing technology-specific knowledge and management, business, and social views..


Before making a selection, we attempted to analyze both schools in terms of placement, jobs, and networking in order to provide you with better insights when choosing between the two.

Want to know your chances of selection at top-notch B-Schools like INSEAD and LBS?


It is difficult to pick between INSEAD and LBS when you have been accepted to both schools (trust us, our applicants have been in this dilemma and as beautiful as this problem is, it does become quite difficult!); both are well-known and have substantial international exposure with brilliant opportunities in tech. There are a few things that will help you make your decision whether you are trying to choose one before applying or after getting admitted.

Return on Investment (ROI)LBS –  The annual rating of MBA schools published by the business daily evaluates graduates’ return on investment (ROI) by calculating their “five-year MBA gain.” The statistic compares anticipated earnings with and without an MBA over five years after deducted fees, tuition, and lost salary. Forbes estimates that LBS’s “five-year MBA gain” is $US93,100. This figure indicates the highest ROI among two-year overseas MBA schools. To calculate ROI on your own this article might help you in getting an exact ROI.

INSEAD is a one-year program, which is favorable in terms of investment because you only need funds to maintain yourself for one year. Post-MBA earnings more than quadrupled when compared to pre-MBA earnings. It benefits you personally in terms of investment; you will feel the rewards in the following five to ten years.

When it comes to salaries, INSEAD outperforms LBS. INSEAD is a one-year school, while LBS is a two-year program; thus, LBS will cost more than INSEAD. However, there isn’t much difference when looking at typical incomes post MBA, so INSEAD comes out ahead.

Tuition – The INSEAD MBA costs more than $107,500 in tuition, while the LBS costs roughly $115,257. However, note that it does not include living costs which would be more in the case of LBS.


We hope this article helped you learn about both the schools and the opportunities offered in their MBA programs and may help you make an intelligent decision. But choosing B-schools can be difficult since one top-tier institution may appeal to you, but that school may not be the best choice for a given program. If you ask us which one is better, honestly, no one can give you an answer. You will need to understand their technology cultures and communities and which one can help you in your long-term and short-term goals.

And hence, you should have a very good understanding of your schools (which is why we always follow a deep introspection with our applicants before they can shortlist the right schools). Having said that, with the right research, people, and strategy, you will find your perfect destination! :)If you’d like, we’d be happy to meet with you on a one-on-one Profile evaluation call to assist you in understanding your strengths and weaknesses and help you choose the right program that best fits YOU!.

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