Why should you work with an MBA consultant?

The trend of pursuing an MBA is on the rise due to an increase in the number of B-schools. With the rising competitiveness and b-schools becoming more selective, applicants need to craft very powerful applications that can help them stand out and hence want to work with experts who know what admissions committees are looking for and how to sell their story to b-schools. Acceptance rates at the most prestigious business schools range from 6% to 21%. Extreme difficulty motivates many MBA applicants to weigh the benefits of engaging with MBA admission professionals to stand out among a sea of similarly outstanding candidates.

As much as applicants need consultants, the admissions industry is also perceived as ‘elite’ because of the premium it charges without a guarantee of admissions. This may make the applicants insecure or not fully confident about going with a consultant. While this is true to some extent (no one can guarantee you admissions, not even adcoms!), identifying if you need a consultant and choosing the right one is critical. This is where most applicants fall short and select the consultant who may not be the right fit for what they want.

This article will provide you with insight into identifying and choosing the right consultant. It will also help you understand the value of an admission consultant and why you should work with them.


Hiring an MBA consultant does not imply that they will write your essay or design your CV for you (which is a huge misconception!). Instead, an MBA admissions consultant is a mentor for you who digs in deep to know you and understand your journey and provides you the perception of admissions officers to help you make your applications strong and help you understand your goals and purpose with an MBA.

Your MBA consultant will be there with you throughout, from brainstorming with you for hours to selecting the best b-school that suits your profile to bringing out your narrative and stories in the most impactful way possible in your application. 

The most important factor that is frequently overlooked is that a good MBA consultant can assist you in punching above your weight and improving the quality of your application by providing insight into the school – understanding that often requires years of experience, not just online research – and by assisting you in bringing out your own stories very well). 

This is exactly what our applicants praise us for. Read about some of our successful applicants and how they chose their MBA admission consultants.


There are various reasons why an applicant may want the aid of a professional’s guidance. These reasons may apply to some candidates but not all, so having a clear head is important.

Applicants who wish to enter top-tier B-schools need the assistance of experts because top-tier B-schools have a low acceptance rate, and require expert assistance; therefore, if you are one of them, you should hire an MBA admission consultant for a better chance at those schools.

Applicants with gaps in their profiles who apply to top 10 B-schools with a low GPA and low GMAT or with little job experience require the assistance of a professional MBA consultant to address such gaps.

Those who struggle to explain their story effectively, or applicants who believe they can do well on their own but would benefit from the assistance of an MBA admission consultant, should hire a consultant.


A clear knowledge of what you want from an MBA consultant and a realistic estimation of the chances of admission to the schools of your choice, such as attending a business school specializing in strategy, essay editing, or both? There should be a clear mind of what you want from a consultant.

Before you begin, get to know them– Research firms that meet your needs and tastes. As part of the due diligence and vetting process, learn about their history, who leads the firm, the method, the experience, and specialists. Gather information about their MBA consultants. Do their MBA consultants have both business and admissions experience? How convincing is the firm’s evidence for disclosing success stories and customer satisfaction?

For example, MBA consultants at MBA and beyond have several years of consulting expertise and have helped many applicants to their dream B-school; discover more by reading our testimonials.

Within your budget – Pricing is something to bear in consideration because there are MBA admission consultants that charge a lot, and their basic costs are dependent on the primary market (the United States or Western Europe). While many MBA admission consultants charge more than others, MBA and Beyond provide superior service and charge less than other MBA consultants.

Ask for a free profile evaluation – Most MBA admission consultants offer a free profile evaluation. Although they mostly tell you about your upper layer and the addition of the number, the feedback they provide during such initial conversations might indicate the quality of their job. Furthermore, how they approach prospects implies how they treat clients.Do they appear to be professional? Are they available, accessible, and responsive? Do they seem to be understanding and sympathetic? You can observe all the factors mentioned above.

In contrast, MBA and Beyond offers a detailed profile evaluation in which we find the gaps in your profile and encourage applicants to first fill those gaps by themselves using our free product

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