MBA programs in Seattle

Seattle is a seaport city on the West Coast of the United States, consistently ranked among the best places to live in the USA by U.S. News!


The world-class Management schools, a thriving job market, a distinctive culture, and abundant opportunities for individuals from various educational backgrounds to earn above-average incomes. Beyond its economic appeal, the city is renowned for its exceptional environmental friendliness and is surrounded by lush evergreen forests, offering ample opportunities for outdoor adventures such as hiking or enjoying a day at the lake!

Unfortunately, we can’t cover all the fantastic places, but we can help you determine if relocating to Seattle for an MBA is a worthwhile decision! In our article, we will explore the top MBA programs in Seattle, detailing their application deadlines, full tuition fees, course duration, class size, and educational eligibility criteria. This includes average GMAT, GPAA, GRE, TOEFL, average work experience, and even average scholarships. Lastly, we’ll delve into the distinctive features of each listed business school to facilitate your decision-making. 😊

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Our list starts with one of the most renowned business schools, the Foster School of Business, settled in a pioneering city in Seattle. The world’s brightest and best leaders come from here. To foster a welcoming and inclusive environment to encourage everyone to bring their full self! 

The curriculum at UW Foster is an excellent fit for individuals intrigued by global strategic management. It places a particular emphasis on global strategy, business, and leadership. Furthermore, in the second year, students continue to engage in two core courses: ethics and macroeconomics, along with elective options.

Teaching approaches at Foster encompass hands-on experiences, study abroad opportunities, leadership cultivation, and teamwork development. In addition to these, Foster is dedicated to fostering diversity; these principles shape the culture, and this affirmative embrace of diversity in business aligns seamlessly with the forward-thinking spirit of the broader city of Seattle!

MBA Student Profile – Class of 2023

Full Tuition fees – $112,254 (Non–Resident), $76,890 (Resident)

Course Duration – 2 Years

Total Class Size – 126

Percentage of Women – 40% 

International Students – 40% 

Average age – 29

Percentage of Veterans – 9%

Average GMAT –  704 (Range – 660 – 740)

Average GPA – 3.42 

Average GRE – 321

Average Work Experience – 6 years (Range 2–12) 

Average Salary – $130,407

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The ROI Of MBA At Foster Is Making News

UW Foster’s Full-Time MBA Program holds the 4th position for the lowest debt and boasts the 8th best debt-to-income ratio among the top 25 B-schools. Additionally, in the 2022 USNWR “Best Business Schools” rankings, Foster secures the 2nd spot for the lowest tuition among the top 25 B-schools.

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A Dedicated Team of Career Strategists

At UW Foster, Career Coaches show genuine, focused interest in your career and personally know you by name. The team at Foster School of Business consists of seasoned professionals with corporate experience, advanced degrees—clearly, including MBAs—and expertise in career development across various industries, from non-profit to financial services to consulting with iconic Seattle companies!

MBA Mentor Program by UW Foster School of Business

The MBA Mentor Program at UW Foster School of Business offers students a unique opportunity to gain insight into the current business landscape. Guided by top executives, the Mentor Program allows you to explore various career paths, gain insights into corporate strategy, obtain a view of leading industries, and learn how executives face and navigate challenges.

These will aid you in making more informed career choices and achieving a seamless transition into the business world upon graduation!


Located in the heart of Seattle, the Albers School of Business stands as one of the top business schools in the Northwest United States. Providing a range of MBA programs, including Part-time and Executive MBAs, the Albers’ Bridge MBA is their full-time, one-year, accelerated program tailored specifically for young graduates and professionals in the early stages of their careers, hailing from diverse undergraduate backgrounds.

While many MBA programs indeed accept early-career students, only a handful are explicitly designed to support early-career professionals/students seeking to change their career trajectory. In this respect, the Albers Bridge MBA excels in building a strong academic foundation coupled with hands-on experiences. Moreover, their carefully crafted career guidance empowers you to propel your career forward!

Additionally, its part-time program stands as one of the top choices for working professionals in Seattle, with the U.S. News frequently ranking the part-time MBA program (the school’s flagship) among the finest in the Northwest.

What Does A Typical Albers Bridge MBA Candidate Look Like?

Full Tuition fees – $45,456 (48 credit hours)

Course Duration – 12 months 

Total Class Size – 33 Students 

Percentage of Women – 58% 

International Students – 4 out of 33

Average Age – 24

Average GMAT –  Optional

Average GPA – 3.3 

Average GRE – Optional 

Average scholarship – Ranges from $3,600 to $4,800 (divided equally over the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters of the program.)

