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Houston stands as the fourth-largest city in the U.S.A. and hosts approximately 20 Fortune 500 headquarters. It boasts one of the youngest, most vibrant, fastest-growing, and diverse populations globally. The city is brimming with opportunities in startups, technology, healthcare, oil, gas, banking, culinary experiences, arts, sports, and the unique charm of Texas, making it an excellent destination for pursuing your M.B.A.

Considering all these aspects, MBAandBeyond has curated a comprehensive article for M.B.A. aspirants seeking opportunities in the city of Houston, Texas. This guide aims to navigate through each top B-school and highlight the distinctive characteristics that render this vibrant city an ideal location for pursuing a full-time M.B.A.

This article will cover all major M.B.A. programs in the vicinity of Houston, Texas, delving into their unique attributes, class profiles, tuition fees, and average scores, encompassing GMAT, GRE, and G.P.A. Additionally, we will explore the necessary work experience, average packages, and the premium features provided to M.B.A. graduates at these esteemed B-schools!

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Ranked 1st in the Graduate Entrepreneurship Program consecutively for five years since 2020, according to the Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine, the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University is renowned for its “Entrepreneurial Mindset.”

Rice Business is particularly recognized for and takes pride in its rich heritage of the business plan competition—the world’s largest and most affluent graduate student startup competition, commemorating its 23rd year in 2023. Furthermore, the Jones Graduate School of Business is highly esteemed as a globally recognized leader in educating and nurturing skilled entrepreneurs through its M.B.A. program. This program is led by nationally recognized faculty members who prioritize real-world applications of their research to unleash leadership potential in M.B.A. candidates.

Join the campus in the heart of Houston and dive into curriculum, networking events, clubs, and extracurricular activities. Customize your education by selecting from a diverse range of over 100 electives within a curriculum that employs case methodology and integrates current industry knowledge.


Full Tuition fees – $ 127,000 

Course Duration – 24 months (2 years)

Total Class Size – 178

Percentage of Women – 33% 

Intakes – August

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International Students – 39% 

Average GMAT – 705 (Range – 680 to 730)

Average G.P.A. – 3.51 (Range – 3.3 to 3.7) 

Average GRE – 316 (Range – 311 to 323)

Average Work Experience – 5.0 years (Range – 2 to 8 years ) 

Average Salary – $ 123,786


Strong Return On Investment

At Rice University, a remarkable 87% of full-time M.B.A. students are awarded scholarships or grants, significantly enhancing the return on investment (R.O.I.) of obtaining an M.B.A. from Rice Business. Each M.B.A. candidate enjoys a highly favorable benefit ratio!

Ongoing Career Support

Rice University’s Career Development Office caters to both M.B.A. students and alumni. A notable 92% of M.B.A. graduates secured employment within three months post-graduation last year, underscoring its effectiveness. The Jones Graduate School of Business’s reputation and prestige draw a diverse range of employers across sectors, with a predominant focus on consulting, financial services, energy, and technology sectors!

Global Preparation

Rice Business extends various international opportunities to all full-time M.B.A. students. An integral part of the core curriculum is a global field experience, enabling everyone to apply their first-year learnings to short-term consulting projects for organizations and communities in diverse cultural settings provided by the university.


Situated in the city’s center, an MBA at McCombs School of Business places you in the fastest-growing technology hub in the nation, making it an optimal choice for individuals seeking the next step in their careers or a transformative breakthrough. The renowned MBA program in Texas provides talent, space, knowledge, and the tools to not only change your life but also impact the world!

Over the next two years, you’ll have limitless opportunities to explore, grow, and undergo transformation. Supercharge your career, broaden your professional network, and refine your skills to become an influential leader. All of this unfolds in Austin, Texas, one of the most dynamic and innovative cities in the U.S. By the time you graduate, you’ll be equipped to turn any dream into reality.


Full Tuition fees – $52,720

Course Duration – 20 months 

Total Class Size – 241

Percentage of Women – 35% 

International Students – 26% 

Average GMAT – 708 (Range – 650 to 740)

Average G.P.A. – 3.48 (Range – 3.3 to 3.7) 

Average GRE – (Range – 311 to 323)

Average Work Experience – 5.5 years (Range 3 to 8.5) 

U.S. MILITARY SERVICE – Active Duty / Veteran – 14%


At Texas McCombs, the approach is to contribute to making the business world a better place for everyone, from small businesses to large enterprises. McCombs assists its students in developing character and credibility, fostering better-prepared, more knowledgeable leaders dedicated to transforming the business model to be inclusive for all.

Distinguished Faculty & Career Resources: 

McCombs believes in the importance of a vibrant intellectual environment for any leading B-school to cultivate future leaders. This core intellectual capital is nurtured within academic departments led by subject and industry experts. Additionally, all Full-Time M.B.A. students have access to a range of resources and support from the Texas McCombs Career Management and Corporate Relations (CMCR) team, recognized as one of the world’s largest and most dynamic alumni networks.

Alumni Network

As a Texas McCombs M.B.A. graduate, you will join a dynamic and powerful network of Longhorn alums worldwide with more than 540,000+ University of Texas at Austin alums spread across 176 countries and about 

103,000+ McCombs School of Business alums spread across 102 countries, and finally, about 23,000+ Texas McCombs M.B.A. alumni are present worldwide!

Specialty Coaching

In the “Texas McCombs+ program,” every M.B.A. candidate gains access to communication and specialty coaches. These seasoned experts are prepared to engage with you one-on-one to enhance your skills across various aspects of strategy and business, encompassing leadership, strategy, communication, organizational culture, and more.


