INSEAD Admissions & Scholarship Process – A Guide to Success

Dreaming of an INSEAD MBA but unsure of navigating the application process? Fear not! We will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to deconstruct the INSEAD application, craft impactful essays, secure strong recommendations, master the interview, and position yourself as a worthy scholarship candidate.


First, let’s dissect the key components of the INSEAD application:

Academic Qualifications: While strong academic credentials like a high GMAT/GRE score are valuable, INSEAD looks beyond just numbers. They consider your overall academic performance, including transcripts, coursework, and literary awards. Read here: Navigating Low GMAT score in MBA applications

Work Experience: Real-world experience is highly valued by INSEAD. Highlight your professional achievements, leadership roles, and quantitative skills gained through your work. Demonstrate your ability to make a positive impact in your field.

Leadership: INSEAD seeks individuals who possess strong leadership potential. Showcase your leadership experiences in any relevant context, professional, academic, or extracurricular activities.

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Essays are your chance to tell your story, showcase your unique voice, and honestly address low scores. The webinar will delve into specific essay prompts, including:

Why INSEAD: Highlight your motivations for pursuing an MBA at INSEAD and demonstrate your understanding of the program’s unique values and culture. Read more: What INSEAD has to offer? 

Your Leadership Story: Narrate a compelling story that exemplifies your leadership qualities and how they have contributed to your success.

Self-Assessment: Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, showcasing your self-awareness and potential for growth.


Strong recommendation letters can significantly enhance your application. The webinar will offer guidance on:

Selecting Recommenders: Choose individuals who can speak to your academic abilities, leadership potential, and work ethic. Ideally, they should strongly understand your professional accomplishments and personal qualities.

Preparing Recommenders: Provide your recommenders with relevant information, including your resume, transcripts, and personal statement. Guide them on aspects of your character and achievements you want them to emphasize.


The INSEAD interview is a crucial part of the admissions process. The webinar will prepare you by:

Demystifying the Interview Format: Understand the structure of the INSEAD interview, including common questions and expected responses.

Developing Effective Strategies: Learn how to answer questions confidently, showcase your fit with INSEAD’s culture, and demonstrate your unique value proposition.


INSEAD offers a range of scholarships to deserving candidates. The webinar will shed light on:

INSEAD’s Scholarship Landscape: Understand the different types of scholarships offered and their selection criteria.

• Positioning Yourself for Success: Learn to highlight your strengths, achievements, and financial needs to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.


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Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights and expert advice! Watch the full webinar episode by MBA&Beyond and take control of your INSEAD application journey.

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