Average Work Experience – little over a year


Less to No Experience – Are you an individual with minimal to no experience? The Albers Bridge Program is explicitly tailored for candidates like you, with less than two years of professional working experience.

Small Classroom size: The Albers Bridge MBA cohort usually consists of an average of 25-30 students per year, creating a closely bonded community where you and your classmates will commence together in the Fall, attend all classes, participate in the extracurricular activities, and graduate together at the end of the program.

Optional GMAT/GRE : The GMAT and GRE are not mandatory for candidates applying for 2022-2023. Nevertheless, we recommend that you consider submitting a GMAT/GRE. Click here to understand how a GMAT/GRE can enhance the competitiveness of your profile. 

Career Outcomes: The Albers Bridge MBA program prioritizes outcomes, as reflected in its well-defined curriculum designed to facilitate graduates in securing the job they desire in an industry they are passionate about.


CityU is an accredited, private, nonprofit university that has been delivering career-relevant education to busy adult professionals since our establishment in 1973. Our mission is to support you and offer flexible learning options to assist you in advancing your career and thriving in the global marketplace.

The MBA program at City University of Seattle delivers a robust, community-focused education. Distinguishing itself through flexible options like an online MBA, intensive weekend programs, and small class sizes, the school ensures a personalized experience for students.

Furthermore, the school emphasizes that its courses instruct on leveraging business trends, implementing strategies, cultivating relationships, and maximizing the benefits of diversity in both domestic and global markets.

There’s a genuine emphasis on the curriculum being practical, aiming to impart skills that enable students to promptly apply theory to practice. Additionally, students have various specializations to choose from, including change leadership, entrepreneurship, and even a specialized study.

CityU is a private graduate school located in Seattle, Washington, enrolling 1,339 graduate students. Among the 15 graduate programs provided by the City University of Seattle, 13 are available online or through distance education. The most sought-after programs include Business, Teaching, and Computer Science. Moreover, 85% of its graduate students are enrolled part-time.


Seattle Pacific University is similarly a Christian institution, placing a strong emphasis on ethics. Administrators highlight the importance of their graduates being ethical leaders, expressing on their website: “Deeply grounded in Christian faith and values, we develop leaders who advance human flourishing through service in the business, government, and civil society.”

Known for its small, tight-knit community, the school focuses on ethical leadership, strategy, general management, and communication skills. Notably, the school proposes that MBA students can enhance their ability to manage work/life balance after completing the program.

Like Albers, this school targets working professionals by allowing people to complete the MBA program part-time. Moreover, it permits the customization of coursework to address challenges encountered on the job, enabling immediate application of acquired knowledge.

One of the unique offerings is mentorship. Students have the opportunity to connect with business professionals across a wide range of industries, fostering networking and receiving valuable advice to navigate their careers.

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Phew! It might have been a bit lengthy, but rest assured, we’ve covered all the crucial aspects of the top MBA programs that MBA aspirants in Seattle are targeting!

Nevertheless, we feel this list won’t be complete if we don’t Mention top universities like – Saint Xavier University, College of Business – Northwest University, Kirkland, WA, Milgard School of Business, Tacoma, WA, and the University of Washington – Bothell School of Business, Bothell, WA! So if your focus is solely on pursuing an MBA in Seattle, consider exploring these business schools as well!

We hope all this information is useful and you can extend your horizons before finalizing your list of top B-schools in Seattle, USA! 

At MBA and Beyond, we are committed to assisting aspiring MBA candidates with our comprehensive series of blogs, diligently researched by our team of experts. We recognize that allocating time from your daily life and navigating this process on your own can be challenging, especially with a full-time job.

However, thorough research is an indispensable aspect of the entire process that cannot be overlooked initially. Thus, at MBAandBeyond, we are firm believers that our principal objective is to assist candidates in thoroughly exploring every aspect of all the top B-schools. This spans from career opportunities to scholarships and from post-placement locations to mentorship programs. Making the decision to pursue an MBA is transformative, and our goal is to ensure you position yourself in the best possible way before embarking on this journey!

An MBA candidate should never lose an opportunity because of being shy to ask for help! If you want more personal and precise advice, feel free to hop on a 1:1 FREE profile evaluation call with our experts. We’ll dive deep into your profile and help you understand your chances to top B-schools with honest feedback.

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