As a Full-Time M.B.A. student at Mays, candidates have the opportunity for a comprehensive personal and professional transformation. The M.B.A. program at Mays Business School tailors each student’s experience, placing a strong emphasis on leadership. In this intensive 18-month program, students engage in hands-on experiences managing challenges, time, and resources. A dedicated team of faculty and staff is committed to aiding students in a deep understanding of each element and discovering their professional trajectory. The intimate cohorts at Mays Business School facilitate meaningful connections with career coaches, peers, faculty, and program leadership. Consequently, M.B.A. graduates from Mays Business School emerge with heightened self-esteem, a distinctive skill-set, cutting-edge professional knowledge, and the capability to assume leadership roles immediately.


Full Tuition fees – $ 88,950

Course Duration – 18 months 

Total Class Size – 69

Percentage of Women – 15% 

International Students – 35% 

Average GMAT Range – 620 to 710

Average G.P.A. Range – 2.76 to 3.90

Average GRE Range – 299 to 321

Average Work Experience Range – 2 to 8.8 years

Military / Veteran – 12%  

At Mays Business School, the Full-Time M.B.A. program leads to:

Confidence in your preparedness for the workplace.

Prior to commencing summer internships, our students accomplish 75% of their coursework. This program structure enables students to integrate and apply a substantial portion of their M.B.A. learning within a real-world business setting.

Significant impact on your career trajectory and income potential.

Around 95% of our students secure their next job before graduation. Many students actively engage in leadership rotational programs across diverse companies, encompassing Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms, and startups.

MBA-level pay for an MBA-level job.

After graduation, our students achieve an average starting salary of $104,000, indicating a remarkable 160% increase in pay compared to their initial salary when they enrolled in the M.B.A. program.

Connections to top business leaders.

Our students have access to a network of over 64,000 Mays Business School graduates. Furthermore, Texas A&M holds a prominent position, boasting the highest number of graduates serving as CEOs in the top 100 Fortune 500 companies.

Access to the 400,000-member Aggie Network.

Our graduates earn an Aggie ring, an instantly recognizable symbol of attending Texas A&M.

Graduate in 18 months

Our 18-month program format enables you to re-enter the workforce sooner and recover your investment at a faster pace.

One of the largest alum networks in the world.

Over 527,000 former students globally

277 Texas A&M Clubs located in 230 U.S. cities and 40 countries

Small Cohorts: Classes typically consist of no more than 40 students per cohort. This setting promotes dynamic and intensive conversations among students and professors.

Exceptional career management services: The Career Management Center offers personalized, one-on-one career management services, equipping students with the skills necessary to navigate their long-term professional journeys and providing assistance in securing employment.


Full Tuition fees (Total International Cost) – $ 77,000 

Course Duration – 22 months 

Percentage of Women – 58% 

Average G.P.A. – 3.15

Average GRE – 151:151

Average Work Experience – 6.3 years

Why choose C. T. Bauer College of Business?

Cougar Fund: 

This includes both the Investment fund and Venture fund!

The private investment fund offers a unique chance for a group of M.B.A. students to invest in undervalued stocks identified through thorough analyses of individual firms. In contrast, the Venture Fund is a hands-on program that provides an opportunity to collaborate with an advisory board comprising angel investors, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. This involvement aids in learning the skills required to analyze and invest in early-stage tech companies.

R.E.D. Labs: 

The very own startup accelerator & technology entrepreneurship program of the University of Houston, R.E.D. Labs are supported by the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship and work with UH-affiliated founders and recent school alums to help convert unique technology startup ideas into high-growth ventures.


The acronym represents the Stimulating Urban Renewal through Entrepreneurship (SURE) program, designed to assist entrepreneurs in thriving within underserved Houston communities. C.T. Bauer collaborates with SURE, assigning interested M.B.A. students to serve as active consultants for small business owners. This engagement involves aiding them in solving business challenges with practical solutions, realizing their dreams, and uplifting their neighborhoods.

That’s all about top M.B.A. Programs in Houston, Texas, and their premium benefits, which sets them apart from other M.B.A. programs in the city! Of course, apart from our top B-school list, other reputed schools in the town like  Davies College of Business, Clear Lake, Cameron School of Business, and many more. But we feel these are among the top B-schools most candidates are anxious to apply to! 

At M.B.A. and Beyond, we strive to help aspiring M.B.A. candidates with our blogs researched by our team of experts, as it may take a lot of time from your day-to-day lives, and indulging in all this by yourself becomes quite hectic, especially with a full-time job.

“Research is the most crucial component, to begin with.” At MBAandBeyond, we are firm in our belief that our main objective is to guide candidates in thoroughly examining every aspect, ranging from career opportunities and scholarships to post-placement locations and mentorship programs. Making the decision to pursue an M.B.A. is transformative, and we aim to provide comprehensive insights for a well-informed choice.

An M.B.A candidate should never lose an opportunity because of being shy to ask for help! If you want more personal and precise advice, feel free to hop on a 1:1 FREE profile evaluation call with our experts. We’ll dive deep into your profile and help you understand your chances to top B-schools with honest feedback.

At MBA and Beyond, our commitment is to assist you in crafting a unique structure for each essay question. We provide step-by-step guidance to construct specific answers that set you apart in the crowd. Our team, comprised of expert consultants, adheres to a distinctive process to achieve optimal efficiency, quality, and engagement, ensuring a 100% unique and authentic application!

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